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The Only Podcast For Marketers In 2021


At dotdigital, we’re used to creating content to inspire and empower marketers to engage in smarter, stronger ways. But, as we settled into 2021, we decided we wanted to create something new, something different.  

From there we created our new podcast series: Naughty by nurture.  

 As always, at dotdigital, we’re never content with convention. We didn’t want to create a podcast like every other marketing series out there, so we decided to ask ourselves what would really be useful for marketers? As a result, Naughty by nurture isn’t your average podcast. Yes, it’s a marketing podcast, but it’s also so much more. 

Meet the host 

Gavin Laugenie podcast launch

If you don’t already know me, I have one question: where have you been? 

As dotdigital’s Head of Strategy and Insight, I’ve hosted events for marketers for over 10 years. From the dotdigital Summit to the dotties and our dotlive series, I’m a strong advocate for creative thinking in the world of digital marketing.  

Sitting on the DMA’s Email Council and speaking at events around the world, I’ve seen the amazing work marketers are doing to deliver unforgettable experiences to customers. I’ve also worked with some amazing people and brands who aren’t afraid to smash the status quo.  

As marketers, I believe it’s our job to always be asking questions. How do we do better? Why do we do it that way? That’s the only we can constantly drive progress.  

In Naughty by nurture, I’ll be posing these questions and more to some of the most interesting influencers in the marketing industry today. Together we’ll be challenging the way we look at the world of marketing and discovering new ways of working that will revolutionize our day-to-day lives.  

What’s in a name? 

Naughty by nurture isn’t the typical dotdigital name. You may have noticed that we like adding dots to everything. 

I’m really proud of this title, although I can’t take all the credit. That stroke of genius belongs to someone else who’ll hopefully appear on the podcast one day. Regardless, I think it sums up what it’s all about brilliantly. Bit cheeky, a bit fun, but ultimately it about how you can nurture your customer in the right way! 

What to expect 

I’ve tapped into some of the biggest and brightest influencers in the marketing world right now to deliver fresh insight on a wide range of topics. From finding your calling to developing an authentic tone of voice, we’re covering topics you didn’t even know you wanted to know about.  

Our weekly chats are designed to tap into your genius and get your creativity flowing. We don’t want to just help you do your job better, we want you to be the best version of yourself too. That’s what makes this a marketing podcast with a difference.  

With each installment of Naughty by nurture, you’ll get to know me and my guests a little bit better. We’ll share stories about how we created our own paths to get to where we are today, as well as secrets to success we learned along the way.  

As well as all that, me and my guests will be curating a unique playlist of songs that have helped inspire us along the way.  

Coming to a streaming service near you 

I’m really excited to be able to bring this new podcast to you. We’ll be launching the first episode on March 5, Friday, with more episodes coming out weekly.  

This show is designed, not only educate, but to inspire and entertain. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

You’ll be able to find Naughty by nurture on all streaming services including iTunes and Spotify.  

Special thanks to our friends at dotdigital for their insights on this topic.
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