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The Best Practices for Email Capture

The homepage of a website featuring a clock and best practices for email capture.

Businesses continue to use email marketing to increase their profits and expand their customer base. However, some businesses need to build an email list, so they can rely on email capture strategies to get more people to sign up for their newsletters.

By using email capture, you can help your business in various ways:

  • Find potential customers
  • Constantly increase your subscriber base
  • Increase your revenue as you gain new customers

With these types of benefits, it’s easy to see why email capture is a priority. If you don’t know how to best capture an email address, then we have just the guide for you!

What is Email Capture

Email capture means that your business collects emails with the goal of turning those people into customers. Standard email collection would involve getting random emails, but email capture focuses on collecting emails from people with higher odds of becoming customers. This can be through invitation and tools that collect emails.


With 3.8 billion people using email addresses, you have a large pool of people that you can turn into customers. It comes down to finding the right people that will show interest in your business.

In essence, email capturing takes three steps to accomplish.

  1. Identify a group of people that would want to buy from your business.
  2. Use a channel or program that allows those people to subscribe.
  3. Invite them to join your email newsletter using automated systems.

As you follow these three steps, you will work towards email capturing, which will increase your email marketing ROI.

Why it Matters

Some people may wonder why they should bother with email capturing. After all, do people really use email as often as they used to? Why not focus on social media or other channels to draw in more customers? This may surprise you, but email marketing works because people still check their emails often.


That’s right: people spend five hours a day checking their emails. This gives you plenty of opportunities every day to reach out to people and to get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

In short, email capturing provides your business with multiple benefits since people check their emails on a regular basis.

  • Billions of people use their emails daily, so they will see your emails.
  • You have many opportunities to reach out to these people.
  • Since so many people use the internet, you will have people interested in your business.

Email remains a strong part of the internet, so using it to your advantage can lead to more customers for your business.

How to Capture Email Addresses

You may wonder how to capture email addresses. You can take a variety of approaches to email capturing. Most of them involve automated approaches so that a program can take care of the invitations for you.

Automated approaches involve using tools or programs that invite visitors to join your email subscription while saving their information once they subscribe.

Sign up pages give you the chance to inform website visitors about your newsletter. Fill it with information about the service, why it benefits the visitor, and an easy way to sign up for it. You need to place everything in one spot to keep things simple and easy for visitors.

Websites commonly have pop-ups. It’s a way to automatically invite visitors during their time on your website. This way, they have to view the offer before they close out of it. You can use it as a way to invite people, but make sure you use them properly so that you don’t annoy visitors.

As for floating bars, you leave a constant invitation at the top of the screen for visitors. This approach allows them to access information on your website without the invitation getting in the way of their visit.

Interactives forms work best for email capturing so far. See the example below.

Wheel of fortune

There are numerous ways that you can collect email addresses, so check out different approaches and use the approaches that you prefer.

Email Capture: Best Practices

While you want to invite customers to join your email newsletter, you want to use email capture approaches that work effectively and keep you on their good side.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid disturbing your customers.
  2. Give them an incentive.
  3. Consider the mobile audience.

These best practices allow you to reach out to customers without annoying them or interrupting their time on your website.

When you use an email capture program, you want to avoid anything that disturbs your customers. If it comes across as annoying or in their way, then they won’t respond well to it. This is why you need to have well-timed pop-up invites: we recommend having it appear at the end of the webpage.

Many people won’t subscribe to an email newsletter unless they get something out of it. Make sure that you offer an incentive that will encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. This can include deals, contests, and other approaches.


As the years go on, more internet users are using their mobile devices to visit websites. Mobile internet usage continues to grow each year, as shown in the image above. Because of this, you need to make sure that your website and your emails display correctly for mobile users. If not, you could lose out on potential customers.

Continue Building

Remember that you need to continue using email captures so that you can expand your business. Keep finding different approaches and programs that you can use to draw in more subscribers. This involves you staying up to date on capture programs while working towards using them as effectively as possible.

It also involves improving your different email capturing tools. Always look to adjust your messages to appeal to your visitors. Base these changes off of your website metrics and always seek to make changes that will increase your metrics.

As you build up your email capturing software and automated marketing software, you can build a strong ecommerce presence.

If you want an effective email marketing presence, then you need to find ways to get new subscribers to your email campaigns. You can do so through email capturing since it allows you to email people that show interest in your business. As you do so, your email presence will grow and your business’ sales will increase.

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This article was originally published by our friends at Omnisend.

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