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The Role Of Web Application Developers In E-Commerce Innovation

According to recent studies, users of mobile devices spend over 80% of their time using their applications, not websites, to purchase products.

It proves that e-commerce can increase a company's profit and influence the brand's positive image. The list of benefits of online shops is quite long, allowing businesses to reduce the number of offline shops. No wonder web application development evokes innovation in e-commerce and industry in general. Let's explore the topic to see how beneficial e-commerce can be.

#1 Be unique and draw the attention of buyers

Offering customers products in an outdated form with an unattractive layout and without knowledge of current trends and innovations, a business can be sure of nothing more than failure and falling behind its competitors.

To stand out from the crowd and increase traffic, leads, and conversion rates, it is vital to build a web application that will follow the e-commerce innovations or even be the one that sets an example for other businesses. 

It may be surprising how an e-commerce business can grow only through a practical web application that ensures comfortable purchases and a pleasant user experience. A company can handle the field without expertise, as an experienced web application developer can create a tailored product for the company that will bring profits and a return on investment.

#2 UX design: responsive and intuitive application

According to research and analysis of application use, it can be stated that users need only five seconds to form an opinion on the app and to decide if they want or do not want to use it. UX designer work is crucial here, with special care to the layout and straightforward design to encourage potential customers to stay and do the shopping.

The work of a UX design specialist reduced the bounce rate by tailoring your app to the needs of buyers. As a result, e-commerce gains applications that meet customers' satisfaction and introduce innovative functions, including personalized recommendations, virtual try-ins, and flawless navigation. E-commerce platforms are also optimized for cross-device use.

#3 Improved cybersecurity

One of the features that can draw the attention of buyers is the high level of cybersecurity, which has been dramatically improved and helped more customers trust that app purchases are as safe as using the website. To ensure the e-commerce app developers have experience implementing safety measures, check their case studies. The work of cybersecurity experts has the most significant influence on building the trust and loyalty of customers to an e-commerce brand.

Innovations need to be introduced for safe online payment gateways, eWallet, and other payment methods with the appearance of new hazards and ideas for fraud.

#4 Integration with social media

According to the analysis of the time spent on social media, over 2 hours spent scrolling through social media platforms should be enough to understand why enterprise applications need to be integrated with social media. The numbers clearly state the shift of interest of buyers from websites to apps, increasing profits through the synergy of an app with the most commonly used media.

It is enough to start with the comfort of logging in with the present social media account. Buyers gain a free mind without needing another password to remember, and e-commerce owners will see the reviews and feedback on their products on social media, which go viral quickly and easily.

Such a solution will also increase the number of customers who, when unwilling to create another account, will use their current social media account to buy from the shop.

#5 App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Like search engine optimization, the e-commerce application will succeed in the case of proper optimization. Application developers are also responsible for the task, which is identical to web SEO but focuses on visual representation.

The optimization includes the app icon, preview images, and videos, which effectively show the product in use or a model wearing the clothes. The app name optimization is also essential, and together with the description of the app functions, it needs to include the keywords to enable users to find your application.

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