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The M Jewelers Strengthens Brand Affinity With Route


Hyper growth requires scalable solutions to build a brand

In the early stages of being a young, hypergrowth company, The M Jewelers team juggled it all: product, tech, packaging and processing, customer experience, marketing, etc. As sales grew, so did the need for supportive, sustainable solutions. “We began dealing with a huge increase of customer ‘where is my order’ inquiries and lost, stolen, and damaged packages,” recalls Justin Stallard, VP of Customer Experience at The M Jewelers. “Which all resulted in high costs of replacements or refunds, and excessive time spent on carrier and customer back-and-forth on.”

Keeping up with post-purchase pains, while also keeping up the momentum brand’s growing attention, was beginning to consume too much time.

“Our bandwidth was spreading thin, especially in light of building a large, loyal customer base.” notes Justin. “I knew there had to be something out there to help support us.”

The M Jewelers needed a way to keep their growing customer base happy 

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