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The Best CRM Content We Could Give You

New year 2019 balloons on a blue background with the best content.

At least, that’s what the numbers say. In 2019 more than 200 content pieces we published here were read more than half a million times – that’s about 1 of every 10 people specialized in CRM (according to LinkedIn).

Are we sure ESPN is reaching 1 of every 10 sports peeps? Nah Ah! Or Fox News touching 1 of every 10 republicans? Well, maybe so. But it just means we still have ways to go.

So, while we’re working on making 2020 even a better year for you, our dear PostFunnel readers – and boy, we got some exciting plans in the works – you can bookmark this post, or just keep it open in your browser (and screw our Analytics reports), so you’ll have all this wealth of CRM and CRM-related knowledge right at the tip of your cursor.

Cause, if it wasn’t clear by now, THIS IS OUR 2019 CONTENT RECAP!

Top 5 Most Popular (from 2019)

  1. How Airbnb Changed the Hospitality Industry
  2. 5 Ways Burger King is Shaking Things Up with Sensational Marketing Ideas
  3. 3 Major Reasons To ‘Go Guerrilla’ Marketing in 2019 (& Beyond)
  4. How Mobile Marketing Works in 2019
  5. Ways Brands Are Embracing Generation Z

Top 5 Most Popular (from forever)

  1. 12 Brand Personality Types To Consider For Revved-Up Retention
  2. 3 Striking Steps: How To Use Color Psychology for Glowing Sales
  3. 3 Customer Segmentation Models Every Marketer Should Consider
  4. Spotlight on Zara: Lessons from a Brand that Spends Next to Nothing on Ads
  5. What Is Customer Retention Rate & Why Should You Care?

Our Fav Five of the Year

  1. 3 Super-Persuasive Emotions You Haven’t Used (To Influence Sales)
  2. Netflix: The Biggest Innovator in Marketing?
  3. 14 Experts Talk About the 4 Types of Content Your Current Customers Need Most
  4. Legacy Brands Take Note: 5 Things Digitally Native Brands Can Teach You About Marketing
  5. Ways Real-Time Data is Reinventing Traditional Industries

And let’s not forget our four ongoing series, that all built their own distinguished, loyal audience:

Brand Prix, where we compare the CRM tactics of two competing household-name brands

Nuts & Bolts, where we go into the inner works of MarTech

PowWow, where we bring you the stories and voice of CRM leaders

Asking the Experts, where we dive into marketing’s familiar pain points with the pros

In 2019, we also hosted a bunch of PostFunnel events around the world – from the intimate PostFunnel Dinners to the casual Happy Hours, the one-panel Forums to the major Summit – we met you in London, New York, Malta, Los Angeles, Miami, Tel Aviv, and more. And since the thousands of CRM experts who attended seemed to like them so much, we’ll almost double the amount of such events in 2020. Stay tuned!

Bonus: A Word From Our Sponsors

(PostFunnel is owned and operated by Optimove. You may know this from the Optimove Insights tab)

Top 5 Most Popular (from 2019)

  1. The Optimove Promise: In Plain Words (and only 4 parts)
  2. The CRM Contribution Metric: Know What Your CRM Is Worth
  3. Give your Customers the Chance to Fine-Tune their Preferences
  4. Christmas in July? 6 Quick Wins & Best Practices for Holiday Season (and Beyond)
  5. Bonus Abusers 

Top 5 Most Popular (from forever)

  1. Behavior-based Customer Segmentation for More Effective Retail Marketing
  2. How to Treat Every Customer Campaign as a Marketing Experiment
  3. The Benefits and Challenges of Multi-Channel Marketing
  4. How to Perform Customer Survival Analysis
  5. New vs. Existing Customers: Balancing Your Revenue Mix

That’s it for 2019. Here’s for a great 2020!

This article was originally published by our friends at PostFunnel.

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