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The lion’s share: A day in the life of… Sophie Rose Arnold (Customer Success Manager)


This blog series gives insight into the day-to-day life of LoyaltyLion’s employees. We’ll look at members from all teams – diving into their roles and responsibilities – how they started their careers and what they do in their spare time.

So let’s meet Sophie Rose Arnold who is a Customer Success Manager.

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What is your morning routine?

I like to feel ready for the day, so I always have a pamper session in the morning to start my day off positively. I love a facemask! After I pamper myself, I make sure my workspace is tidy. I currently work in my bedroom, which isn’t a big space, so little things like making my bed, opening the curtains and windows make such a difference. Once I’m all settled, it’s time to meet my team to discuss plans for the day.

Why does what you do matter?

I’m a Customer Success Manager at LoyaltyLion so I’m responsible for ensuring clients are happy with their program’s performance and their experience with LoyaltyLion. It’s also my responsibility to ensure our team is reaching targets and giving clients the best experiences possible. My suggestions for training materials and improving the onboarding process has a huge impact on the success team and LoyaltyLion as a whole. 

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How did you get the job?

I wasn’t sure where to start my career so I started looking at LinkedIn profiles in search of roles I would be interested in. I began looking for a Customer Success role and found various positions but none of the companies took my interest. Until I found LoyaltyLion and knew immediately this was where I wanted to work.

After my phone interview, I knew that this was going to be the right step towards building a career for myself. A few weeks after my face-to-face interview, I was offered the role and I have enjoyed every minute of working with LoyaltyLion since. 

What does a typical day look like?

My daily workload varies which is what’s great about working here. However, there are always two constants on my to-do list: Our morning team meeting and calls with clients about their loyalty programs. When I’m not busy with clients, I work on ways to improve areas of the business, on projects with other teams and train the Success team. 

How do you spend your evening?

Before Coronavirus, I spent my evenings going out with friends. I was always able to keep myself busy going to new places in the city. Since lockdown, I’ve learned to adapt my lifestyle and I spend my time working towards goals I want to accomplish. Right now, I’m learning to drive, studying first aid and developing my coding knowledge. When I’m not doing this, I have zoom calls with my friends or play Animal Crossing with LoyaltyLion colleagues.

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What’s your proudest achievement at LoyaltyLion?

One of my proudest achievements at LoyaltyLion is teaching myself to code our program so I can customize it. Since this, I have improved internal documentation so the team can provide the best experiences for clients. I also improved our help center documentation. This is a skill I want to continue developing so I can keep upskilling the team and improving our customer experience.

Tell us your favorite thing about LoyaltyLion?

My favorite thing about LoyaltyLion is definitely the culture. Not only are the people great, but so are the perks! The first LoyaltyLion event I went to was a private cinema screening of Disney’s The Lion King where we invited clients to join us for the experience. For me, it was a great opportunity to meet the clients and bond with colleagues. This is not something that I experienced in any other company before. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining the company?

Be open-minded and feel free to explore. I joined the company not knowing anything about coding. Over a year later I am able to customize our program with no assistance! You’re encouraged to expand your skills and knowledge to better yourself, your team and the company as a whole. And a good attitude is always recognized and praised.

Sophie is a Customer Success Manager at LoyaltyLion. As a Drama Graduate, she always enjoys going to the theatre. When not in the office, she’s abroad experiencing new cultures. Japan is at the top of her travel list!

Interested in joining the LoyaltyLion Customer Success team? Take a look at our careers page for our current job opportunities.

About the author

Sophie Rose Arnold

Sophie is a Customer Success Manager at LoyaltyLion. As a Drama Graduate, she always enjoys going to the theatre. When not in the office, she’s abroad experiencing new cultures. Japan is at the top of her travel list!

This article originally appeared in the LoyaltyLion blog and has been published here with permission.

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