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The Founder’s Zodiac: What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You? [QUIZ]


If you often consult your horoscope or Enneagram type to guide you through life, you’ve come to the right place. Personality typing can be useful for entrepreneurs, setting you on the right path as you start a new business or grow an existing one.

What kind of entrepreneur are you? What common traits do you share with other successful entrepreneurs? Understanding your biggest strengths and challenges can help you discover business ideas, set goals, and unlock your future.

After studying some of the millions of business owners who use Shopify, our research revealed some patterns. Founders tend to fall into one of five groups: the growth-minded Mountaineer, the plucky Trailblazer, the always-be-prepared Cartographer, the risk-taking Firestarter, and the steady Outsider

Take our entrepreneur quiz below to discover your type. We’ll assess your skills, interests, and business goals to give you tips for using your personality to pursue the business of your dreams.

The 5 entrepreneur types

Your Founder Sign—or entrepreneur type—is a personality profile that defines your risk level, working style, and motivations. Now that you know your own entrepreneur type, compare it with the other personalities. How compatible are you with other types? Which ones make the best business partners

The Mountaineer

Illustration of a person leaning on a mountain and pointing at the starsMountaineer personalities are driven by growth and ideas, always on the move to reach new heights. Always moving toward their goals, they’re tough to keep up with. Mountaineers are determined and relentless, spontaneous and overachieving. These traits mean they’re highly likely to achieve business success as their own boss. 

Mountaineers also tend to be idealists. While they’re busy star-gazing, they’re at risk of losing their footing. This entrepreneur type works best with a complementary partner like the practical Cartographer to keep them safely summit-bound. 

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The Trailblazer

Illustration of a person riding on a paintbrush like a surf boardFork in the road? Forget about it, Trailblazers make their own path. We’re not worried about them—they’ve come prepared for the unknown. Not one to avoid (calculated) risk, this entrepreneur type takes chances to pursue business ideas and passions. 

Trailblazers make their own opportunities. Their gifts lie in carving out niches and finding creative solutions to problems like scheming new marketing strategies. And all that hard work and hustle gives them an edge. But while heart and intuition may guide them, Trailblazers should dive into the numbers for a dose of devil’s advocacy. The best ideas might not be the most lucrative.

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The Cartographer

Illustration of a person holding a square rule and drawing on graph paperHold on, let’s overthink this. No loose strings or stray decimals in the Cartographer’s world. Everything is in its place. While they’re motivated by what they love, there’s nothing romantic about their approach. Cartographers are all business when it comes to careful planning, risk analysis, and testing until everything’s perfect. 

A Cartographer’s traits will likely save them from many of the pitfalls faced by new business owners. But they should put down the calculator every once in a while. Avoiding risk altogether means they might miss out on exciting opportunities.

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The Firestarter

Illustration of a person holding business file folders like a hand of playing cardsRebel, rebel, we love them so! Firestarters are the life of the party, working a room like they own it. We know they’re not here for small talk: they’re calculating, sniffing out new ventures everywhere they go. What gives them an advantage in business is their fearlessness. Firestarters will bend the rules and take risks that others may not, and it often pays off. When it doesn’t? Their thrill-seeking spirit is already jumping on to the next big thing. 

Firestarters, however, do need to learn that the grass isn’t always greener. They should lean into a good thing when they have it (and maybe swap that triple espresso for herbal tea every once in a while).

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The Outsider

Illustration of a person chiselling an oversized coinSlow and steady wins the race! Outsiders aren’t here for the medals, though—they’re taking careful steps on the way to securing their financial future. In business, they’re solo artists, specialists in their craft. Their superpower is a pragmatic approach to hard work. People trust Outsiders because they’re serious and consistent—that’s a great way to build loyal customers and an established business. 

Outsiders should watch out for complacency, though. It can get lonely in that echo chamber. This entrepreneur type would benefit from pushing outside their comfort zone and letting go of control to gather ideas and energy from others.

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A journey of self discovery starts here

Maybe you’re a seasoned business owner or still sitting on that breakthrough idea. Either way, your entrepreneur type could tell you a lot about your signature strengths and areas of opportunity. Use your profile to help guide you into a business idea where you’ll be making money—and doing what you love.

Need more guidance? In our series The Founder’s Zodiac, we’ll consult data (not moon phases) to make predictions and recommendations to guide you on your path to success. 

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What type of entrepreneur are you? FAQ

What are the types of entrepreneurs?

The five types of entrepreneurs are: the growth-minded Mountaineer, the plucky Trailblazer, the always-be-prepared Cartographer, the risk-taking Firestarter, and the steady Outsider. These buckets define entrepreneurs by their motivations, strengths, and challenges, and the industries where they find the most success.

What are some examples of famous entrepreneurs?

Some of the most famous entrepreneurs are those who have become the most financially or commercially successful with their business ventures. The best examples include entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Blakely, Daymond John, Steve Jobs, Beyonce, and Jack Ma.

Why take an entrepreneur test?

Understanding your biggest strengths and challenges will help you uncover business ideas, set goals, and unlock your future. You’ll learn how to lean into your expertise to come up with a great business idea and build a product that’s in demand. Self-awareness gives you a competitive edge in the market, allowing you to make quick decisions. Which entrepreneur types make the most successful entrepreneurs?

Which entrepreneur types make the most successful entrepreneurs?

Your entrepreneur type will help you identify what success means to you and set goals against it. Optimizing for success on your own terms means that you can be a successful entrepreneur no matter what your type.

Illustrations by Alice Mollon

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This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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