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Supercharge Your Customer Service With Kustomer And Ada


Supercharge Your Customer Service with Kustomer and Ada TW

Ada and Kustomer are joining forces to help you scale brilliant customer experiences through a winning combination of AI-powered automation and the human touch.


Today, customers wield more power than ever before. To win customers’ loyalty, businesses need to deliver meaningful experiences on the channels customers prefer — anytime, anywhere. However, running 24/7 support is costly and challenging to scale. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to a hybrid model of support. This is because while chatbots are expected to save businesses eight billion dollars by 2022 and can automate 80% of customer inquiries, 70% of customers still prefer to be connected with a live agent.

To power this hybrid support model Ada and Kustomer have joined forces to build an integration that empowers businesses to deliver contextualized, fast customer service, at scale. Businesses can configure Ada Glass, Ada’s chatbot solution, to automate routine tasks to free up your agents’ time. Define keyword triggers within Ada Glass to facilitate a seamless handoff to a live agent within Kustomer, complete with full conversation transcripts alongside customers’ information and previous conversation history, all within a comprehensive timeline view directly within Kustomer.

How It Works

No-Code Platform for Speedy Deployment

Ada’s no-code building tools and drag-and-drop interface give CX teams full control over their own bot-building to launch a smart chatbot in 30 days with no technical lift.

Power Conversational AI for Automation at Scale

Ada’s industry-leading natural language processing technology requires minimal training to detect customer intent, enabling fast-growing brands to scale more automated interactions without adding headcount.

Scale One Bot Across Channels & Languages

Build automated flows in a single Ada bot that can be deployed across social channels and translated into 120+ languages. With Ada’s chatbot, it’s never been easier to amplify your social reach to customers and speak in their preferred language, all without a single line of code.

View the Entire Customer Journey at a Glance

Deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint with a single thread of all customer interactions, including chat transcripts from Ada Glass, displayed in an actionable timeline view within Kustomer.

Want to learn more about the Ada x Kustomer integration?

Get started with Kustomer

Get started with Ada

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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