With the holiday season done, now’s a good time to run your post-holiday campaigns.

What’s in a post-holiday campaign you ask?

First you need a good hook.

You can play off the didn’t get what you wanted angle.

Or now get something for yourself.

Or did you forget about that 3rd cousin who you happen to be meeting this weekend.

If you brand has a humor angle (and most brands should), this is a great time to play that up with customers.

Then you need some sort of offer. That doesn’t to be an incentive (discount, etc) either. Just a reminder of your products can be all the offer you need.

Connect item A into slot B and send it to your customers. (Email’s probably best)

Be creative with the content.

And save whatever you send. You can use it next year or with some adaption, anytime after a busy season or big sale.

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Eric Davis

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