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10 Teen Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Cash in 2024

As the world continues to evolve with technology, so do the opportunities for enterprising youth aiming to earn extra money.

The rise of the internet has created new opportunities for teenagers to earn money beyond traditional jobs like babysitting and lawn-mowing. Nowadays, tech-savvy teens can find various side hustles online that cater to their creative and digital interests. These jobs offer a chance for young people to explore their passions while earning extra income.

Not to be left out, side hustles for 17-year-olds are equally diverse, offering almost-adults a chance to save for college or kick-start their savings with more advanced projects. The trend for teen money-making ideas also sweeps across a younger demographic, forging side hustles for 12 year olds, where even preteens can get a slice of the entrepreneurial pie. Whether it's crafting the best side hustles for 15-year-olds or pioneering teenage side jobs, there's a side hustle to match every ambition and schedule. Let's dive into the modern moneymakers' world and uncover the teen entrepreneurship gems for 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the various online side hustle opportunities specifically for teens.
  • Learn about the best side hustles for teenagers based on their age group and interests.
  • Unearth creative and tech-driven ways for teens to generate income in 2024.
  • Understand how teen side hustles can contribute to financial independence and savings.
  • Explore the potential for significant earnings through dedicated and innovative side jobs.

Exploring the Teenage Gig Economy

The teenage gig economy is a burgeoning marketplace alive with energy and innovation. It offers a non-traditional work experience as a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs to flourish. Teens are increasingly attracted to this flexible work environment, where they can juggle their educational commitments with entrepreneurial pursuits, laying the groundwork for a financially fruitful future.

Understanding the Growing Opportunities for Teens

Teenagers today are stepping into a world where a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities is supplementing traditional after-school jobs for teenagers. A simple search can unveil a myriad of part-time job listings aimed at ambitious teens ready to take on this new gig economy. The growing acceptance of teen participation in freelance writing, graphic design, and digital marketing indicates a maturing marketplace tailored to their innate digital prowess and creative mindsets.

Flexible Side Gigs for High School Students

Today's high school schedule is more demanding than ever, leaving teens to seek part-time jobs for teens that offer the utmost flexibility. By integrating work with their school and extracurricular programs, teens remain in control, capitalizing on spare moments to advance their work experience and monetize their hobbies. From online tutoring to crafting and selling their wares on platforms like Etsy, the ability to work remotely or on the go has revolutionized the concept of the after-school job for the better.

  • Online surveys and market research participation
  • Content creation for social media platforms
  • Virtual assistance for busy professionals
  • Web development and basic coding projects
  • E-commerce entrepreneurship through platforms like Shopify

These activities bring in extra income and serve as invaluable learning experiences, providing a window into the professional world and developing a work ethic from a young age. The teenage gig economy is thus not just a pathway to financial independence for young adults; it is a transformative phase where part-time endeavors turn into full-fledged careers.

Delving into Online Side Hustles for Teens

For savvy teens looking to capitalize on the digital economy, a treasure trove of online side hustles is ripe for the picking. In today's interconnected world, opportunities to make money online are abundant, offering flexibility and potential for significant income. Whether searching for the best side hustles for 16-year-olds or ways to make a lot of money at 14, the internet has opened up a world of possibilities that align with a wide array of interests and skills.

Monetizing Skills in the Digital Realm

The digital landscape invites young entrepreneurs to transform their talents into cold hard cash. Teens adept at sharing their knowledge through online platforms can yield a bounty through tutorials, E-books, or educational courses. For those with a knack for the written word, blogging emerges as a lucrative avenue, bringing in revenue through advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Platforms That Offer Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

Several reputable platforms stand at the forefront of the online marketplace, championing teen entrepreneurs. Teachable and Udemy excel as go-to sites for young knowledge-sharers aspiring to create and sell courses. At the same time, Shopify simplifies the process of launching an online store for tangible and digital goods alike. In addition to these, YouTube serves as a powerful platform for those who shine in front of the camera, providing revenue through ad shares and potentially lucrative partnerships.

  • Teachable – A haven for those with a passion to educate others
  • Udemy – Perfect for young tech-savvy teens ready to share their skills
  • Shopify – An e-commerce giant offering a stage for online retail ventures
  • YouTube – A multimedia platform where entertaining content meets monetization

Online side hustles for teens foster entrepreneurial spirit and prepare them for the future job market. So, if you're wondering about the best side hustles for 16-year-olds or pondering how you can make a lot of money at 14, the digital world is your oyster, teeming with opportunities to explore, learn, and earn.

Part-Time Jobs for Teens: A Gateway to Financial Independence

Stepping into the world of work with part-time jobs for teens is more than just about pocket money. It's about setting the foundation for future financial freedom and understanding the value of a dollar. For many ambitious youngsters, it's also about creative ways to side hustle $1,000 or more and carve their path to escape 9 to 5 monotony. These experience-rich opportunities are essential for developmental growth and instilling a solid work ethic.

Striking the balance between school and work, teens can explore side hustles not only with their studies but also with their passions and hobbies. From starting an online business to freelancing skills they are already nurturing, the flexibility and potential for earnings are substantial.

According to financial experts, if you're a teenager looking to make an extra $500 monthly with this easy side hustle, the key is consistency, dedication, and smart work. Side hustles aren't just about working hard; they're about working smart and finding the right niche that matches your skills and market demand.

  • Consider tutoring services in subjects you excel at.
  • Launching an e-commerce store selling niche products.
  • Freelancing digital skills like writing, graphic design, or web development.
  • Create and monetize a YouTube channel or blog around a topic you are passionate about.

Each of these avenues offers the potential to scale and evolve into a more substantial business in the future while providing invaluable real-world experience today.

Finding the right part-time job or side hustle is about aligning interests with opportunities. It's also a conversation about responsibility – managing time and finances and understanding commitment. For parents and teens alike, it's an exercise in trust and growth.

Teen Side Hustle: Turning Free Time into Profit

It's a question that piques the curiosity of many entrepreneurial spirits: can a 14-year-old do a side hustle? The answer is a resounding yes—teenagers today have many opportunities at their fingertips to monetize their free time effectively. Moreover, side hustles for 10-year-olds are not only possible; they're increasingly common. With creativity and determination, even the youngest teens can craft profitable mini-businesses that dovetail seamlessly with their studies.

What is the best side hustle for a student? That depends on personal interests and skills. The internet abounds with options that fit into a teen's hectic schedule, from the simplicity of completing online surveys to the creative process of designing and selling T-shirts.

  • Online surveys and market research contribute to company decisions while compensating young participants.
  • Selling handcrafted goods or art allows students to tap into their creative passions and reach a broad audience.
  • Leveraging writing or graphic design skills can flourish on freelancing platforms suitable for teen entrepreneurs.

Incorporating such side hustles into one's routine nurtures time management skills and introduces young minds to business fundamentals— all while padding their wallets!

It's essential to recognize that age does not define one's capability to start a side hustle. The key is finding the right fit and adhering to any age restrictions or requirements for parental consent. With a supportive environment and a dedication to learning, there's no telling how far a young entrepreneur's endeavors can go.

Indeed, the power of a side hustle for young individuals lies not only in the potential earnings but also in the valuable life lessons and work ethic cultivated along the way.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Teenagers

The path to entrepreneurship for teenagers is more accessible than ever, with myriad opportunities to leverage their passions into profitable enterprises. With dedication and the right approach, teens steadily dismiss the notion that age is a barrier in business, proving that innovative ideas know no bounds.

Identifying Your Niche for Business Ventures

Finding a personal niche is a critical first step for any youthful entrepreneur. Whether it's technology, fashion, sustainability, or entertainment, pinpointing an area of interest that resonates with personal skills and market needs can set the foundation for a successful business venture. The key is to identify gaps in the market and fill them with innovative solutions that draw from one's unique talents and knowledge.

Success Stories of Teen Entrepreneurs

When discussing entrepreneurial opportunities for teenagers, success stories serve as powerful motivators. Across the globe, teenagers are making headlines for turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Some have developed apps that revolutionize everyday tasks, while others have created fashion brands that capture the zeitgeist of their generation. Their stories not only inspire but also show practical pathways for how to become a self-made millionaire at 14 or even younger.

  • Develop a skill set that aligns with trending markets to capitalize on the current demand.
  • Use social media and online marketing to gain visibility and grow a customer base quickly and effectively.
  • Research and target underserved markets for unique opportunities that can turn into revenue streams.

With tenacity and ingenuity, the goal of making quick money transforms into a sustainable business model that could blossom well into adulthood.

Teen Money-Making Ideas in Your Neighborhood

When finding side gigs for high school students, one's local community is brimming with opportunities—especially for those eager to discover how they can make money at 14 near me. Let's delve into some tangible ideas that teenagers can explore in their neighborhood, leveraging the resources and personal relationships close to home to kickstart a rewarding side hustle journey.

  • Tutoring: Excel at math or science? Offer your skills by tutoring younger children in your neighborhood.
  • Pet Sitting: A reliable teen can quickly become the go-to pet sitter for your area's furry friends.
  • Lawn Care: There's always demand for diligent outdoor work from mowing lawns to basic landscaping.
  • Tech Assistance: Handy with computers? Your tech savviness can be valuable to those not so digitally inclined in your vicinity.

Remember, combining your interests with the needs of your community is a surefire way to launch a successful side hustle that's both profitable and personally rewarding.

These ventures enable young entrepreneurs to earn some extra cash and provide them with a rich tapestry of experiences, teaching invaluable life lessons in entrepreneurship, responsibility, and community involvement.

From organizing local workshops to assist with DIY projects to facilitating a community garden or craft market, the essence of neighborhood hustles lies in identifying what your community lacks and stepping up to fill that void. So, stroll around your block, chat with your neighbors, and uncover the earning potential waiting just beyond your doorstep.

Tutoring: An Intellectual Teen Side Hustle

For the ambitious teen looking to leverage academic prowess into profit, tutoring is a creative and fulfilling way to augment their income. Not only does it reinforce the tutor's understanding, but it also plays a crucial role in the academic success of peers and younger students. But how can a dedicated teen transform this skill into a tangible income stream? How feasible is it for them to ask themselves, “How can I make $500 as a kid?” or even “How to make $150 a day?”

Educating Peers and Younger Students for Profit

For many teens, the journey towards a profitable tutoring side hustle begins within their network. They start by assisting classmates with difficult subjects and soon expand to tutoring younger students in their community. This nurturing of local intelligence not only earns them respect and recommendation but also the potential to earn substantial amounts – indeed, a savvy teen tutor may find themselves pocketing an extra $500 or more over time.

Utilizing Online Platforms to Expand Reach

The wonders of the internet have propelled tutoring into a new realm of possibility. Online tutoring platforms now offer the means to extend services far beyond local neighborhoods, reaching students across cities, states, and even countries. Teens can harness these platforms to share their expertise, scaling their operations to a level where making $150 a day becomes an attainable target. Furthermore, this digital expansion ensures that tutors connect with a diverse array of learners, fostering a global educational exchange.

  • Online platforms provide scheduling flexibility.
  • Digital payments facilitate easy and safe transactions.
  • Interfacing with a larger student base increases earning potential.

As it turns out, Tutoring is a prime example of a teen side hustle that fills pockets and minds. The intellectual and financial rewards make it an exemplary path for teens looking to make a mark and earn money in a meaningful, impactful way.

Freelancing: Skills That Pay Off for Teens

Embarking on the freelancing journey offers teens the flexibility to earn while they learn. As the freelance market flourishes, young minds equipped with creativity and tech-savviness can carve out their niche, providing services like graphic design, coding, or content creation. Freelancing isn’t just about pocket money; it’s a laboratory for real-world skills, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. So, how can a teenage freelancer stand out in a crowd?

As a teen freelancer, your fresh perspective is your currency. There's no better time to leverage your unique skills and youthful insight in an evolving gig economy.

Moreover, for those wondering, “How can I start a blog and make money?”—the answer lies in consistency and quality. A blog serves as a platform to express your individuality and can become a lucrative endeavor with a dedication to content that resonates with your audience. From affiliate marketing to sponsored posts, the avenues for monetization are many.

  • Identify your passion or area of expertise.
  • Create quality, engaging content regularly.
  • Implement SEO strategies to increase visibility.
  • Engage with your audience and grow your community.
  • Monetize through various channels as your blog grows.

And when it comes to side hustles, the age-old question remains: “What side hustle makes money the fastest?” The answer often depends on current market demands and personal strengths. For quickly monetizing your skillset, consider tasks like writing SEO articles, managing social media, or even virtual tutoring.

  1. Explore freelance marketplaces to find in-demand gigs.
  2. Utilize social media to advertise your skills and attract clients.
  3. Offer your freelance services to local businesses or online.

Whether building your blog or taking on freelance projects, the key is to start small, learn through the process, and evolve your strategy as you gain more experience in the dynamic world of freelancing.

Teen Side Hustles for 15-Year-Olds Online

In today's digital age, the best side hustles for 15-year-olds are often just a click away, with a spectrum of online ventures tailored to their tech-savviness and youthful ingenuity. Many ask, “How can kids make $10 dollars fast?” The answer lies in the accessibility of the internet and the numerous opportunities it presents. For example, a 13-year-old can effortlessly dive into the world of online tasks that are both age-appropriate and profitable. Here are some of the most viable online side hustles for ambitious young entrepreneurs.

  • Survey Participation: Engaging in market research by filling out online surveys offers quick cash for opinions on products and services.
  • Social Media Management: Rising online brands often seek the fresh perspective of tech-savvy teens to help manage their social media presence.
  • Content Creation: Whether through blogging, video production, or other media, creative teens can monetize their talents on platforms like YouTube or through their websites.
  • Online Tutoring: Sharing knowledge in a particular subject can be enriching and a source of steady income.

These entrepreneurial pursuits require minimal startup costs, and with some diligence and persistence, they can become significant income streams. Parental guidance is always recommended for internet activities, primarily to ensure the safety and legality of the work being undertaken.

Moreover, these side hustles can lay the groundwork for future professional endeavors, offering teens an early taste of responsibility and the satisfaction of earning their own money. So whether the goal is to save up for something special or gain a financial headstart, the internet is brimming with opportunities for teenagers to thrive.

Creative Endeavors: Teenagers in the Art and Craft Scene

With a burst of color and a dash of creativity, the art and craft domain is a vibrant canvas for teenagers to monetize their artistic talents. In today’s digital age, platforms like Etsy and Redbubble are gateways for young craftspeople to exhibit and sell their handmade goods and art. This landscape encourages the originality and entrepreneurial zeal of budding artists and poses a valuable question: how to make an extra $500 a week? For enterprising youths asking themselves how to make money at 12 or 13 or even wondering if they can a 10-year-old make money, the art scene provides affirmative, lucrative possibilities.

Selling Handmade Goods and Art Online

Transforming a hobby into a profit-making venture, teens are discovering the joy of earning through creative expression. The convenience of online stores enables teens to reach a global audience, vastly expanding their market beyond local fairs or family friends. These young entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of the internet, sewing, painting, or crafting their way towards notable weekly incomes—sometimes making that desired extra $500.

Turning Your Artistic Passions into a Revenue Stream

The leap from creating to selling can be as simple as setting up an online profile and listing your products. Social media platforms also provide free marketing channels that can increase exposure. Teens are learning that with persistence, their artistic passions can indeed transform into a steady revenue stream, allowing the freedom to tailor their work hours around school commitments and extracurricular activities. Initatives like these underscore that age is no barrier to financial success; growth in this arena is open to all, including those curious if a 10 year old make money.

After-School Jobs for Teenagers: More Than Just Pocket Money

For many ambitious teens, the end of the school day marks the beginning of an essential phase in their personal and professional growth. Engaging in after-school jobs provides more than just an avenue for extra spending money; it lays the foundation for building essential life skills. These opportunities are particularly significant for those wondering, “How can I make $200 a day on the side?” or “What pays the most for 14-year-olds?” Indeed, these financial targets are within reach with dedication and the right job.

Developing Work Ethics and Professional Skills Early On

As teenagers step into roles in retail, food service, or other local businesses, they are introduced to the importance of professionalism, punctuality, and customer service. These jobs may be teens' first encounters with real-world responsibilities, instilling a work ethic that shapes their attitude towards future careers and financial goals.

Real-World Experience for Future Careers

Balancing school responsibilities with work is a valuable skill that pays dividends throughout a teen's life. The experience gained from after-school jobs can be influential in deciding future career paths and, for those entrepreneurial spirits, figuring out how to potentially make $200 a day on the side. These practical experiences early on set the groundwork for success in a competitive job market.

  • Becoming adept at customer interactions
  • Understanding time management
  • Learning how to handle financial transactions
  • Building confidence in a work setting

Ultimately, after-school jobs for teenagers offer a compelling mix of earning potential and life lessons. They provide the practical answer to entrepreneurial queries like, “How can I make $200 a day on the side?” and allow teens to understand the value of hard work. These positions answer what pays the most for 14 year olds and help them understand the profound impact of earning their own money and developing self-reliance.

Teen Side Hustles for 12-Year-Olds: Early Starters in Business

The drive for financial independence can start young, and many 12-year-olds are eager to explore how they can earn their own money. Nurturing a productive work ethic early on, pre-teens are discovering a variety of side hustles that suit their age and abilities.

From crafting unique handmade goods to offering pet care services, these young entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to contribute value to their communities and learn business basics. In this action-packed journey, let's dive into the types of side hustles that are both suitable and rewarding for ambitious 12-year-olds.

  • Creating and Selling DIY Crafts
  • Offering Pet-Sitting Services to Neighbors
  • Assisting with Yard Work and Gardening
  • Running a Neighborhood Lemonade Stand
  • Helping with Household Chores for Family and Friends

Each of these activities allows a 12-year-old to make money and teaches valuable life lessons in managing finances, understanding the value of hard work, and cultivating customer service skills.

Teen Side Hustles for 17-Year-Olds: Preparing for Adulthood

As they approach the verge of adulthood, 17-year-olds are presented with the unique challenge and opportunity to kickstart their financial journey while still enjoying the flexibility of youth. The question “How can I make an extra $2000 a month?” transitions from a theoretical curiosity to a realizable goal as they explore side hustles crafted to suit their burgeoning independence.

One might ponder over “How to make $1,000 a month?” and the answer lies in the myriad of side hustles available to this age group. Ranging from digital entrepreneurship to more traditional part-time jobs, those on the threshold of 18 can leverage their near-adult status to tap into platforms and opportunities that were once out of reach.

  • Freelance Writing and Design: With platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, teens with a knack for writing or graphic design can offer their services globally while building a portfolio that shines.
  • Tutoring: Excellent academic standing can translate into profitable tutoring sessions for younger students or peers, conducted locally or through online platforms such as Tutor.com.
  • eCommerce: Online stores on Etsy or eBay allow for the selling of handmade goods, vintage finds, or creatively sourced items.
  • Social Media Management: A fluency in social media can become lucrative as local businesses seek to outsource their online presence to tech-savvy teens.
  • App Development: Those with programming skills might develop their own apps or games, finding ways to monetize their technical expertise.

Embarking on these side hustles for 17 year olds not only fuels their savings but also grants them the tools and experience needed for a smoother transition to independent living and higher education. Furthermore, these opportunities allow for practical experimentation with the realities of the modern workforce, instilling entrepreneurial principles that will serve them for years to come.

How Technology Facilitates New Side Hustle Ideas for Teens

Amidst the fast-paced growth of the digital era, tech-savvy teens are uniquely positioned to leverage technology for creating innovative side hustles. Understanding tech trends in side hustles is more than a savvy move—it's a way to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and make the most of the ever-evolving digital landscape. With the right tools and knowledge, finding an answer to “how can i get $100 dollars right now as a kid?” becomes a tangible reality, and aiming to make $300 as a youth is far from a pipe dream.

Leveraging Social Media and Online Marketing

Social media isn't just for connectivity; it's a booming marketplace for the young and ambitious. Teens already entrenched in digital communities can convert their online time into profit by marketing skills, products, or services within these networks. Crafty content coupled with strategic online marketing can quickly turn a hobby into a revenue stream, helping you answer the elusive question of “how can a kid make $300?”

Emerging Tech Trends Teens Can Capitalize On

Emerging technologies are reshaping the way we think about work and income generation. For teens with a keen eye on the future, diving into app development, game streaming, or becoming digital content creators can open new horizons in the side hustle sphere. These areas not only match youthful interests but also boast the potential for rapid income, enabling go-getters to capitalize on tech trends and creatively earn substantial sums in the process.


Embarking on a teen side hustle journey signals a pivotal moment of growth and opportunity. It's about crafting your own narrative in the world of commerce, whether by nurturing a personal interest into a fledgling enterprise or bolstering your income through online engagements. Diving into side hustles opens doors to practical wisdom and connects you to a digital world where even reviewing shows on Netflix might just be the beginning of a lucrative venture.

Starting Your Teen Side Hustle Journey

For those wondering how to start a little side hustle, the path is abundant with resources and community support. It starts with identifying your strengths and matching them to market needs. Whether it's digital content creation or exploring the endless potential of eCommerce, the journey begins with that first determined step towards your goals. It's about channeling your passion, applying your knowledge, and making the most of the digital tools at your disposal.

Mapping the Future: From Side Hustle to Career Path

A teen side hustle might start small, but it harbors the capacity to evolve into a full-fledged career path. Jobs that once seemed suited only for pocket money—like the best job for a 13-year-old, which could be pet-sitting or lawn mowing—can amplify skills in organization, time management, and client service. Such early experiences are the bedrock upon which future professional achievements are built, laying a foundation for long-term success and the exploration of potential lifelong passions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 15-year-old find online side hustles?

Absolutely! Fifteen-year-olds can participate in a variety of online side hustles, such as taking surveys, creating and selling digital art, managing social media accounts, and more, often with parental permission.

What side hustles are available for 12-year-olds?

Side hustles for 12-year-olds might include pet-sitting, lawn mowing, selling handmade crafts or artwork online, or even starting a YouTube channel with content appropriate for their age group.

How can teenagers make quick money?

Teens can make quick money by doing freelance work like writing or graphic design, taking paid online surveys, tutoring, or selling items they no longer need.

What are the best side hustles for 16-year-olds?

The best side hustles for 16-year-olds include freelancing, starting a blog or YouTube channel, online tutoring, and selling products or crafts online through platforms like Etsy.

How can a teen make an extra $500 every month?

Teens can make an extra $500 every month by starting a side hustle such as freelancing, tutoring, creating an online course, doing yard work for neighbors, or setting up an e-commerce store.

How can a teen escape the traditional 9 to 5?

Teens can escape the traditional 9 to 5 by building a business around a passion or skill they have, leveraging technology and the gig economy to create a flexible work schedule that fits around their school and personal life.

What side hustles can a 13-year-old do?

A 13-year-old can engage in side hustles such as babysitting, dog walking, offering car wash services, creating video content, or even teaching peers how to play a musical instrument.

How can a teen make $200 a day on the side?

Making $200 a day is a significant goal, but it's achievable for teens with high-demand skills in freelancing, advanced tutoring, event photography, or launching a special product or service in high demand.

Can a 14-year-old do a side hustle?

Yes, a 14-year-old can engage in side hustles like lawn mowing, pet sitting, online selling, or freelancing in areas like writing or graphic design, albeit often with certain restrictions or parental supervision.

What is the best side hustle for a student?

The best side hustle for a student balances time commitment with earning potential. Options include tutoring, freelance writing, graphic design, app development, or managing a small online business.

Which tutoring platforms are best for teen side hustles?

Popular tutoring platforms suitable for teens include VIPKid, Chegg Tutors, and Tutor.com. Teens can also explore creating their own tutoring services and advertising locally or on social media.

How can I start a blog and make money as a teen?

Teens can start a blog by choosing a niche they are passionate about, creating content regularly, and then monetizing their blog through advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or selling their own products and courses.

What side hustle makes money the fastest for teens?

Quick money-making side hustles for teens include doing odd jobs for neighbors, selling items online, pet-sitting, babysitting, or taking on short-term freelance gigs in areas like writing or digital design.

Can watching ads be a profitable side hustle for teens?

Watching ads can provide teens with some pocket money, with platforms like Swagbucks or InboxDollars offering small payments for engaging with marketing content, though it may not be the most lucrative side hustle.

How to make an extra $2,000 a month as a teen?

To make an extra $2,000 a month, a teen would need to focus on higher-paying side hustles. Creating a successful online business, developing a mobile app, advanced tutoring in high-demand subjects, or freelancing in specialized fields could help reach this goal.

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