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Supporting Brands: Discounts & Special Offers From Yotpo Partners


How to Use This Resource
Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of timely offers from our partners, including:

Full service agencies
Design and development agencies
Digital marketing agencies
Tech solutions

These diverse offers range from free audits and consultations, discounted services and reduced hourly rates, to flexible payment plans, and BI and analytic tools.

To navigate through the listings, click directly on the service categories in the above menu. Offers within each category are listed alphabetically.

We also recommend clicking Command+F to search the page for your platform (ie Shopify, Magento, etc), region, or any other keywords that might help narrow down your search.

When reaching out to these agencies and tech providers, please be sure to mention Yotpo’s Covid-19 program to ensure you get the promised offer.
Agencies: Full Service
Astound Commerce UK
Full Service Agency Partner
Supported Platforms: Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Offer: A …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

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