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The Verdict Is In For Sales: The Mobile-First Approach Is Here To Stay


The first thing people do when they wake up? Grab their cell phone. From checking texts and emails to scrolling through social media feeds, phones help people stay connected to the world around them. That’s why it’s no surprise companies—and specifically sales teams—are shifting to a mobile-first approach.

By investing in mobile-first technology, sales reps are able to support business needs at any time, while also maximizing efficiency and productivity. We know phone communication between sales reps and customers is the most important tool when it comes to closing deals. As a result, sales team leaders need to invest in a mobile-first call solution to see clear results. 

What does a mobile-first approach mean for sales reps? 

A mobile-first approach implies wherever your sales reps are—the office, a trade show, an event, or at home—they can securely access business tools on their mobile phones. 

Mobile-first is growing in popularity among employers because of the benefits employees say it has on their day-to-day responsibilities. Research shows 73% of companies who use mobile applications for sales saw gains in their overall productivity.

SaaS solutions that are accessible through mobile devices enable businesses to integrate with CRM tools to streamline customer information, allowing for consistent and effective omnichannel communication between sales reps and customers.  

Another study shows that 83% of salespeople say that having access to mobile sales tools makes their company appear more cutting-edge than their rivals, which also makes them more attractive to customers. 

From strengthening an impromptu sales pitch with a potential client to addressing customer inquiries in real-time, employees are equipped with the work resources they need to get the results they want—all at their fingertips.  

Stats show that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, and sales teams know this well. 

Having a mobile-first approach, paired with a call solution catered to capturing content and data for each customer interaction, results in insights that increase the success of a business.

Call Solution Features for a Mobile-First Strategy 

A mobile-first approach requires effective Saas programs, including a voice solution. Here are some of the features to consider when searching for the best software for your business. 

Business Tool Integrations

Sales reps have a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Through those customer interactions, a lot of information is collected. SaaS tools can help you collect it, sort it, and make it useful. 

Using a SaaS voice solution allows sales reps to handle calls, text messages, and other customer-facing interactions through a single app. This allows information to be streamlined to one location and makes it readily accessible to agents.  

Call Recording

Some of the best insights stem from the ability to replay key customer conversations, but call recording capabilities are beneficial beyond just internal review purposes. 

Recorded conversations can help you gather data for sales training and identify areas of improvement for customer care. Beyond that, you can inspect call analytics such as call duration, hold times, and transcriptions.  

Notes and Call Tagging

While notetaking with a pen and paper used to be the norm, cloud-based call solutions have digitized the process. This feature is a clear way to strengthen a department’s mobile-first sales enablement strategy by letting reps tag calls and take notes.

Click to Dial

Time is money, which is why sales reps make every minute count. With click to dial, agents simply click on a phone number instead of having to manually dial or copy and paste. This is a key feature that can save time and help them quickly reach customers. 

Power Dialer

A sales rep can make dozens to hundreds of calls a day. As a result, providing a voice solution with a power dialer feature saves them time by queuing up and auto-dialing calls. 

Call Whispering

From time to time, sales reps may need to tag-team a call. That’s where the call-whispering feature comes into play. 

Whether it’s used to coach teammates, troubleshoot a customer concern, or improve the outcome of a call, it allows for teammates to collaborate without interrupting the caller’s experience.  

Empowering Sales Reps

Choosing the right call solution will make all the difference for your business—and especially for your sales reps. Sales reps are the face of your business. They’re interacting with current and potential customers, so it’s essential to provide them with the best resources. 

That’s where Aircall comes into play. Used by call centers and sales reps:

  • It seamlessly integrates with your business tools
  • It’s easy to use and install
  • It’s cost-efficient

Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminating data entry
  • Freeing up time to focus on sales initiatives
  • Using an advanced analytics dashboard to track performance

Based on the data collected through the product’s robust features, agents can be proactive to customer needs.  

The Future of the Mobile-First Approach

Looking ahead, research indicates the number of mobile phone users will continue to increase worldwide, with more than 7 billion in 2022. 

This indicates a growing dependency and preference for these devices for personal and business communications. Companies will benefit from adapting their work structures to mobile-first, because of the value it provides their employees. 

Importantly, with a cloud-based call solution like Aircall, businesses can make the most out of their customer interactions.  

Interested in testing Aircall? Schedule a demo to get started.

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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