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The Best Web-based Tool To Compare Text Online

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The process of comparing text documents electronically is becoming increasingly popular. Researchers would write out the relevant passages or chapters in the past, then take physical notes on the comparison.

Today, however, several tools allow researchers to compare texts and make notes digitally, making the process easier. 

Among these tools is Text Compare. Individuals can use this tool to compare two texts within a fraction of a minute. This gives a quick view of the issue the two texts address and whether they differ in perspective, style, or strength. Those interested in the tool can learn more at textcompare.org

Insight of Text Compare 

Text Compare is a web-based tool for comparing two texts. Researchers and students can use the tool to find differences and similarities between a pair of texts without downloading the texts first. Libraries also use this tool to document comparisons and textual bookmark data and perform other analysis tasks. 

How Does Text Compare Work?

As stated earlier, the tool is web-based, so no installation is required. Users can access the tool using any browser, which is not limited to specific browsers. The tool has several modes of operation, which are described below.

Inline Mode

This allows users to view and compare the contents of two web pages side by side by making changes on one page and doing it again on another. It also lets them upload several files simultaneously to create a comparison list. 

Word Wrap Mode

This mode enlarges the word wrap option, so all the terms remain visible on the screen as users scroll from one line to another. 

Dark/High-Contrast Theme Support

This feature contrasts text elements on the screen, allowing users to read more clearly even without using glasses.

Change Statistics Feature

The change statistics feature allows the user to view a list of changes applied to their original text resulting from the comparison process. Users can view the added or removed characters, insertions, deletions, and moves, along with time stamps for each change made. 

Line-by-Line Change Navigator

The feature highlights differences in specific lines of text rather than entire paragraphs or pages, like most other websites do when comparing texts. In short, it makes comparing texts easy and fun.

Syntax Formatting

This tool provides syntax formatting features for programming languages like C, C++, VB .NET, and Java. The two texts being compared in this example might contain syntactical differences, which can be shown visually as indentations and color coding in the results.

Data Encryption

Text Compare uses 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption to protect information from being stolen. With this encryption, users can rest assured their private data will not be leaked or hacked.

What are the Advantages of Using Text Compare?

As per SEO Dekho, The Text Compare tool is highly reputable as it has various advantages. Some of its merits include the following.

Exceptional User Experience

Text Compare is well-designed and easy to use. It also offers exceptional service as it has a customer-oriented approach. This means it ensures a user can easily and quickly compare the two text strings. The site is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Even if users compare significant texts, there will be enough space to work on them.


Convenience is the main reason this tool is better than others. Text Compare can be accessed online, so users don't have to download or use any software. Also, using this tool is free. There are no subscription fees or premiums.


Text Compare is safe and secure. It uses data encryption algorithms to protect users' data. The site also promises that all information will be kept safe and confidential, ensuring that clients' privacy is upheld with every use.

Fast and Accurate

As a qualitative tool, Text Compare uses high-quality algorithms to analyze texts and display their differences following the criteria users specify. This makes comparing texts faster and more accurate than ever before.

Text Compare is helpful for educators, students, and scholars who want to compare texts. Its main features include comparing lexical words, statistics involving the similarities and differences between texts, word frequency distribution charts, and a ranking of co-occurrence patterns.

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