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This Q4, Create Purposeful Customer Relationships Through Social Impact


With the holidays quickly approaching, Diff is preparing for what could be the largest ecommerce year in history! And with massive growth in online commerce comes added demands and expectations from your customers.

Today, your customers expect value alignment, and for your brand to support causes that are important to them. For example, Gen Z shoppers tend to be attracted to brand values over brand ethos.They gravitate towards brands that express the values they relate to. 

Our technology partner ShoppingGives provides a seamless giving experience during the customer journey. It enables your customers to support their favorite causes or a designated charity set by you – any 1.5M 501c(3) nonprofit organization. With ShoppingGives, you can create purposeful and profitable relationships with customers through social impact.

Their technology has been shown to drive higher converting customer experiences, increasing Conversion Rate, AOV and CLTV. Through the ShoppingGives program, you can integrate cause marketing across marketing channels, and they handle all the regulations, reporting, and donations management.

Would you like to introduce a social impact strategy this holiday season to increase your customer engagement? Contact us to get connected with ShoppingGives to give back this holiday season.  

Happy Q4 & Holiday Planning! 

Diff Agency

Special thanks to our friends at Diff Agency for their insights on this topic.

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