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Sustainability In ECommerce: 8 Impactful Marketing Campaign Ideas For Brands


As sustainability initiatives accelerate within and beyond the eCommerce landscape, shoppers are beginning to keep score, and not just with their wallets. The buzz surrounding eco-friendly brands continue to grow at a rate that doesn’t appear to slow down. With that, winning consumers now requires more than just implementation. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2021 end-of-year report alerted consumers and brands directly impacted by the global climate change crisis. 

This report inspired immediate action, and consequently, sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives are becoming standard practices for eCommerce brands. This progress raises another challenge for eCommerce brands — marketing. Informing consumers about new sustainable initiatives and other value-centric business practices is no easy feat. 

Nonetheless, with the right marketing campaigns, partnerships, and best practices, brands can increase engagement, build brand loyalty, and help the …

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