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The Ultimate Guide To Monetizing Retail As An Agency Partner With Shopify

The Ultimate Guide To Monetizing Retail As An Agency Partner With Shopify

In this comprehensive guide, we explore strategies for monetizing services related to Shopify’s Point of Sale, including how to find and refer clients, and collaborate with other partners to serve merchants’ needs.

Understanding the Convergence of Point of Sale and Digital Commerce

Back in 2015, the industry was already showing signs of online and in-store commerce merging into one. With the increasing popularity of SaaS models and online platforms like Shopify, the integration of POS systems into the retail ecosystem has become critical. Combining online and in-store commerce allows seamless data sharing and operational efficiency across all levels of retail, from small businesses to enterprise-level retailers with complex solution stacks.

Build a rate card: Key Workstreams for Monetization

Establishing your retail-specific rate card – the services you provide and what they cost – will help you demonstrate to clients how you can help them achieve their unified commerce goals. When it comes to pricing and selling your services, customization is key.  Whether you opt for hourly rates, package deals, or estimated project scopes, tailoring your pricing model to the specific needs and complexities of each client is crucial. As you scale up your services to cater to larger merchants with multiple locations, consider bundling offerings, increasing service tiers, and incorporating onsite consultations and training to maximize revenue potential.

Account Configuration and Setup: Agencies can offer services related to account configuration, data migration, inventory management, and system integrations. The process mirrors building for commerce, making it seamless for agencies already familiar with Shopify.

Dedicated Training for Store Staff: Training store staff on how to effectively use the POS system is a significant revenue driver for agencies. Offering training packages tailored to back-office operations and sales environments not only adds value to your services but also helps in recouping the costs associated with client acquisition.

Nationwide Consultation and Training: For merchants with multiple locations across the country, offering nationwide onsite consultation and training can be a valuable service. By strategically planning training schedules, targeting key personnel at headquarters, and utilizing a mix of in-person and virtual training methods, agencies can effectively reach and educate staff across various locations, ensuring a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

Implementing a Recurring Revenue Model

By offering ongoing training and support services, agencies can establish a recurring revenue model. Training store staff on how to operate Shopify effectively can lead to long-term client relationships and additional revenue streams. Leveraging insights from physical point of sale interactions can enhance marketing strategies and client recommendations. Incorporating physical retail data into your service offerings allows you to provide more targeted and effective recommendations to clients, thereby enhancing the value of your services.

Leveraging Point of Sale for Lead Generation

Point of sale services can serve as a powerful lead generation tool, bridging the gap between physical retail and digital commerce. By addressing brick-and-mortar challenges and seamlessly transitioning clients to comprehensive unified commerce solutions, agencies can unlock new revenue streams and position themselves as industry leaders.

Unlock opportunities by leveraging collaborations with other Shopify Partners

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, collaboration is key to success. For complex tasks like a POS migration, Shopify Partners can enhance their service offerings by teaming up with other agencies. By referring clients to specialized partners who excel in specific components of a migration that may not be their forte, agencies can ensure a seamless transition for merchants. 

Partners can not only find and refer clients but also work together to address merchants' diverse needs. The Shopify Partner Community provides a valuable platform for partners to connect, share insights, and forge partnerships that benefit all involved. As a Shopify Partner, you don't have to do it all alone. By focusing on your strengths and collaborating with other partners who excel in different areas, you can deliver exceptional service and drive success for your clients. 


When you monetize retail services as an agency partner with Shopify, you can unlock new revenue streams, build long-lasting client relationships, and position your agency for sustained growth and success in the competitive retail market.

This article originally appeared on Shopify Web Design and Development and is available here for further discovery.
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