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Tunes & Touchdowns: Spotify’s Partnership With The NFL

In professional sports, the foremost concern for organizations and leagues is to develop a spectator experience that is both memorable and inventive, given the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment consumption.

Aware of this, the NFL officially announced its partnership with the pioneer of digital music streaming, Spotify, in 2016.

Subsequently, the NFL/Spotify link-up has incorporated curated playlists, music, exclusive interviews, and discussions, podcasts including Move the Sticks, Around the NFL, and the NFL's official fantasy football podcast, and featured round table discussions with NFL luminaries, including Joe Namath and John Elway. Additionally, they support video formats, encompassing pivotal plays and highlights from renowned NFL games from the current season.

It’s been a popular partnership that’s grown substantially over the past eight years, and today, we’re looking at some of the NFL’s most desired collaborations, partnerships, and exclusive content. 

 Around the NFL 

An instance of a video podcast provided by the league is “Around the NFL,” comprising several episodes. Sundays will feature a preview of the matchups before the start of play, followed by a synopsis of the events after the day.

Featuring a cast of heroic figures, the NFL podcast on the official website of the football league has amassed a cult following. 

Led by Chris Wesseling, Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, and Marc Sessler, Around the NFL features some of the most simpatico presenters. It is as if a group of seasoned companions are casually conversing about their love for the sport, and with the Super Bowl 2024 just around the corner, listeners can expect an intriguing set of discussions ahead. 

The Bill Barnwell Show 

Bill Barnwell, an eminent NFL writer, contributes significantly to his weekly podcast. In the company of a rotating group of visitors, Barnwell dissects intriguing football-related statistics and analytics. Supporters who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the game will find the extensive emphasis on play calling, playing technique, and strategy invaluable.

One user review said: 

Entertaining podcast at its best during football season when Bill tries to look deeper than previewing and recapping the week’s games. It is also interesting during the football off-season when Bill covers various topics, including basketball, baseball, soccer, WWE, and the Batchelor, with his usual enthusiasm. Some excellent recurring guests, particularly Matt Bowen and Mike Sando, but Bill can get the best out of almost any contributor.

Trading Places  

Trading Places was one of the first major collaborations between Spotify and the NFL, and in 2016, In the inaugural installment of the Trading Playlists series, Von Miller, who was named Super Bowl MVP the year prior. Demarcus Ware, his comrade, discussed their contrasting Spotify playlists while residing in Miller's basement retreat. 

Undoubtedly, the NFL is the most renowned sports league in the United States. However, despite the extensive media attention and coverage, athletes may seem unapproachable. Extensive lineups, protective headgear, and a limited number of games might result in spectators desiring more opportunities to interact with players. The episodes of Trading Playlists are concise, but they provide NFL enthusiasts with an intimate glimpse into a relevant facet of players' lives.

Music is audible to fans inside stadiums. They see their favorite athletes in advertising accompanied by music. On game day, they notice several individuals arrive with headphones, engaging in warm-up activities while listening to their customized playlists designed to prepare them for the game. However, listeners are often unaware of the true nature of the music they are attending to. Currently, they possess the capability to do so.

Move the Sticks 

Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, who have previously worked as scouts in the NFL, analyze and discuss the most recent updates and events happening in the league, providing insights from a scout's point of view. 

Esteemed NFL player personnel executives consistently accompany the pair to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of on-field performances and exclusive insights into the inner workings of NFL front offices as they navigate the season. Episodes are released weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

On the latest installment of Move the Sticks, Jeremiah, Brooks, and special guest Rhett Lewis analyze last weekend’s events and summarize the four Divisional Round games.

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