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Tips To Create Profitable Digital Downloads Using Canva

Tips To Create Profitable Digital Downloads Using Canva in a Futuristic Background.

If you love designing, then Canva can be an awesome way to begin. And not just that, you will be making money on it.

In fact, Canva says on its website that you can easily make money by selling templates on their platform. Here’s what Canva says, “At Canva, we create templates for our users. However, we also welcome people who’d like to create and sell their own Canva-made designs as templates that others can use on our platform.”

There are also many platforms where you can sell digital downloads from Canva. See some of the best websites for selling digital products here. The good news is that digital products built in Canva are some of the most popular downloads online for some or all of the following reasons.

  • Canva is easy to use: the platform is very easy to use as users do not have to spend much time navigating layers and buttons. This is completely different for those using alternative platforms such as Photoshop. 
  • Free to use: Canvas is actually free to use for all. Users can easily sign up for free accounts and begin their design journeys with Canva. Of course, there is also Canva Pro which comes with additional features for designers who want to take their trade to the next level. 
  • No specialized design knowledge required: The platform is built for any user; even those without design skills can use it to build beautiful graphics and visual designs. 

Creating Canva templates saves your clients time since you know exactly what they are looking for in a template. Plus, you do not need to worry since there are many platforms to sell. A list of platforms to sell digital download cost-free can be accessed here. We will, however, dwell on some of the tips to create digital downloads in Canva. 

How to Create Profitable Digital Downloads using Canva

The first step to creating profitable templates on Canva is to open an account on Canva. The basic account is free, and you will not need to invest to start you off. Although Canva Pro comes with more great features at a cost of $12.99, you can still make beautiful downloads with the basic account. 

The next step is deciding the digital download type you want to sell. Your experience level will help you decide which downloads to specialize in. Also, if you have a blog or website to sell, you will already be a step higher with your new venture. 

All in all, you need to decide on the specific areas that totally fit you and your skills. With these, you should be on the right path to discovering your best-selling downloads on Canva. 

Tips on Creating Your Designs

To begin building your downloads on Canva, locate the type of product you have decided on by searching from the search bar. This is a great way to start since the products already have the exact sizes required for the various design types.

You can also use the custom A4 size document or create a custom size based on your preferences. Begin with a blank design. This will be a complete creation of your kind. However, you can still get inspired by existing designs if you are not in a position to begin from scratch. 

What are the Most Profitable Digital Downloads to Make on Canva

Children’s Activity Books 

Most parents want their children to increasingly gain skills while they get entertained. Making entertaining children’s activity books on Canva is a good way to make money while building the academic abilities of children. 

Some of the best children’s activity books you can try are:

  • Simple math puzzles 
  • Handwriting practice 
  • Coloring pages 
  • Hangman

Greeting Cards

When it comes to birthdays or weddings, you are either organized or not. You can make some aesthetic printable greeting cards on Canva for people who need quick solutions. Of course, people will want to have a card or two of every memorable occasion including:

  • Christmas 
  • Easter
  • Graduation 
  • Birthdays 

Scrapbooking Elements 

Scrapbooking elements is a great way to start and they really sell on Etsy. You can make themed printable scrapbooking elements for people to use in their journals. This is one of the best ways to get your customers coming back for more. 

Fitness and Health Trackers

There is no lying that there is some craze with fitness and good health. With many people flocking gyms and booking physical fitness experts, they really need fitness and health trackers they can rely on. The opportunities are endless. Whether you want to focus on the mother, or young men, you can decide to create weekly or monthly digital downloads. You could also design an entire booklet with pages like glucose levels and weight loss tracking. 

Photo Booth Props 

Photo booths are increasingly popular in special events. You can easily create printable downloads of sunglasses, hats, googly eyes, and so much more to save your big day. Think Canvas and develop those flowery photo booths for clients who will never feel content getting out of the booth without a silly name tag or a mustache.

Where to Learn the Basics of Canva

You may have many ideas to develop on Canvas. While you go through the hard work, it is more rewarding to keep learning. Below are some of the best basic courses to try on Canvas. 

Canva Certificate Course

If you prefer a quick Canva lesson, this course is only one hour long. Despite the short duration, you still learn;

  • Typography 
  • How to add and edit images
  • How to use design templates
  • How to create simple animations 
  • How to design logos and presentations 

Design and sell Your Own Professional Canva Designs

To be able to create profitable downloads, you need skills to use Canva and how to sell your downloads. This 3-hour course covers;

  • The usage and practical applications of Canva features
  • How to sell designs to clients
  • How to make aesthetically appealing graphics 
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