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The Symbolism Behind Cricket Logo Elements: Unveiling The Meaning Behind Popular Icon

Cricket is a beloved sport with billions of fans all over the world.

And as the 2024 Men’s Cricket World Cup draws closer, the fans have already started exciting. 

So, if you are also a crazy cricket fan, you will love today’s blog. We have assembled a guide with cricket symbols and meanings and how to create a logo if you are starting a cricket equipment business or a club. Whether you need an armored mascot design or a logo with a batsman icon, we will help you craft the best logo that will resonate with your fans, players, and the audience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Cricket's logo elements are carefully chosen to reflect the company's core values and mission, integrating design, color, and symbol principles to create a potent visual identity.
  • The ‘C' in Cricket's logo represents more than just the first letter of the brand's name. It's an open circle that signifies inclusivity, continuous improvement, and embracing new ideas.
  • The cricket insect, a key element of Cricket's logo, symbolizes good fortune and prosperity in many cultures, aligning with the brand's goal of bringing success to its customers.
  • Cricket's vibrant green logo color is a strategic choice that conveys growth, harmony, and freshness—attributes closely tied to the brand's identity.
  • The application of Feng Shui principles in the logo's design reinforces Cricket's commitment to balance and positive energy, elements that are integral to their business operations.

9 Important Symbols of Cricket Cup 2023

The symbols we will define here come from the ICC World Cup 2023 logo and include the concept of “Navarasa,” meaning “the nine emotions.”

  • Joy

Joy is a happy feeling that fans, audience, and players feel before, during, and after the game. It is over the moon when a big hitter hits big, a safe player makes it to the 100, or a team wins.

  • Power

Power showcases strength and resilience when a player shoots the ball over the boundary. You must have seen this symbol on the scorecard.

  • Respect

Respect is another powerful emotion that every fan and member of the audience feels for players and vice versa. It doesn’t matter how a player or team performs; they still get the same love and respect as any other day. 

  • Pride

Pride is mostly out in front during national anthems of teams and final scorecards. It is what every player and local feels regarding their team.

  • Bravery

It's a clear symbol. A bold, pointed shape signifies nothing but bravery that each team carries with the will to go big and win it all.

  • Glory

Glory is what every player and team wants to achieve. The prize to win the game, the credit to outplay the opponent, the credit to win the World Cup and hold the trophy high. 

  • Wonder

This symbol signifies the emotion of wonder that many great things of this beautiful game hold. A sense of wonderment and excitement that fills every fan of the sport.

  • Passion

This teardrop symbol signifies passion for, in, and outside the game. It runs deep in the blood and fuels the energy within the players, fans, and the audience. It drives to success.

  • Anguish

Anguish is the favorite of last year’s World Cup home team, India. It is the tremendous mental and physical stress that is present in and outside the game and the resilience and power of the player that overcomes it. Those are the players that achieve success and true greatness. 

What Makes a Cricket Logo Good?

A good cricket logo has all the elements to spark passion and energy within the team, fans, and the audience. It is a visual identity of a brand or organization that showcases its values and love for the sport. The following are key elements you should remember before creating a logo to make it stand out.

  • Cricket Symbols

Including symbols or vector art related to cricket can give an associated look. You can use cricket balls, bats, stumps, or players in position. All these symbols will immediately strike the watcher’s eye and showcase your love for the sport from a mile away.

  • Colors

Colors are the essence of the logo. Using the right colors is necessary or can break your whole logo. It reflects your brand or corporation’s values, spirit, energy, and passion that you bring to the game. You can use shades of green, white, or beige that are more associated with the game. Remember that the colors are unique and bold, evoke excitement, and symbolize your values.

  • Typography

Typography also matters a lot in a logo. You should choose a typeface and font that compliments the game and showcases your message. You can use dynamic or bold fonts, but ensure no calligraphy or stylish font is included. Keep it simple and easily readable. Also, ensure it matches your color and the overall design elements of the logo. 

  • Team Related Elements

Finally, you must include elements that symbolize unity, teamwork, and your passion for the game. You can feel free to add different or multiple factors. Moreover, keep it simple and easily scalable. Also, make sure the logo works well in every size and format, whether you want to attach it to an extensive pamphlet or the jersey of a team.

How to Create Your Cricket Logo?

If you are looking for a new logo or want to upgrade your existing one, you have the following two choices:

Use An Online Logo Maker Tool: This is the easiest one. Whether you want a classic logo or a custom batsman logo for cricket teams, you can choose from them and customize them according to your needs. 

Other DIY Methods: You can also design your logo if you are familiar with Adobe Suite or hire a freelance designer to do the job for you. 


A cricket logo should be simple and filled with details. Remember, even simple things can make a significant impact. Symbols and elements have been a part of cricket logos in one way or another for ages. Utilize these components and create your next logo that showcases your love and passion for the game.

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