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5 Tasks To Outsource In Ecommerce

Outsourcing can be an invaluable asset for many small ecommerce businesses.

While there are some aspects of running your e-commerce venture you need to keep in-house and ensure that you or your team are handling it, there are more aspects than you might have that you can outsource.

Outsourcing allows smaller companies to level the playing field somewhat, as you can lean on the skills, experience, and tools of third parties to help you boost certain business functions that you might not otherwise be able to afford in-house. Sure, it means you will only personally oversee some aspects of the company. Still, outsourcing can free up your time to do what you need to, reduce mistakes, improve results, and guarantee things are being completed to a high standard.

With that in mind, the following tasks are ideal for ecommerce owners to outsource and support what you do.

Key Takeaways

  • Outsource content creation and marketing to enhance digital visibility and brand awareness.
  • Bookkeeping should be managed by experts to maintain financial health and prevent cash flow issues.
  • Customer service outsourcing ensures round-the-clock assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Professional web design is crucial for user experience, necessitating specialized outsourcing.
  • Outsource order processing to manage increasing orders efficiently and maintain service quality.

Content Creation and Marketing

Suppose you are a sole proprietorship business that operates online. In that case, you need to implement an effective digital marketing plan that delivers results and promotes your store to those who need to purchase from you.

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be diverse and include many different aspects, such as content creation, SEO, gaining backlinks, social media, and influencer marketing, to name a few avenues. There's a lot involved in digital marketing. To increase brand awareness and visibility, you need to work with an experienced digital marketing agency such as AgilePR, which can help you get the desired results.


Monitoring small business finances is challenging, and, likely, you've already got someone looking after the books for you. But if you still need to, then you need to look into this. This applies even if you're using accounting software. Small business finances are intricate; you want to ensure everything balances and stays in the red. After all, poor cash flow is the number one cause of small business failure, and a financial expert can help you avoid the same fate affecting you.

Customer Service

It goes without saying you need to be offering stellar customer service to each and every customer. However, being at the beck and call of customers around the clock isn't feasible for one person, and this is where you can let the ball drop. Customers expect their queries to be answered immediately or as closely as possible. If you're tied up doing other things or you're off the clock if you operate globally and are asleep, for example, then you could be losing valuable custom. Instead, outsource customer service until you're ready to cope with this in-house or to complement your existing team if you're expanding and bringing employees on board. From dealing with orders and returns to answering queries, etc., you can give the experience customers expect without having to dedicate your entire day to doing so yourself when you have other things to take care of.

Web Design

You don't need to be told the importance of good web design and how people will turn off if your website is too slow to load, hard to navigate, or unuser-friendly. Instead of trying to hash together a website with little technical knowledge or experience, outsource all your web design needs and maintenance to a third party that can efficiently manage your website and ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable browsing experience.

Order Processing

You likely won’t have many orders to sort through when you start. But as you grow over time and orders increase, you might find it harder to keep up with processing orders. Looking for a business process outsourcing company that can handle the order validation process can be a good idea. They can take over placing orders, tracking, returns, refunds, and cancellations to ensure that nothing is missed and that your orders are processed promptly and shipped accordingly.

Running an e-commerce store as a small business will come with many challenges. However, knowing where your time and efforts are best spent and how outsourcing can help you maintain standards that will serve you well initially and as you grow. The last thing you want is to struggle because you have too much on your plate, and using third-party services to operate certain aspects of your business can help you go from strength to strength.

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