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The Best Dialer Software For Call Centers And How To Choose The Right Dialer System For Your Business


Choosing the best dialer software for your business’ call center can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! These days, there are many options for outbound dialers. At Aircall, we’ve optimized cloud-based call center software with our power dialer solution. Read on to learn how call center dialers work, key features, how to increase your business’ productivity, and more.

How does a call center dialer work?

Call centers use dialers to automate the process of dialing numbers. A call center dialer, or outbound dialer, connects customers to an interactive voice response system (IVR) or to a contact center with a live call center representative.

Aircall uses a power dialer as the preferred form of cloud-based call center software. This call center dialer is more versatile and efficient than typical preview dialers. The power dialer is an integral component of contact center technology.

Power dialers are meant to be used as productivity tools for sales teams, in contrast to auto and predictive dialers, which are automation tools typically used by telemarketers. Learn about all the differences between dialer types here.

What is a dialer in a call center?

A dialer in a call center is an automated system that makes customer calls from your business. There are plenty of rapidly evolving sales dialers on the market, making inefficient cold-calling a thing of the past.

There are three main types of dialer software used in call centers today. Listed from least to most personal, the three main types of sales dialers are:

  1. Autodialers
  2. Predictive dialers
  3. Progressive dialers (including preview and power dialers)

Learn more about the key features of each dialer to make an informed decision for your business. 

How does a dialer work?

There are several different kinds of dialers. In general, a dialer in a call center is an automated system that makes customer calls from your business. At Aircall, we provide our clients with the most efficient and personable dialer—the power dialer.

A power dialer automatically dials the next number in the queue once the previous call ends. If the number is busy or disconnected, it will dial the subsequent number on the list. With Aircall, you can:

  • Delete the numbers from the sequence while a call is in progress
  • Pause the calling sequence at any time
  • Manually skip to the next number
  • Hang up and move on to the following number
  • Engage with the CRM while you’re in the call (i.e., take notes, tag, and add follow-up steps)
  • Automatically detect phone numbers from web pages and add them to your CRM through our click-to-dial extension

The key features of a call center dialer

When it comes to software, there are plenty of different call center options available. Some are suitable for outbound call centers, while others are more appropriate for inbound call centers. Here are 10 essential call center features to look for when selecting a call center dialer.

  1. Interactive voice response (IVR). An IVR is an electronic voice menu that helps callers decide which agent they want to be connected to based on their needs. Callers hear recorded voice memos such as “Press 1 to…”, which the system plays automatically.
  2. Skill-based routing. With automatic call routing, everyone saves time and resources. In this setup, the caller is offered several options until they’re connected with the most helpful agent.
  3. Call recording. Call center software should also be able to record phone calls for training purposes. This can help you increase your team’s productivity and customer satisfaction.
  4. Computer telephony integration (CTI). CTI connects the functions of your phone with your computer. With a CTI, you can instantly turn your computer into a virtual call center. Aircall’s CTI integrates with just a few clicks, easily incorporating the phone into your work processes.
  5. Desktop notifications. Pop-up notifications ensure that your sales agents or customer service representatives are aware when they receive a call or when a call is transferred to them.
  6. Power dialers. A power dialer automatically dials stored phone numbers from a selected list. New calls can only be made once the current one has ended. Aircall’s power dialer automatically identifies phone numbers on a website. It also allows you to dial a phone number four times faster and make up to 80 calls in an hour.
  7. CRM integrations. Powerful but simple integrations can improve team performance. Aircall can be integrated into your existing CRM within a few minutes and a few clicks. You can find over 50 different integrations in our App Marketplace, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk.
  8. Call whispering & live coaching. This functionality means that a third party can discreetly join conversations and offer support to the sales agent or customer service representative without the customer’s knowledge. With Aircall’s whisper function, you can join unnoticed during a phone call or write a note to your colleague, guaranteeing optimal call center customer support.
  9. Warm calling & transfer. Warm calling allows you to quickly reach out to people who have already shown an interest in your product and have previously been in touch with your company. To make the conversation flow even more smoothly, you can start the conversation before the potential customer picks up the phone. Using the warm transfer option, you can talk to your colleague before transferring the call their way.
  10. Call center analytics. Measure and track analytics to improve team performance and make data-driven workflow changes. From missed calls to processing time, analysis and tracking functions differ depending on your chosen call center software.

Different types of call center dialers

There are three main types of call center dialers. They’re all designed to increase sales team efficiency by using different dialing methods to reach as many prospects as possible.

  1. Autodialers call as many phone numbers as possible. When someone picks up the cold call, the dialer will either play a recorded message or connect the call to an available customer service agent.

A step up from manual dialing, autodialing reaches a large volume of people. The downside? The call agent who picks up may not be prepared with the specific sales or support information regarding that call. When choosing an autodialer, make sure you’re abiding by your country’s compliance laws.

The U.S., for example, has a telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) that governs the regulation of telephone solicitations. These regulations exist on a federal level and can also vary from state to state.

  1. Power dialers focus on one call at a time, leading to more personal conversations. This type of automation is ideal for small and mid-size teams who want to earn a reputation as reliable and personable. Phone numbers are dialed from a predetermined list, and new calls only begin once the previous call has ended. Depending on your provider, different features come with power dialing.
  2. Predictive dialers calls multiple numbers at the same time and use algorithms and machine learning to maximize efficiency. The software only assigns the call to a sales representative once a person answers the call. The dialer learns what percentage of calls connect to the intended participant. For example, if it learns that only 25% of recipients pick up, it will dial four numbers at once.

The algorithm studies pauses, opening phrases, and other common conversation traits to either assign a call to a representative or leave a voicemail. The predictive dialer can only know the average number of times someone picks up the call. As with any algorithmic assumption, there is always the possibility of a small margin for error.

Increase your productivity with a call center dialer

Level up your business’ productivity with a call center dialer. Virtual call center software allows you to organize your workforce to maximum efficiency. Let distributed teams work off-site with Aircall’s dialer software for outbound call centers or benefit from the services of a third-party call center to further lower operating costs.

This enables 24/7 customer service and multilingual support—a necessity for companies that serve large international markets. Sales cycles are shortened and optimized, as the software enables certain agents to focus on fine-tuning their scripts and prospecting quality leads while others can concentrate on closing deals.

Call volume can be maximized with click-to-call or by implementing a sales dialer such as Aircall’s power dialer, allowing sales agents to concentrate fully on engaging in better, more personalized calls.

What is the best autodialer for you?

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right dialer system for you. An autodialer is a type of predictive dialer that sends calls to an operator or a recorded message. While autodialers reach large volumes of people and reduce agent wait time, it isn’t the most sophisticated call center software.

Aircall offers a power dialer, which is a type of progressive dialer. The power dialer adds more versatility and efficiency than other autodialers. Sales and support reps get a screen pop-up that displays customer and account data, so they have the proper call history and context for discussions.

First consider your call needs

All VoIP phone systems offer a variety of voice calling features to satisfy your call needs. Narrow down the choices by thinking about the following criteria:

Consider the size of your customer base. With a preview dialer, reps can view the next call in line and decide whether to skip it. By contrast, a progressive dialer automatically dials the next call on the list.

Identify the features you need. Automatic dialers come with features like opt-out management, CRM integration, dashboard reporting, speech recognition, IVR capability, and more.

Consider the size of your call center. Predictive dialers and autodialers don’t make sense for small call centers with just a few reps, but other voice features may be important for your business.

Choose a vendor that has a reputation for strong customer support. You’ll want assurance that the company will be there for you when you need them.

Aircall has all the right features to work efficiently toward your team’s goals, minus tech consultations or complex gadgets.

How much does a dialer cost?

The cost of Aircall’s contact center dialer software depends on which tiered pricing option is right for your company. Plans start as low as 30€/user per month. Custom packages can be created to align with your company’s individual needs.


Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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