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The Key Elements Of High-Converting Subscriptions For Shopify


This includes working on a powerful collection of APIs, webhooks, customer portals, integrating with Cashier for a better checkout experience, and creating custom subscription flows for merchants looking to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

Our Shopify Subscription app powers 10,000 of the largest subscription brands on Shopify. I’ve personally had the good fortune of working with a few hundred of these businesses. Through that, I’ve seen many different types of subscription flows and understand the importance of designing a flow based on a specific store’s products, customers, and type of subscription.

If you’d like to see a few great Shopify subscription examples and unique subscription flows using Bold Subscriptions, here are few ones I really like. Enjoy!

Perfectly Peckish
Nice flow that takes the customer down a journey. We see these convert really well.


Great example of product page subscription flow that reveals subscription options as needed. Click add to cart and you’ll see what I mean. First you select the subscription, then the frequency, then the payment plan. It’s laid out beautifully and doesn’t overwhelm the user.

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Sock Fancy
Just a gorgeous subscription sign up page overall. Well laid out, big easy options. It really feels like you’re building a custom subscription just for you.

Snapshot of the custom subscription flow for Sock Fancy’s monthly sock subscription

Beautiful site that leads to a subscription from the main call to action button on the landing page.


Scratch Coffee
Nicely designed flow that reveals only the needed options as the customer goes through the subscribe flow.

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Foreign Affair Winery
REALLY powerful options on this wine subscription. This is actually one of the biggest liquor companies in North America, they just launched a stand along Wine Box subscription. Make sure you checkout both the “You Decide” our “Let us Pick” options. Really powerful how they did that.

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Vital Proteins
This is one of Shopify’s Top 50 shops! They have a great site all around but really nail subscriptions. Click subscribe up top and go through it. The details they lay out is really well done. Two things I like are:

  1. They use our Dynamic Discounts feature to give discounts on future shipments to reduce churn and they market it well.
  2. The other thing that they NAIL (that I wish more stores would implement) is even if you don’t subscribe on the product page, the subscribe option is still in the cart. When you’re testing it out make sure to add one of their subscription products as a “one-time” purchase and then look at the cart and you’ll see what I mean.

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Kathy’s Table
Great multi-page flow with a custom meal-plan box builder at the end.

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Beantown Roasters
I love how the subscription is built right into their home page. If subscriptions are what you do, put it front and center!

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Little Wolf Coffee
Beautifully designed subscription wizard that only shows the info you need until you select an option. This doesn’t overwhelm the customer and takes them though a nice funnel.

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A couple of other nice sites I like are Real EatsNutri-Rich.

What are some great online examples of subscription stores you’ve seen? I’d love to see them! Post them in the comments if you have any. Shameless plugs for your own site are welcome too, as long as it’s an awesome site 😉

This article was originally published by our friends at Bold Commerce.

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