Supercharge your SMS Marketing with Justuno and SMSbump integration


We are excited to announce that Justuno now has a direct integration with SMSbump via Shopify! SMSbump is an enterprise grade SMS platform designed specifically for eCommerce businesses – custom flows, A/B testing, campaign scheduling, SMS automation, ROI text automations, and more. 

So, what does this mean for you, the loyal Justuno customer?

You can now integrate SMSbump directly into your Justuno promotions with only a few clicks! All current Shopify merchants with Justuno and SMSbump can now use Justuno’s displays to capture phone numbers to be used in your SMSbump marketing campaigns. 

For Justuno customers that are looking to up their e-commerce ante with SMS messaging, this is a huge opportunity for a seamless SMS-lead capture experience for your e-commerce site.

SMS marketing is a huge in the marketing world currently, and with good reason why. SMS marketing can mean huge ROI for your business – loyalty programs, product updates, special discounts, and more. 

The average person checks their phone 85 times a day (if not more with current events) and open almost every text they receive, even if it’s from an unknown sender. Additionally, customers that have opted-in to receive SMS campaigns typically spend more and engage with brands more than others. 

If you’re using Justuno to capture leads, there’s no reason you shouldn’t include gathering a phone number too! Using SMS alongside an email campaign substantially bolsters email engagement rates and skyrockets ROI in the process. 

This new integration will now allow Shopify merchants to link their Justuno on-site displays directly with SMSbump – no more quasi-coding or difficulties when setting up the two. Plug in and start collecting immediately!

If you’re a current Yotpo customer, this integration means supercharging your current efforts. Looking to further increase sales with social proofing? Send out an SMS asking for reviews via text for easy submission or use social proof to drive mobile traffic to your website. It’s truly never been easier! 

This article originally appeared in the Justuno blog and has been published here with permission.

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