The 4 Best Freelancing Websites For Every Beginner

In today’s economy, surviving your 9 to 5 job has become quite tricky. A rapid increase in freelance jobs has been noticed among people.

And why wouldn’t the growth happen, since it is way more fruitful than any other current source of income? In 2022, the annual earnings by US freelancers increased by $100 million, and in total, it has come to $1.3 trillion. This shows that freelancing is one of the most effective sources of steady income. 

In the past, people couldn’t level up their income while staying at home; however, thanks to internet technology, people can now make their dreams come true. In this regard, companies like Xfinity have done online business and freelancing much easier.

With its state-of-the-art technology and superfast speed, you can continue working online for hours without issues. So, if you are a new subscriber looking for a company to get value for their money, contact Xfinity atencion al cliente (for Spanish speakers only) and get all your queries answered directly by the sales agent. 

Now that you have the right tool to make money online look at some of the best freelancing websites every beginner should try. 


One of the most popular online marketplaces, Upwork is responsible for providing millions of freelancers worldwide with unique opportunities to earn money. You can sign up on this platform for short-term or long-term contracts. You can also find hour-based work or project-oriented jobs. To get started, you have to send proposals to potential clients, and if accepted, you can get started with the result. 

Upwork is a bit hit or miss platform where you never know if you will land a gig. After sending out probably ten proposals, you hardly hear from one of them. Also, it demands a lot of time, but once you get on track, the projects continue coming to you. 

The only thing people don’t particularly like about UpWork is that it takes a hefty amount from your earning. It takes away 20% of everything you earn until you get a project of $500 from a client. 


We all know Fiverr since it is one of the biggest freelancing platforms remote workers use worldwide. You could belong to a field of any kind or have even the weirdest expertise; you can still create a profile and gigs on Fiverr to get clients. 

All it requires you to do is create a catchy and intriguing description that must contain relevant keywords so that you can rank higher on the Fiverr algorithm. 

It works a bit opposite to Upwork. As a freelancer, you post your services and then wait for the clients to find your gigs and contact you. You can also send proposals, but as a beginner, it can get a bit difficult for you to score a good deal.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is different than other freelance platforms since it brings you jobs from all over the world right to your doorstep. One of the most concerning parts of finding an online gig is you could stumble upon a scam. Flex Jobs is considered one of the best since it eliminates fraud and gives you 55 career categories.

You can find a freelance job or a full-time opportunity with flexible timings and location. The website requires a subscription to access all the job offers. You will have to pay a monthly or weekly fee, but the good part is the subscription will not cost you a fortune.


People may have a mixed experience with Freelancer, but practically everyone says this platform is considered one of the best for finding new gigs and landing great deals. If the whole inner working of Upwork intimidates you, we suggest checking out Freelancer since its payment method is way easier. The payments are made through this platform, and you can also look for jobs that hire candidates like you on apply for various ones using Freelancer.

Freelancer is particularly famous among content writers. You can find writing gigs that pay a fixed amount or deliver based on your hours. 

The competition is quite intense for freelancers, as millions of people search for jobs on this website. However, it can also be a valuable platform for newbies wishing to undertake freelance projects.

Final Words

Around the world, on average, a freelancer earns $21 per hour. People’s interest in freelancing is increasing rapidly due to its various advantages. So, if you have been contemplating which platform to start from to dip your toes in the freelancing pool, check out the websites we mentioned above and start leveling up your income. 

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