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The Importance Of Local SEO And How A Digital Agency Can Help You

A man and woman sitting at a table discussing the importance of local SEO and how a digital agency can help them.

Do you have a Shopify business whose operations and customers are restricted to a specific area? If you want your brand to enjoy higher rankings on local search results, it's essential to use SEO strategies like Local SEO.

But why is that?

Local SEO enhances your visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and helps attract customers looking for services close to them. But to reap the maximum benefits from this strategy, you must use the correct techniques. Marketing by edgeonline.com.au or similar digital agencies offers local SEO services that help drive more traffic to your website and attract more customers.

Whenever the user types a service in their search engine index, Google shows a list of services nearby instead of providing them with general searches.

  • What are the ways in which local search results work, and how are they beneficial for your business?
  • What are some statistics related to this topic you should know?
  • Why should you hire a digital agency?

Get the answers to these questions below.

How does local SEO work?

When someone searches for a product, Google shows them those results which are located nearby. But why does it do this? The search engine analyses a user's behaviour over a repeated period and, by doing so, understands when someone is looking for local rather than general information. The proximity factor plays a crucial role in this. Even if the user does not conduct a localized search, Google gives preferences to local service providers nearby.

Three factors that influence local ranking

The three factors that have an impact on local results are relevance, distance, and prominence.

Relevance refers to the business relevance for the user when searching for something. If your product is relevant to the user, Google ranks it higher than the others on the search engine results page.

The distance your site ranks also depends on the distance from the user.

According to Google, your service will enjoy a high rank and increased visibility if you are in a specific location.

Prominence refers to the popularity of your business, online and offline. If your service enjoys significant popularity in the local area, Google will consider that when deciding the rankings. Prominence also depends on the information it collects from articles, links, blogs, directories, review count, and score factors.

Knowing that you can pay Google for a higher ranking is essential since it keeps the algorithm's details secret to ensure a fair ranking system. Some useful statistics related to the topic Statistics show that 76% of people visit a store after conducting a local search, and 30% of mobile searches on Google have local intent behind them.

More than 61% avoid visiting businesses with a low online presence, while 28% of “near me” searches end up with a purchase.

How can a digital agency help you?

Even though you might find plenty of information on local SEO techniques on the Internet, you must adopt a holistic approach to enjoy higher rankings on results pages. Simply adding a few keywords and general information will not do you any good. A marketing agency will attract prospects with solid chances of becoming customers, optimize your appearances in search results, and boost your rankings in search queries.

They will organize a campaign focusing on broken links, slow load time, duplicate content, thin content pages, and mobile-friendliness. Local SEO services provided in marketing by edgeonline.com.au or a similar marketing agency will help you enjoy higher rankings on search engines, enjoy more visibility, and attract an increased number of customers. It will increase your profits and ensure the user prioritizes your services over others.

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