The Last-Minute Guide to Black Friday Marketing Preparation 2019

Black Friday 2019 marketing campaign.

There are mere days left until Black Friday. Even green, first-year online sellers know what kind of opportunity the massive shopping holiday presents.

Some people think that Black Friday only applies to physical stores, but online stores also benefit from the rush. By preparing for this massive shopping holiday, you can see revenue skyrocket for your online store. You can see how this is possible in The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019 Marketing Prep.

When it comes to Black Friday, the market spikes in sales and makes plenty of money. Last year, Black Friday sales reached $6.22 billion with an average yearly growth of 20-30%. With numbers like these, it makes sense that many businesses would participate.

If you feel you’re not prepared, the Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Preparation 2019 will help you make the most out of Black Friday.

While Black Friday provides profits for businesses that take advantage of it, many struggle with planning and setting up. That’s why you can seek assistance and help through a variety of sources. You can go through the Black Friday preparation book to help you prepare for the biggest sales day of the year.

What You’ll Learn

This ebook will provide you with information to prepare your online store, create automated workflows, and inform your customers about the upcoming sale.

After all, a store can’t just open the shop on Black Friday and expect people to show up. You need to plan ahead and inform your customers about the sale to bring in the most money.

You’ll learn how to prepare your ecommerce technical logistics for the holidays:

  • How to make sure your site is technically prepared to handle more traffic
  • How you can create quick-shopping friendly browsing for your site
  • How you can build a shipping and returns policy that converts
  • To build your subscriber list using the extra traffic as leverage

We’ll give you the whole guide to getting critical automation workflows in place:

  • For onboarding and converting the new influx of traffic
  • Using abandoned cart workflows to capture indecisive customers
  • Reconverting customers after Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When it comes to drafting the perfect newsletter campaign that stands out in your customer’s inbox, you’ll learn how to:

  • Segment your lists and personalize your messages
  • Create beautiful email templates for the holidays
  • A/B test your subject lines
  • Reactivate inactive and churning customers

This Black Friday preparation book will guide you through the initial setup process for Black Friday. This book contains many more tips to help you through the Black Friday marketing preparation process.

Why This Ebook Is Perfect For Last-Minute Preparation

It stands out as a book that provides vital information to help anyone. This includes those that prepare ahead of time to those that need help at the last-minute. It will help you to improve your Black Friday preparation so that you can increase your revenue.

Equipped with full tutorials for your last-minute preparations, there are also key insights from experts across the industry, who offered exclusive insight for Black Friday 2019. Combine those key insights with data pulled from 2018 results, this ebook provides a one-stop shop to getting your marketing strategy honed to perfection.

Not only is it packed with actionable tips you can implement immediately for your holiday preparations, it’s equipped with a quick Black Friday readiness checklist to make sure you don’t forget a single thing.

How to Get the Black Friday 2019 Prep Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019 Marketing Prep will help you to establish your Black Friday deals for your customers. You can only gain this knowledge by checking out the ebook for yourself. It will provide you with essential information for the upcoming holiday to improve your sales and to stick out from the crowd.

To get the most out of your Black Friday sale, you need to properly prepare and execute your plans to set yourself up for success. After all, sitting around won’t bring you any closer to a successful Black Friday.

There’s no more time left to wait. Grab your copy today and make sure this year is your best Black Friday yet.

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