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The Future Of Work At Nosto


Times have changed and continue to change, which begs the question as we ease into normalcy: what does the future of work look like? More importantly, what could the future of work look like?

While there’s no single correct answer, Nosto wants to ensure that our employees have the options that best fit our culture of succeeding together, accomplishing daily, innovating fearlessly, empowering others, having fun, and most importantly: being personal. 

As a global team with more than 170 employees in 8 different office locations, it’s no easy feat to encompass all of these values—but we’re dedicated to them! That’s why Nosto created a framework that allows flexibility, encourages efficient digital collaboration, and builds physical friendships. 

So what does the Future of Work at Nosto look like?

Here’s what the Nosto team (and future team members) can look forward to with our newest policy:

Choose to work from home or the office

Team members can choose to work from home some of the time or all of the time—whatever fits their lifestyle! As we understand the importance of building relationships in-person, Nosto has 8 office spaces in New York, London, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Kaunas. All of these are available for employees to come together, share ideas, and learn from one another. 

While no one is required to come into the office, our dedicated workspaces give our team the option to meet up and grab lunch together, or hold that quick sync over a snack. Outside of our 8 offices, all meetings are digital by default. This means no one misses out, regardless of where someone chooses to work.

Work from (almost) anywhere…including any of the Nosto offices!

When Nostonians are tired of working from home and want to experience a change of scenery, they can simply pack up their laptop and head out for some adventure! 

Our policy allows the Nosto team to work from almost anywhere for 2 months each year, from over 40 different countries. Apart from these countries, our 8 Nosto offices are open to all employees.

It’s important that our team members can experience different cultures and scenarios, especially if they have the means to do so. Working from anywhere empowers a global experience and perspective that we love to bring into every aspect of our company culture.

And last but not least: set your own schedule

While choosing your location is an incredible perk, it’s the ability to set your own work schedule that makes the experience even more worthwhile.

Nostonians can adjust their working hours to fit their lives. There’s no clocking in or managers monitoring when you come online; we trust in our hiring process and wonderful team to produce quality work, on their schedule.

Nosto’s Future of Work is an extension of our company values. We believe there should be more than just a balance between professional and personal life. Personal passion and interests fuel our spirit and encourage us to innovate fearlessly. 

Here at Nosto, we’re always looking for ways to uplift our team and inspire them to find success in every part of their lives. While the future of work may constantly be changing, we know that our ability to adapt will support our team members every step of the way.

Want to become a part of our team? Check out our open positions here. 

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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