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The Pandemic Changed Shopping Habits. But What Have We Been Buying?


As we shift to a new era in the Covid-19 pandemic, our team found ourselves looking back on the experiences we’ve had. As both consumers and marketers, we’ve changed. 

As consumers, we changed our personal buying habits to start primarily online shopping. We chose new brands that met needs we didn’t know we had, we sought out brands whose values aligned with our own, and we became loyal to products we hadn’t expected to need. Bet you never thought you’d have a favorite cloth face mask brand, right?

Throughout these uncertain times, one common thread held strong: eCommerce is essential. According to Oberlo, there were over 2.05 billion active online shoppers in 2020. Compared to $3.53 trillion worth of eCommerce transactions in 2019, there were more than $4.2 trillion in 2020.

That’s a whole lot of online shopping.

So, what were people buying all this time? We chatted with our customer success team and dove into Google Trends to see what unofficial, U.S.-based s …

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