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The Empowered Marketer: Helping Professionals Of Color In The Financial Advisory Space


Dana L. Wilson, CEO and Founder of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper) joins this episode of the Empowered Marketer, presented by Zaius, to commemorate International Women’s Day. 

Dana L. Wilson

Dana, an NYC-based investment advisor, started her business in December 2019 and her mission is to increase visibility and access to financial professionals of color. 

Per Dana, “After spending time at larger firms and wealth management and then jumping into the seat of being an independent advisor, you get this greater outlook not just on the industry, but also from a consumer lens as well and what I was finding in my own personal career path was there weren’t a whole lot of people on this side of the industry who looked like me. Number one, starting with women, there weren’t a lot of women on this side of the industry and there also weren’t a lot of women of color or people of color in general. 

“As I kept going and continuing throughout my career and looking for myself in different spaces, I got to meet more black and brown people in the industry, but I felt like there should be more and I knew there were more, I just didn’t know where to find them and to connect. After all the social unrest and how it was weighing on me, I decided to channel that energy into more of an impactful manner about what I can do specifically by looking at my industry and realizing my story is one of many stories. 

“So it’s about connecting and building that bridge for financial professionals of color, specifically with our focus being on Black and Latinx and then building that bridge to consumers who also to some degree feel ignored as well.”  

Click play to hear more about the breakthroughs Dana is making in the financial industry for the BIPOC community.  

If you’d also like to learn more about Dana, follow her on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn and visit CHIP

Special thanks to our friends at Zaius for their insights on this topic.
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