Team Spotlight: Meet Jacopo At Nosto


Hey Nostonians near and far! For those who I haven’t met yet, I am Jacopo and from Berlin I am leading the Developer Services team; moreover, two years ago, I took over a “side hustle” of Culture Ambassador, that made me work closely with Emma and Juha on all things company culture.
I joined Nosto in March 2015 so by now I have got to know already most of you, even several times, and traveled to almost all Nosto offices – but I am looking forward to meeting who I haven’t yet 🤩
Outside of work chances are you can find me at my favorite spinning studio in Berlin (big fan of the bike here) or cooking in my kitchen.

What am I cooking, I hear you ask? Well, since – modestly – I am a very good cook, literally anything!
I would say I have phases: lately I have been focusing on Szechuan cuisine, improving my very delicious Dan Dan noodles and mapo tofu recipe, and before that I had the Middle Eastern/Ottolenghi phase… I make a very mean bulgur salad, falafel and chicken kebab.

I don’t know what about you, but I got hungry just writing this down!

Q: What are you most looking forward to as Findologic joins Nosto?

Jacopo: To meet all the new Findologic peeps at Nostopalooza and to bring Search to the next level!!

Q: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Jacopo: Definitely “Chandelier” by SIA, but trust me, you don’t want me to sing it…

Q: Do you have any routines you use to improve your energy and focus?

Jacopo: “I try to do some anti-anxiety guided meditation every day when I wake up, and I only listen to instrumental jazz while working. This really get me in focus, because I am not focalizing on lyrics 😀”

Q: What are some of your favorite TV shows or movies?

Jacopo: I am all about comedy, and a big fan of Saturday Night Live. And “Superstore”, a NBC TV show – that is hilarious and exactly my type of comedy.r)

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Jacopo: To take 3 very deep breaths when I am panicking about something – very important takeaway lesson for somebody like me who tends to panic a bit too much eheh”

Q: What emoji represents you and why?

Jacopo: I am a hugger, so definitely the 🤗

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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