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Sun, Sales & SMS: Your Guide To Winning Memorial Day

Sun, Sales & SMS: Your Guide To Winning Memorial Day

Sun, Sales & SMS: Your Guide to Winning Memorial Day ????????

The unofficial start of summer is comin’ in hot. ????

Haven’t aligned your Memorial Day marketing strategy for Email and SMS yet? Now’s the time because the holiday weekend brings major opportunities to drive sales.

80% of Memorial Day Weekend celebrants are expected to shop during the holiday weekend. Memorial Day ranked among the top 3 most popular holidays in the U.S. in 2023, sandwiched right between e-comm’s heaviest of hitters: Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, if you’re not giving Memorial Day Weekend the same time and attention you do BFCM, you and your brand could be missing out on a lot of revenue. 

Winning the weekend can be tricky, given the somber meaning behind Memorial Day itself and the fact that so many people are intentionally offline and on the go. 

Here are some tips on how to navigate this major marketing holiday with a mobile-first approach using Email and SMS while remaining respectful of the day itself.

Choose the Right Messaging ✍

Given the somber nature of Memorial Day and the more personal nature of Email and SMS marketing, it’s crucial to strike the right tone in your messaging and ensure it aligns with your brand voice and your audience. 

If it feels on-brand to recognize the holiday itself, do so, but be sure to avoid overly celebratory language. Instead, focus on expressing gratitude and respect for the fallen heroes by using phrases like “We remember” or “Join us in honoring the brave souls who gave their lives for our freedom.” Avoid wishing your subscribers a “Happy Memorial Day” or thanking veterans for their service—that is not what this holiday is for, and using the wrong messaging can negatively impact the perception your subscribers have of your brand.

If your brand typically uses a more lighthearted tone or does not have a direct or natural tie-in to the military or their families, it’s recommended you lean into the “start of summer” theme. 

However you choose to show up in your Email and SMS marketing, ensure it’s authentic and crafted in a way that resonates with your subscribers while driving them to take action on the goal of your campaign—be it to endear them to your brand through thoughtful, respectful messaging or to drive sales as summer heats up.

Keep It Relevant ♨

Given the precedent set by all of the Memorial Day sales that came before yours, people have come to expect discounts during the long weekend. They’ll be tuned in and looking for a deal, but they’ll also be equally checked out—gearing up for outdoor activities, summer travel, and celebratory gatherings.

You’ll want to allow subscribers ample time to shop and celebrate during the holiday weekend. Look to target them at the right time and with the right content for the most impactful results. 

Start promoting your offer before the weekend and have it run through the day after Memorial Day. This will give them the opportunity to shop whether they’re still at their desk or jet-setting to a tropical destination. A one-day sale can be great in some instances, but this isn’t the time for that.

Also, keep in mind that what’s on sale is just as important as when the deal is live. Products featured should be relevant for the season, such as a curated collection of summer getaway essentials. If your products aren’t as relevant to their summer adventures, consider leveraging a sitewide sale, which allows your brand to stay on theme in the messaging used.

Embrace the *Slams Laptop Shut* Vibe ????

With Memorial Day Weekend being a prime time for outdoor activities and travel, your subscribers are likely to be away from their desks and laptops. Meet them where they’re at—on their mobile devices—by leveraging SMS campaigns and mobile-responsive email designs. 

A well-timed text or mobile-friendly email can grab their attention while they’re on the go or checking their email on their phone while waiting to flip the burgers. With 97% of Americans now owning smartphones, it’s absolutely critical that your mobile strategy is as well-crafted as any other piece of your marketing plan.

Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile viewing with a clean, easy-to-scan design and prominent, easy-to-tap calls to action. SMS messages should be direct with all essential information included, such as your offer, the discount code, and a link to a collection page. 

By utilizing both SMS and mobile-optimized email campaigns, you’ll increase your chances of connecting with and converting subscribers wherever the holiday weekend takes them.

????  And if you need an agency partner who will support you through every holiday and occasion, let’s talk. The Lifecycle Marketing team at MuteSix knows the best strategies to help your brand reach conversion goals. 

This article originally appeared on MuteSix and is available here for further discovery.
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