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The 4 Must-Have Privy Campaigns For This Black Friday Cyber Monday (And How To Get Them Up And Running)


4 privy campaigns BFCMA few weeks back, Ben Jabbawy, Privy’s Founder & CEO hosted a Masterclass to help small and growing brands get set up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year.

And yesterday, Lauren from our team shared all of Ben’s strategies and tactics from this masterclass.

So I wanted to take it one step further and show you exactly how you can set up those strategies by using Privy.

And you can set each campaign up today with Privy’s Starter Plan.

So let’s get started with the 4 campaigns that can help you sell more and build your list this BFCM season.

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1. A welcome offer

From the second a customer hits your site, they are looking for an offer.

They already know what your product is.

Now you need to give them a reason to buy.

Ben talked about setting up a welcome popup when a customer comes to your site. A welcome discount is a great way to motivate your shoppers to stay on the site and finish their order.

Every welcome popup should have these 5 components 

1. A heading: Grab your customers’ attention with a heading that stops them from scrolling. Like this example from Poo~Pourri.

2. An offer: Why should they give you their email or buy from you? What’s the incentive that’s really going to hook them in and get them excited? Like this one from Starfire Direct.

The 5 Privy Campaigns To Set Up For BFCM-Oct-15-2020-11-45-47-19-PM-1

3. A photo: If you’re running a promotion on a specific product, be sure to include it. Or make your popup more relatable by adding a human in it instead of just text. This is an amazing example from Butcher Box.

4. A thank you page: If you’re capturing emails, customize the thank you page to reveal the coupon code promised right there. Don’t make them dig around in their inbox to try to find it – you might not get them back! Here’s a great example of what that could look like.

5. A tab: It’s common to dismiss a pop up right when it’s displayed. So if you want to see a higher conversion rate, make sure you include a tab so customers can re-engage with it later on in their shopping journey. This is what we did for our merch store.

See that circle in the bottom left corner of the page? If visitors click that, it’ll bring them right back to the welcome popup they might have dismissed if they were still trying to figure out if they wanted to stick around.

Then maybe they poked around for a bit and decided they like what they see. Tabs make it super easy for them to pull that offer back up.

Ben talked all about tabs in this episode of Ecommerce Marketing School. Check it out if you’re looking for more info.

2. A free shipping bar

If you’re looking to increase your average order value, a Free Shipping Bar is a great way to start.

The free shipping bar is a banner displayed at the top of your website.

It can be something like, “We offer free shipping for any orders over $100!”

Then as customers browse your shop and add products to their cart, the message will update, letting them know how far away they are from free shipping.

Once they reach the threshold, you can create a message to prompt them to check out with a button that will bring them to their cart.

image (1)-2

And setting it up is incredibly simple. Here’s what it looks like in Privy:

Start by deciding how much you want to offer free shipping for.

We recommend: average order value (AOV) + shipping cost + 5-10% of your AOV

Once you edit the message and colors, your free shipping bar will be ready to go live.

3. A cart saver

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have especially high abandoned cart rates. Nearly 81%. 😱

Instead of losing that traffic from high-intent customers, set up a cart saver campaign to reduce abandoned carts before your visitors have left the site. These campaigns can encourage customers to stick around to finish their order.

Here’s an example from Nightingale & Lark.

Or if you want to grow your social following instead, check out this example from KinkyCurlyYaki.

Within Privy, click Advanced Cart Saver when creating a new campaign.

If you want to get really creative, offer a coupon in your popup that expires in a few hours to create an extra sense of urgency. You can create unique coupons that expire directly from Privy.

Using an expiration can motivate customers to finish their orders while they’re still on the site.

4. The Abandoned Cart Series

And with such a high cart abandonment rate during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, it’s important to follow up with the customers who left your site and convince them to come back and finish their orders.

That’s why we recommend creating an abandoned cart email series, so you can continue selling even after the weekend’s over.

Let’s start with a 3 email sequence.

Email #1 in your abandoned cart email series

The first email should be sent an hour after visitors have left your site. The goal here is to remind them about the product in their cart (with a focus on customer service) so they come back and complete their order. Here’s an example from Hydro Flask.

Email #2 in your abandoned cart email series

This email is sent 1 day after the customer leaves the site.

In this email, you want to offer them a coupon that expires in 48 hours to motivate them to come back and finish their order. Like this example shows.

Email #3 in your abandoned cart email series

And the final email goes out 48 hours after they’ve left your site reminding them to use their coupon before it expires. Like this one from SpyGuy. 

Using this sequence, we have seen customers save an average of 16% of all abandoned carts on their site.

Getting started with these 4 campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be the biggest selling days of the year.

Be ready this year by setting up these campaigns in Privy today with a 15-day free trial – no credit card required!

They won’t just set you up for success over the holidays, but the entire year.

This article originally appeared by our friends at Privy.

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I am only one leader, but dammit I will make a difference!
I am only one leader, but dammit I will make a difference.

I am only one leader, but dammit I will make a difference!

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