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The Best Shopify Tools In 2021 For Your ECommerce Tech Stack


It can feel overwhelming to figure out which tools you should include in your eCommerce tech stack. Fortunately, lots of great tools integrate with Shopify and Shopify Plus—for nearly any optimization or marketing initiative you want to leverage to help grow your brand. 

To help you in your quest, below is a roundup of the best Shopify tools you may be familiar with but maybe don’t know the full value of for your business. We’ve organized them by category and highlighted some key features to help you determine what might be right for you.

Marketing channel tools

Identify, segment, and target customers to deliver personalized communications, experiences, and offers. 

Personalized communications: Klaviyo

Klaviyo helps you deliver more targeted and personalized communications to customers via email and other owned channels by leveraging customer demographic and order data from Shopify Plus and your other marketing tools. The platform enables you to easily segment customers, set up automated emails for product recommendations, and trigger notifications such as back-in-stock alerts.   

Klaviyo abandoned cart flow

Klaviyo enables targeted trigger email automations.

Email and SMS marketing: Omnisend

Omnisend enables targeted and personalized emails, texts, and web push notifications with segmentation based on customer transactional events, purchase behavior, and customer lifecycle stage. In addition, the platform offers pre-built, automated emails and SMS for transactions, welcome series, cart abandonment, and more. 

Omnisend preview

Omnisend integrates email, SMS, and web push notifications.

SMS marketing: Attentive

Attentive helps you leverage personalized text messaging at scale. Use it to create user-friendly and compelling forms to convert site visitors to becoming SMS and email subscribers. The platform allows you to segment customers based on browsing and purchase behavior, as well as location-based targeting to target audiences and personalize messages that are coordinated with your other marketing channels. 

Example of Attentive's personalized SMS

Attentive helps you interact with mobile-first audiences.

SMS marketing: Postscript

Postscript enables segmented, personalized SMS marketing campaigns, and helps you grow your subscriber list with tools such as QR codes and mobile pop-ups to capture customers at checkout and on landing pages. Automated trigger messages (enhanced with emojis, photos and GIFs) are easily set up as well, based on customer behavior and Shopify purchase history. 

Example of Postscript SMS customization

Postscript makes SMS marketing easy and fun.

Push notifications: Pushowl

Pushowl’s automated push notifications pop up on your website as well as on customers’ mobile phones to provide updates on orders and price changes or promotions, and reminders about abandoned cart, back-in-stock products and more. Notifications are personalized with product details and images and can be translated into different languages. 

Example of Pushowl's automated notifcations

Pushowl uses cart details to personalize messages.

Zero-party data for personalization: Octane AI

Octane AI helps you leverage fun quizzes to collect valuable zero-party customer data and email addresses to power your personalized email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and targeted advertising campaigns. The no-code-needed quiz builder can be tailored for your brand, and the logic can be customized for every question. Customers can add-to-cart directly from the quiz results, which only showcase products that are in stock. Octane AI also enables on-site pop-ups for opt-in and subscription promotions, site welcomes and exit messaging, and Facebook Messenger chat on any page of your store.  

Octane AI's personalized product recommendations

Octane AI quizzes personalize the shopping experience. 

Customer support tools

Provide timely support to your customers, including 1:1 customer communication and branded order tracking. 

eCommerce helpdesk: Gorgias

Gorgias centralizes customer support communication on all channels, including website, social media, email, text and live chat. Using data from Shopify, Gorgias makes it easy for agents to quickly and accurately personalize interactions with customizable response templates and automations to add customer information like name and shipping address. The tool allows you to create rules to automate responses to the most common questions. Also, Gorgias categorizes tickets by topic or urgency, helping teams prioritize. 

Gorgias helpdesk UI

Gorgias allows customer support to edit orders in real-time, right from the helpdesk.

Order tracking: Malomo

Malomo enables you to send branded order tracking emails that don’t confuse customers like emails from third-party shipping vendors can. You can elevate what was once just a transactional email to enhance the post-purchase customer experience and build engagement by customizing with product recommendations, product education, blog posts and more to drive additional conversions. 

Example of tracking page built with Malomo

Malomo provides customers with branded, user-friendly order tracking. 

On-site optimization tools

Make your eCommerce site more engaging, load pages faster and increase conversions.

Conversion optimization: Justuno

Justuno uses AI to make your eCommerce site more engaging, with tools that help you capture leads, keep visitors on your site longer, and increase conversions, including personalized product recommendations, banner ads, exit offers, in-page promotions, gamification, countdown timers, and opt-in pop-ups for email, Messenger or SMS. 

A club signup built with Justuno

Justuno helps you capture more leads, increase conversions, and boost AOV.

Omni-channel personalization and recommendations: Rebuy

Rebuy enables personalization of your merchandising with smart recommendations, offers, upselling and cross-selling. In addition, you can automate communications and dynamic offers to keep customers coming back, including order follow-up campaigns, on-site pop-ups, check-out add-ons, and special offers on the purchase thank-you page. 

Example of a post-purchase add-on with Rebuy

Rebuy provides real-time personalization such as add-ons to increase AOV.

Faster, more flexible eCommerce: Nacelle

Nacelle is a headless commerce platform that integrates with your tech stack to make your eCommerce site load faster, handle traffic spikes, and perform better on any device – which can positively impact conversions. Nacelle also can help you prepare your website to be more flexible for future growth. 

Nacelle summary

Nacelle facilitates faster page loads and better mobile experiences.

Personalized merchandising: Nosto

Nosto helps you personalize the content across your site and in customer communications using customer behavioral data. The platform automatically adapts copy, layouts and visuals on your site to more effectively engage each customer. Nosto also dynamically adapts merchandising on category pages to display products based on data as well as rules you set up based on performance goals and product attributes. In addition, Nosto enables smart product recommendations for cross-sells to increase AOV. 

Example of personalized product pages with Nosto

Nosto personalizes merchandising on category pages.

Customer reviews and ratings: Yotpo

Yotpo helps you engage customers to provide reviews and ratings that will dynamically and intelligently display at key conversion points on your site. The platform also provides solutions for loyalty programs, photo/video user generated content (UGC) galleries, referral programs, personalized SMS marketing, and advertising featuring UGC. 

Example of Yotpo's review/rating page

Yotpo helps you collect and leverage customer reviews and ratings.

UGC capture and display: Okendo

Okendo captures customer reviews and creates photo and video galleries you can display on your eCommerce site. It also helps you drive traffic to your site by leveraging reviews in paid and organic marketing channels to build social proof. If you use Klaviyo for email, Okendo can enhance your emails with UGC and personalized messaging. 

Example of a customer review using Okendo

Okendo ups the impact of customer reviews and ratings with photos, video, and more.

Shipping tools

Streamline your inventory management, fulfillment and shipping for better customer experiences and lower costs.

Multi-channel inventory and order management: Skubana

Skubana provides a centralized, real-time view of your inventory, channels and warehouses. The platform automates PO generation, forecasting, recommendations for the most efficient shipping, and helps you identify opportunities for streamlining and cost-cutting. In addition, Skubana tracks product bundling so you can confidently offer product kits and product bundles. 

Display of inventory and inventory value with Skubana

Skubana gives a real-time view into multi-channel inventory and warehousing.

Global logistics and fulfillment: Shipbob

ShipBob is an end-to-end logistics company that provides warehousing, fulfillment services and shipping – critical for DTC brands as they scale. You can use the platform to ship faster to your customers, lower your shipping costs, and improve the customer experience. ShipBob enables you to manage and edit orders, track inventory across fulfillment centers in real-time, and automatically notifies you when inventory is low. 

Adding product inventory to a warehouse location using ShipBob

ShipBob allows you to strategically distribute inventory across fulfillment centers.

Sales channels tools

Offer more options to buy the way customers want, including subscriptions and mobile commerce.

Subscriptions: ReCharge

ReCharge allows you to easily add subscriptions to your eCommerce site for any product. The platform lets customers manage their subscriptions – e.g., change or skip orders – which can significantly reduce churn. ReCharge also enables customers to add one-time products to a subscription purchase at checkout, increasing AOV. The platform automatically updates and notifies customers about upcoming shipments, charges, or issues processing payment; if a card is declined, ReCharge will automatically retry the charge and/or contact the customer to ask for updated payment information.  

Subscription option with ReCharge

ReCharge makes it easy to add subscriptions to your eCommerce site.


Tapcart enables you to create a branded mobile app based on your Shopify store without needing a developer. Your app comes with the essentials built in – push notifications to increase conversions and decrease abandoned carts, and a streamlined checkout process designed for mobile with prefilled shipping information and a choice of payment providers. 

Screenshot of a mobile app built using Tap

Tapcart creates easy, cost-effective mobile apps to help increase conversions.

Marketing attribution tools

Get the data you need to determine which marketing channels and campaigns are most effective for your brand.

Enquire Labs

Enquire Labs provides engaging, customizable surveys to ask for customer feedback in real-time after purchase. You get insights you can use to improve your customer experience, as well as help guide your marketing strategy. 

Post-purchase survey built with Enquire Labs

Enquire Labs captures insights with automated post-purchase customer surveys.


Elevar provides services to clean up your data and tag your site for marketing analytics to track user behavior at a more granular level, generating insights you can use to further improve conversions. The platform visualizes the tags on your website so you can easily see what you’ve tagged and test it. 

Elevar marketing screenshot

Elevar helps you properly configure your data in Google Tag Manager.

Giving back tools

Enhance the customer relationship and support causes that matter with a giving program.


ShoppingGives manages all of the logistics of offering a giving experience for customers in the shopping cart, including the frontend UI, but also the backend reporting and donations management. You can customize your donation program in multiple ways, including percentage of sales, dollar amount, and/or separate percentages for specific causes. You can get an extra boost by asking customers if they want to donate directly by rounding up their purchase. In addition, ShoppingGives integrates with Yotpo Loyalty to help you create loyalty programs that combine rewards and donations. 

Example of donation with ShoppingGives

ShoppingGives automatically calculates and notifies customers about their donations.

Gift cards and store credit tools

Optimize revenue, reduce returns and increase customer lifetime value with programs designed to engage.


Rise.ai provides a centralized platform to manage your customer re-engagement efforts, including gift cards, rewards, loyalty cards, store credit, referrals and refunds. Create rules that automate rewards and communications with customers to strengthen rewards programs and increase customer lifetime value. The solution also allows customers to self-serve choosing a customized, branded gift card and send it directly to a recipient. In addition, Rise.ai streamlines returns and refunds, saving your team time and offering an intuitive customer experience. 

Screenshot of a gift card powered by Rise.ai

Rise.ai allows customers to purchase and give branded gift cards.

Analytics tools

Tie all of your tools together with an analytics platform that pulls in all your data and visualizes it to make it easy to understand.


Daasity provides a single view of all of your marketing, sales, revenue, and operations data in user-friendly, automated dashboards. Instead of crunching spreadsheets, get an immediate view of business metrics that matter. Review trends at an executive level, or dive deeper by channel and customize reports and dashboards to support your business. Daasity is designed specifically for DTC brands and focuses on the insights you care about.

Daasity orders and revenue dashboard

Daasity displays the actionable information and insights you want in one view for more insightful analysis and reporting.

Want more insights into which tools will work best for your eCommerce tech stack? We can help. Give us a shout

Special thanks to our friends at Daasity for their insights on this topic.
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