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The Secret Sauce to eCommerce Success in a Digital-First World


Daasity’s Data Snacks are your fast track to understanding need-to-know metrics for success

Becoming data-driven is essential in today’s digital-everything world, but getting it right is non-negotiable. Doing so requires a blend of the right people, eCommerce analytics tools, and know-how to turn 0’s and 1’s into something more meaningful for your business.

Getting onboard the data-driven train is easy enough, but the analytics can prove to be challenging for those who are just getting started. Why? With each of the different platforms we use to run our business and creating, collecting, and reporting data, the task to understand it all can be overwhelming and confusing.

Our team here understands the challenge of omnichannel reporting and analysis and many of the other nuances you might face, such as why orders in Google Analytics don’t match Shopify orders. Or, why it’s best to measure GoogleSessions and not Users. Understanding these nuances is critical  and the reason why we believe that the best eCommerce data analytics start with education. We’re here to help our customers and all eCommerce and direct-to-consumer brands better understand their data.

We’re launching Data Snacks, an educational video series, to help D2C brands everywhere make sense of the metrics they’re seeing and how to use them.  Data Snacks are designed to be bite-sized, but packed with applicable tips that’ll help you nail your data-driven strategy and drive your business forward.  

Check out our very first series highlighting how to accurately track and report on your marketing budget and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

This series of Data Snacks is designed to:

  1. Help you understand the nuances in terminology, like CPA, CPO, ROAS, including what a specific term means and why it’s important
  2. Provide background information and context so you can be more precise when talking about and reporting on data
  3. Get you excited about your data! We want you to love data the way we do so you can use it to set yourself, and your business, up for success

Special thanks to our friends at Daasity for their insights on this topic.