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The Recharge Community: Leverage Our Network To Grow Your Business


If you were able to attend ChargeX 2022 last week, you likely heard about the importance of customer communities and the positive impact they can have on your brand. By providing a space for customers to share their product experiences and learnings with one another, brands can create opportunities to listen more deeply and further innovate on products that are truly rooted in customer empathy.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve launched the Recharge Community platform, which serves as a hub for merchants and partners to exchange tips and best practices, network with top brands in the industry, and hear more from Recharge on the latest features and updates.

Ready to get started? Join the Community!

Creating the community experience

When the Recharge team first set out to build a community platform, we researched what makes the best-in-class communities tick.

We discovered that successful communities:

  • Create a sense of shared identity and purpose 
  • Emphasize a give-and-take model
  • Elevate their leaders
  • Encourage active discussions around the brand, including feedback
  • Have a positive impact on their community members

We also heard from many that social platforms and groups can dilute meaningful conversations by making it difficult to search or organize important information. Additionally, they’re often too accessible, allowing anyone to join and causing redundant questions or even unsolicited sales.

With this in mind, we developed a Recharge space focused on more than just questions and answers—a space to develop meaningful relationships with peers, draw inspiration and knowledge from, and hear more directly from Recharge. Most importantly, Recharge users can connect with reputable experts across the industry’s top brands, like Bokksu, PYM, and Tenzo

Hear from reputable experts 

Check out some tips and tricks posted already by experts in our community. You can browse content related to Recharge in the Everything Recharge discussion room, or catch up on industry news, best practices, and more in Everything ecommerce (you must be logged in to access).

Learn from brands like Pure Canna Box and PYM on how they leverage Recharge features, or share your own trend insights and marketing strategies.  

Ask your questions

Don’t see a discussion that resonates? Start your own question or discussion.

Through the Recharge Community platform, you can easily create a new post to start your own question or discussion.

You can post a topic by clicking “+ Create Topic” at the top right corner, and share additional details that provide context for your question or discussion. Then, select the category area you’d want the question to show up in, and add any relevant tags. It’s worth noting that you should never share personal details that might compromise you or your business. 

Build reputation

Badges and ranks help you build reputation across the community. The more contributions you make, the higher your rank will be and the more points you’ll accumulate. Top point earners are featured in the Community Leaderboard. Unlock exclusive badges along the way by attending events, participating in feedback sessions, and engaging with special content.

Top points earners in the Recharge Community are featured in the Community Leaderboard.

Join now & start networking

As a Recharge customer, you’ll automatically have access to the community. Just sign in at community.rechargepayments.com with your regular Recharge credentials.

Once you’ve signed in for the first time:

And we’re just getting this Community started! We’re looking forward to partnering with you to understand what you’d like to see next. If you have feedback to share, please let us know at community@rechargeapps.com.

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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