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The Influence Of Education In Universities On Entrepreneurial Intention

A man writing "entrepreneurial intention" on a whiteboard.

Many have said that building their own businesses taught them more than school. But entrepreneurs-to-be may still want to go to college. Even though college is nothing like the business world, it turns out that doing well in both has a lot more in common than you might think.

Several successful business owners shared essential skills they learned in college that have helped them the most and inspired them to start a venture. Keep reading to learn about that.

1. Resourcefulness

There are often a lot of chances at universities. Students almost always have great opportunities at job fairs, group meetings, professional social clubs, campus jobs, events with guest speakers, and meetups. There are a lot of unnecessary distractions and unimportant happenings, but there are also some incredible possibilities. Finding the right opportunity in education, especially in business, requires the ability to “see the needle in the haystack.”

Ryan Harwood, the CEO of Gallery Media Group, said that part of being resourceful is finding the right individuals to collaborate with and help them. When money is tight, having the right relationship can sometimes help you find ways to get by.

2. Focusing your thoughts

Many attempts at starting a business end in failure. But the real reason they fail isn't an absence of market fit or disagreement among the founders; it's a lack of persistence in following the idea.

Shaan Patel, CEO of Prep Expert, a multi-million dollar business, said that his ability to multitask was the most crucial factor in his success at USC Medical School, Yale Business School, and Yale University's Executive MBA program. Being able to concentrate is a talent that can be honed in school and is essential for any entrepreneur's success.

Do you often struggle to focus when it comes to research paper writing? The first step to writing a research paper is understanding and developing your topic. Reading online materials for tips on writing a research paper can also help greatly. Another thing you can do is to get help from online writing platforms. Find a company that provides the best research paper writing services at affordable rates. They have expert writers that can help you complete your paper as soon as you want it.

3. Positivity

Most students at a university come from different backgrounds. Schools reflect the communities they serve, which is why they are home to people from many walks of life, ages, and cultures. A college is where ideas can be diverse and still be welcomed because of the diversity of its students and faculty. Thus, it is essential to learn to accommodate the ideological differences of one's contemporaries.

CEO of The Veloz Group, Adam Mendler, knows this from experience. He explained, “There was not a lot of diversity in my area or middle or high school. College was my first exposure to a culturally and racially diverse environment. Because of the many group projects we had to complete, I could work with people from many walks of life.”

It's essential in business to be able to take into account several perspectives while making judgments. The best way to learn about and benefit from a wide range of views is to immerse oneself in them at school.

4. Effective communication skills

Communicating clearly, concisely, and friendly manner is essential in social situations. People with strong interpersonal skills can collaborate with a wide range of individuals and maintain honesty and openness.

Michael Lisovetsky, the co-founder of JUICE Labs, put it, “college provided the ideal atmosphere to refine interpersonal abilities and use them as a basis for relationships going ahead.” Lisovetsky credits his peers with helping him develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to successfully serve his current clientele, which includes Paris Hilton, Kenneth Cole, and other famous people.

By the way, you can see this trait in many people working in the academic field. For example, if you are struggling with your studies and want help, you can turn to legitimate essay writing services  and see how their experts communicate with clients. Why not learn from writers? One of the most valuable talents for aspiring business owners is the ability to share effectively with others, which can be developed and inspired in the classroom.

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