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The Importance Of Email Subject Lines In Marketing

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In recent years, email marketing has gained significant traction and has become a crucial component of digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

With its widespread use as a communication tool, marketers can reach a broad range of consumers through email. However, the recent advancements in email automation and personalization have enabled marketers to deliver more tailored content directly to customers' inboxes.

The efficiency of email marketing in reaching the right audience must be recognized, and email campaigns are a great way to achieve measurable success in your marketing strategy. As online channels continue to dominate shopping habits, the relevance and effectiveness of email marketing are expected to grow even further.

In this article, different business owners explained the importance of email subject lines in marketing. Let’s take a dig!

Why are Subject Lines Important?

Email subject lines are your introduction to the campaign. They play a pivotal role in marketing, serving as recipients' first point of contact. Subject lines play a crucial role in determining open rates, engagement, and, ultimately, the success of email campaigns.

Capture Attention

Jessica Shee, Marketing Manager of iBoysoft said, capturing attention is the biggest hurdle for email marketing. The average person receives over 120 emails daily. Consumers are increasingly selective about the emails they choose to open. You need to be able to grab your audience’s attention immediately. At the same time, however, your subject should not be so loaded with keywords and clickbait that it looks spammy.

To achieve this, marketers must craft subject lines that stand out amidst a cluttered inbox; attention-grabbing subject lines should offer something unique to the receiver based on their interests. These subject lines will increase open rates and lay the foundation for successful email campaigns. 47% of consumers decided whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone.

Increased Open Rates

Effective subject lines can encourage recipients to engage with emails. A well-crafted subject can communicate your company's value, said Paula Glynn, Director of Search Marketing at Pixelstorm

Personalized elements in the subject lines, such as the recipient's name or reference to previous interactions, can create a sense of relevance. Paula explained that this approach can capture the audience and make them more likely to open the email out of curiosity.

Your ideal subject line will make your customers open the email out of curiosity and out of urgency. This is demonstrated by the fact that recipients are eight times more likely to open an email with an active discount code.

Encouraging them to take immediate action will secure customer engagement. The impact of effective subject lines on open rates underscores their critical role in driving the success of email marketing campaigns.

Consistent Brand Image

Having a consistent brand image will bring repeat customers. When satisfied customers associate you with a specific brand, they will positively view the emails you send.

Subject lines play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent brand image. They serve as the initial point of contact with recipients. Consistency in subject lines makes your emails more recognizable in a sea of messages. A consistent tone, voice, messaging, and writing style will engage users.

Raymond Kishk, CEO of Custom Filters Direct, said subject lines are a great way to reinforce brand identity with every interaction. Marketers can incorporate key brand elements like slogans, catchphrases, and imagery into subject lines. This will reinforce brand recognition in your audience’s mind and strengthen their emotional connection with you. 

Consistent subject lines build trust and familiarity as recipients associate particular values with the brand. A cohesive brand experience will develop long-term loyalty and relationships with customers. Subject lines that uphold a consistent brand image contribute to brand equity and enhance the overall effectiveness of email marketing efforts.


Elisa Bender of RevenueGeeks said a well-crafted subject line will increase conversions by compelling your audience to engage with email content. Your subject should grab attention, pique curiosity, and communicate your value proposition. 

Aligning the subject lines with the recipient's preferences and needs allows marketers to create relevance and encourage consumers to take action. A subject line evoking urgency, exclusivity, and curiosity will increase the likelihood of conversion. 

Personalized subject lines can be tailored to individual recipients' behaviors or demographics to create a sense of relevance. Effective subject lines catalyze action, driving recipients to take the desired next steps and boosting conversion rates.

How Can You Make Your Subject Lines More Effective?


The length of your subject line impacts its effectiveness. Keep it concise and ensure clarity to increase readability. This will make it easier for recipients to understand the message quickly and entice them to open the email.

Your subject line’s length has an inverse relationship with open rates. A message 6-10 words long is opened by more than 1 in 4 customers. Meanwhile, longer lines of 16-20 comments are often ignored. 

It is also essential to consider how different systems cut off your subject lines. For instance, iPhones cut off subject lines after 32 characters. 


The time your emails are received is essential to the customers’ likelihood of opening the email. When your customers are working or otherwise likely using their computer systems, they will be much more likely to interact with email campaigns. Weekends, for instance, are a terrible time to initiate email marketing campaigns. Weekdays perform much better, with the highest open rate being on Thursdays. 

Opening and Closing Your Emails

Specific phrases can impact your consumers' likelihood to open your emails. For instance, subject lines that say “fwd” are less likely to be opened because they do not feel customized. Meanwhile, emails closing with “Thanks” receive the best customer response. 


Emails that have media are more likely to engage your consumers and keep them interested. Visual representations make them easier to read and allow consumers to retain more information. 

Effective email marketing campaigns rely heavily on the subject lines that are used. These subject lines have the power to grab the reader's attention, increase engagement, and maintain the integrity of the brand. By following established industry practices and consistently refining their approach, marketers can harness the power of subject lines to enhance the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

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