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The Complete Guide To Making Your Ecommerce Store More Successful Through Marketing

A comprehensive guide to enhancing your Shopify ecommerce store's success through DTC marketing strategies.

In the last two years, the global sales of ecommerce platforms skyrocketed, unlike anything marketers have ever seen.

In fact, according to statistics, these sales are projected to grow twice by 2025 compared to the pre-pandemic era.

This is mainly why people want to dive into e-commerce businesses and profit from the growing market.

Although establishing an e-commerce business is a smooth process, the problem arises when it becomes hard to attract customers. Because the internet is currently loaded with information from around the globe, how can you ever hope to meet your target market in all this mayhem, even by demand generation?

Brands have to face quite challenging tasks like:

  • Attracting potential customers
  • Paying attention to targeting accurate market
  • Providing them with an impeccable post-purchase buyer’s experience

All this brings us down to the reason you’re here. 

If you need help with your e-commerce store and need help making sales off digital marketing, then our ultimate guide can help you. This article will discuss various aspects of e-commerce platforms and how you can optimize digital marketing to generate more sales.

What is E-commerce Marketing?

E-commerce is a generalized term used to describe doing business online. With the help of e-commerce marketing, you can drive more customers to your website, convert leads into sales and then retain those customers to forge successful post-purchase relationships.

A bulletproof e-commerce marketing plan will contain strategies that will help you boost your business both; online and offline. These strategies will include:

  • Demand generation
  • Content personalization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Appointment setting
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

All these strategies put together will give you a significant boost in your e-commerce marketing. Using B2B demand generation and appointment-setting services will ensure your leads are converted into solid customers. These tactics allow you to pose as the problem solver for your target market’s issues.

Similarly, social media marketing enhances your brand image, while search engine optimization will ensure your brand ranks higher on Google, Bing, and other relevant search engine platforms. To be precise, all these marketing strategies are vital in boosting your business.

So, what other tips make your business more successful via marketing? Want to know more? Then, continue reading to find out.

Know the E-commerce Marketing Funnel (From Demand Generation to Converting Leads)

Most e-commerce marketing funnels have the same stages for converting strangers into happy, long-term customers.

The process features four stages, each moving you one step closer to your goal. The transition from one location to the next is done by your marketing channels, which we will discuss later.


The first stage of the marketing funnel is the awareness stage. This is the stage where you implement the demand generation strategy.

At this point, the buyers have figured out you have a brand but need help understanding what you’re offering and how it helps them. Your task in this stage would be to educate them, show them awareness, and let them know about the problem you’re willing to solve.


Once you have their attention, it is time to shop. At this stage, your customers are shopping from you, but you will need to keep their interest in your brand intact to keep them as customers.

You can offer them a newsletter or ensure they become your followers on social media applications. This way, they will keep engaging with your brand, and every time a new product or service is about to launch, it will pique their interest.


By this time, your customers know about the solution you’re offering, they have made up their minds, and now they are just one step away from clicking the checkout.

They need a final nudge, and you can offer that in the form of a smooth payment process. Please ensure their data is safe and optimize your website to be used on all gadgets so there is no hindrance when you’re at the peak of converting a lead into a sale.


Making the first sale is more accessible than retaining your customer. So, now that your customer has made the first purchase, you must ensure they keep returning to repeat the process.

According to Brian Lim, CEO of iHeartRaves & INTO THE AM, “This is where the after-sales experience comes into play. Tell them about more relevant products you’re offering according to their purchase. Show them how good you’re at what you do so they are compelled to advocate for you.

Once a lead converts to a sale, they move to the top of the acquisition funnel.

5 Tips to Make Your E-commerce Store Successful Through Marketing

I want you to know that knowing your e-commerce funnel is crucial to growing your sales through marketing. But how do you grow your platform? What are some of the tips you can use to generate more sales?

Our top secrets in this regard are mentioned below:

Reduce Cart Abandonment

The shopping cart abandonment rate is high and currently stands at 69%.

There can be many reasons why people who are adding products to the cart on your website aren’t buying from you. But how can you reduce this to up your sales? Here are a few tricks:

  • Improve your e-commerce website design
  • Send shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Offer free shipping
  • Ease the checkout process
  • Use exit popups to keep your customers from abandoning their carts

These are a few ways to reduce cart abandonment. Also, don’t forget to offer market-competitive prices so your customers are compelled to purchase.

Use Appointment Setting Services

In B2B marketing, you can always use an appointment setting to meet your potential client and let the salespeople discuss the benefits of your offering.

This gives you a bulletproof chance to convince your potential client why your product or services are precisely what they need. Could you give them thorough details about your offering and leave no stone unturned? You will have scored a client by the time the meeting is over.

Garner More Reviews

It has become increasingly complex for customers to trust anyone on the web. Considering there are loads of e-commerce platforms in their reach, how would customers know they will get precisely what they are being shown on the web?

You can garner reviews from those who have already purchased from you and let your reviews speak the truth. This will develop trust among your customers, who won’t fear buying.

Go Ahead with a Loyalty Program

Did you know selling to your older customers is far easier than new ones? Chances are, if someone has already purchased from you, they will do it again if they get an added incentive.

Could you introduce a loyalty program? You can let your loyal customers sign up for this, in which, on every purchase, the customer will get specific points they can use later on. You can exchange these points for a gift from your collection or a voucher for future purchases.

This is a great way to entice and keep your customers interested in your brand.

Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

A mobile-friendly website will increase your chances of a lead converting into a sale by 67%. Most people nowadays prefer shopping from their smartphones. People need more time to open their laptops and shop from your website.

So, you must optimize your website across all gadgets. Here are a few things you must consider when designing your ecommerce website:

  • It should be responsive
  • Never use flash
  • It should load quickly on mobiles
  • Improve site-wide search
  • Optimize your menus for quicker navigation
  • Keep the checkout as simple as possible

This should keep your customers from shutting off the browser abruptly and will keep them on your website longer.

Offer Custom Packaging

Lastly, offering your customers custom packaging will improve their shopping experience if you sell physical goods. For instance, if they shop for a gift, they will most likely opt for custom packaging to deliver the package in style.

Make their buying experience as personalized as possible. Offer them different payment and delivery options to further enhance their experience. All these aspects will speak in your favor and let the customers know how you’re thriving to offer them a more personal shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

This is everything we could gather regarding what you can do to ensure your e-commerce platform generates more sales through marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, e-commerce marketing offers quick results only if you implement all the strategies accurately. You need marketing professionals to ensure your website is promoted on all platforms and maintains an omnichannel presence.

Initially, the process will take time, but once you get the hang of it and understand your target audience, you can generate more sales sooner than expected. Understand your marketing funnel and pay attention to marketing channels.

You can only use those marketing channels that are fruitful to your business and don’t invest in every marketing tactic. Be wise and play smart. Optimize your marketing with user-centric content and reach your audience to fill the communication gap. It will surely boost your sales and bring more revenue to your business.

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