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Spice Up Your Life, Ride An Electric Scooter Today

Spice Up Your Life, Ride An Electric Scooter Today

Are you feeling bored lately? Day in, day out, it’s the same old daily routine. Doing this and that, going through this and that tiresome cycle. Ughh!

Do you somehow feel irritable and restless? Your soles are probably getting itchy, looking for excitement and adventure to counter the workday monotony.

Perhaps too, your subconscious dreams of whizzing through the streets of Australia on a sleek and stylish electric scooter and feeling free, unrestricted, and throwing the world’s care away!

Well, you're not alone. And now’s the time to give in to temptation! You go, girl! You go, dudes, too!

Since they took the world by storm, electric scooters have become very popular among us Aussies who saw the potential of the rideable as something beyond mere conveyance. They're affordable and so easy to maintain.

But of course! Electric scooters are great, too, for those of us who want some fun and a bit of thrill using eco-friendly transportation.

My electric scooter, the Mearth S Pro, is a top-grade, high-quality, premium commuter e-scooter that runs on a battery. It can reach speeds of up to a maximum of 32 kp/h. Easy to use, navigate and maneuver. It’s foldable and compact, very portable. It’s environment-friendly too.

It’s been six months since I bought my Rideable, and I’m almost always riding it. I can tell you that it has changed my life for the better. I use it to commute to work and explore different places when I get some free time. Sometimes too, to relieve my boredom or have some moments for reflection, I casually ride through the city’s colorful sights.

So now, let me share my experience riding an electric scooter here in sunny Australia and why you should try it too.

Trust me; it'll be such a blast! Here’s why:

It saves me time and money.

I spent a lot of money on these three p’s — petrol, parking, and public transport. Now, I can charge my e-scooter at home or work and ride it anywhere. I can extend my travel further with an extra hot-swappable, fully charged battery ready and on hand.

Riding my e-scooter, I don't have to worry about traffic jams, parking fees, or often delayed bus arrivals. I can get to my destination faster and cheaper than before. One time, I was running late for work and decided to take a shortcut through a park. I was zooming along the path when I saw a flock of ducks crossing before me. Too late! I tried to brake but still crashed into the ducks and fell off my e-scooter. Good thing neither I nor the ducks were hurt. But the ducks were very angry and chased me to the exit. Ha-ha-ha! It was hilarious! But also scary.

Riding an e-scooter is not only fun, but it also helps to keep me fit and healthy.

How? It helps me burn calories, improve my balance, and strengthen my muscles. I can’t help but notice that it has reduced my stress levels. It also boosted my mood. I even catch myself humming my favorite song while riding. And after each ride, I feel more energized and in high spirits. I wasn't tired at all. I must say, the e-scooter is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Another time, I was riding my e-scooter on a hot day and sweating. Did you know sweating is good for the body as it removes toxins? I stopped at a traffic light and noticed a cute guy next to me on his motorbike. He smiled at me and said, “Hi.” I smiled back and said, “Hi.” He asked me, “Do you want to go out sometime?” I was shocked! I was flattered, but he quickly added, “Just kidding, you stink.” He then rode away, laughing. Boy, I was so embarrassed. He was right. A bit amused, I shrugged off the day’s incident, though.

Riding my e-scooter always brings out the adventurous streak in me.

It gives me the impetus to seek out and discover new places. The freedom and flexibility to explore new areas and routes are exhilarating!

Yes! I can go where cars and buses can't go, such as bike lanes, shared paths, and parks. I can enjoy the scenery at my own pace. I can breathe fresh air! Seeing the sights up close and taking in the local culture is an eye-opener. There was an incident where I met an older man riding an e-scooter. We got to talk — a lot. He told me stories about his life and shared some insights or lessons. I can clearly remember to this day what he said: “Life is like riding an e-scooter – you have to balance yourself, enjoy the ride, and always watch out for obstacles.” Before he went his way, he hugged me and said, “God bless you.” Such a sweet gesture.

As I mentioned earlier, riding an e-scooter is good for me, making me more ‘eco-conscious.’

It’s also good for the planet. Every ride you make helps to reduce the carbon footprint you make. For my part, I help contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. That’s so cool!

I need to realize, to become more aware of the environmental issues and challenges that affect our natural resources and wildlife.

This, I‘ve got to share too. I once saw a koala on a tree while riding my e-scooter. I had to stop and take a selfie with it because it looked so cute and fluffy! As it turned out, the cute and fluffy koala probably found me a nuisance and almost scratched my face. Uh-oh.

Come to think of it, on those days that I go out for some breather, welcoming the sunshine and the cool breeze on my skin; I seem to ‘tumble’ on things that unexpectedly yet, pleasantly ‘garnish’ my day – and always puts a wide smile on my face, capping my day very nicely.

I agree that owning and riding an e-scooter involves some responsibilities, including risks. The laws and regulations of one’s state or territory must be followed and complied with. Wearing a certified helmet is a must. Have a bell/horn and lights with you to help ensure visibility to other commuters and drivers, especially if you're riding at night. Be mindful of your surroundings. Focus on what’s ahead. Don’t take drugs or alcohol while riding. Watch out for other road users, pedestrians, and obstacles.

These reminders are meant to keep you safe and make your ride enjoyable.

Remember, life is too short to be bored and boring – brush off the glum and spice up your day with the good stuff — go on quick adventure road trips. The minute escapes are worth it.

Go ahead and ride safely an e-scooter in Australia today.

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