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Top 10 Blogger Influencers – for every industry

A female blogger leveraging her laptop with various essentials - Top 10 influencer for every industry.

Bloggers make some of the best influencers because they consistently produce written content that enjoys massive readership. These influencers possess a compelling writing style and make tasteful use of video and images to illustrate their ideas.

Blogger influencers exist in nearly every industry and maintain online communities of readers wanting to know which are the best brands relevant to their hobbies and lifestyle. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite blogger influencers. You can use these influencers as inspiration for your industry.

Blogs and Influencer Marketing

Blogs offer followers in-depth information on a host of different topics. Rather than merely liking a social media post, blogger audiences await eagerly the next blog installment and take influencer suggestions seriously.

Often, readers seek guidance to live a particular lifestyle on a modest budget or inspiration to manage life’s challenges. These followers are loyal and attentive to what their favorite blogger influencers have to say.

Brands that partner with blogger influencers can achieve more unique marketing goals than they might in a social media post due to the higher volume of well-written content and the amount of time that consumers spend on a blogger influencer’s web page. Among the most common ways that D2C brands use blogger influencers are:

  • Product reviews
  • Product storytelling
  • Tutorials
  • Guest posts

These techniques can raise brand awareness, drive sales, improve your website SEO, or all three. Audiences are highly engaged and often share relevant blogger content on their social media pages.

1. Travel Bloggers: Nataly and Murad Osmann

Nataly and Murad Osmann are founders of #followmeto on Instagram. They don’t just travel to amazing places – they engage local thought leaders, activists, and celebrities. 

“We are Murad and Natalia Osmann. Five years ago we started our photo project Follow Me. We have been inspired by love – love to travel, love to unknown countries, love to beautiful places, and, of course, love to each other.” Followmeto.travel

blogger influencers

Image via Followmeto

Followmeto blogs showcase interviews, destination reviews, travel tips, and even suggestions for traveling on a budget. Nataly and Murad found their shared passion for travel early in their relationship. And they’ve been abroad ever since.

blogger influencers

Image via Instagram

The image above illustrates the couple’s iconic style. About this photo, the Osmann’s share,

“It has become our little tradition to bring a ‘post card’ to our friends from every country we went together. An idea of the image in all of them was the same: a girl taking a young man’s hand and leading him to the most iconic places on Earth.”

Why we love Nataly and Murad

These two lovebirds are simply adorable! Followers love their romance and authenticity. Brands that partner with Nataly and Murad will reach a large and highly-engaged audience.

Their blog has two sections. “Destinations” focuses on geographical locations, how they selected the destination, how they got there, and how they spent their time. The Osmann’s also journal their adventures in “Diary.” 

2. Beauty Blogger: Brittany Minor, Clumps of Mascara

According to Brittany, social pressure to look beautiful is often overbearing. And that’s why she created her blog, Clumps of Mascara.

“Clumps of Mascara is for the imperfectly perfect women and men of the world. If your eyebrows are wonky or if you regularly feel awkward, welcome. You’re in good company.” – Brittany Minor

She is a prolific author on topics related to beauty products, self-worth, lifestyle, and civil rights. As a mom, she also discusses products/services relevant to parenting, travel, and family hygiene. Across all her content, she retains a non-judgemental atmosphere.

“My ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’ approach to makeup (and pretty much everything else) is intended to relate to those who are free-spirited and happy in their own skin.” – Brittany Minor

blogger influencers

Image via Clumps of Mascara

Why we love Brittany

blogger influencers

Image via Clumps of Mascara

Brittany’s no-nonsense, genuine style is authentic. She is not afraid to be herself and encourages her readers to do the same. Beauty brands that partner with Brittany are able to connect with everyday customers that love beauty products but are disenchanted with the content that showcases perfect bodies and faces.

3. Arts and Crafts Blogger: Brittni Mehlhoff, Paper and Stitch

Brittni Mehlhoff is an art teacher turned arts and crafts guru and blogger. Her specialty is anything that involves colors and shapes.

“I started this blog back in 2008 to catalog my inspirations and it unexpectedly became my full-time job.” – Brittni Mehlhoff

In her blogs, she shows her readers how to refurbish furniture, create decor, make planters out of household items, and more. In one blog, Brittni journals about converting her favorite smartphone app into wall art.

“With a background in fine art (my BFA is in painting and drawing), I approach the content here on Paper & Stitch the same way I would a painting, with careful consideration mixed with joyful experimentation.” – Brittni Mehlhoff

blogger influencers

Image via Paper and Stitch

Why we love Brittni

Image via Paper and Stitch

Brittni is a versatile crafter. While she prefers to paint and draw, she also transforms entire living spaces, cooks decorative meals, and even designs her own apparel. Brands that further home organization, crafting, and DIY lifestyles love working with Brittni because of her thinking outside of the box style. Also, she is a genius with pastel colors and holiday festivities.

4. Parenting Blogger: Jeff Bogle, OWTK

OWTK stands for “out with the kids.” The blog’s creator, Jeff Bogle, is a professional photographer and single father of two teenage girls. He is also a prolific writer, having been published on Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Traveling Dad, and more.

blogger influencers

Image via OWTK

In addition to his blog, Jeff guests on radio/TV stations and runs his own podcast. Witty, artistic, and caring, it’s no wonder that parents love his content.

blogger influencers

Image via OWTK

Why we love Jeff

blogger influencers

Image via OWTK

As a photographer, Jeff understands color and amazing imagery. Between his lovable photos and relevant written content, audiences appreciate Jeff’s values pertaining to family, child development, and love for life. His parenting blog discusses raising young children, shares helpful resources, and offers compelling journal entries that highlight the challenges of teen parenting. 

5. Nutrition Blogger: Nagina Abdullah, MasalaBody.com

Nagina Abdullah is a working mom that initially gave up trying to maintain fitness and nutrition. But one day, she decided to research diet, health, and wellness. Now, she is one of the nutrition industry’s favorite bloggers.

“I help busy women lose weight, even if you’ve tried everything else and feel like it may be your genes or you’ll have a ‘big-boned’ body until you’re in a rocking chair.” – Nagina Abdullah

Nagina recognizes how hard it is to be a parent, spouse, and corporate employee and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. But thanks to her hard work, she’s discovered an effective balance. She launched her blog to share her secrets and document her journey.

“You don’t have to feel frustrated with eating healthy anymore. I learned the easiest, tastiest way to eat healthy, natural, and anti-inflammatory foods.” – Nagina Abdullah

Why we love Nagina

blogger influencers

Image via Masala Body

Nagina is full of charisma and positivity. Her no-excuse attitude has helped thousands of followers improve their health and lower their weight, despite their busy lifestyles. Nagina caters specifically to working women, but many of her fans are men or stay-at-home parents.

6. Fashion Blogger: Sara Crampton, Harper and Harley

Sara Crampton is one of Australia’s leading fashion bloggers. She is classy and minimalistic with written content laced in beautiful photography.

blogger influencers

Image via Harper and Harley

Sara starred in a reality show called Fashion Bloggers and collaborates with fashion brands like Nike, Gucci, Estée Lauder, and more.

Why we love Sarah

blogger influencers

Image via Harper and Harley

Sarah is elegant and features her wardrobe choices in lifestyle photoshoots. While fashion is her forte, she also offers product reviews and tutorials for make-up, hairstyling products, and accessories.

7. Fitness Blogger: Gina Harney, The Fitnessista

Gina Harney is a blogger and podcast host for fitness, beauty, and nutrition. She struggled years ago to balance family life with healthy living. As she began taking control of her diet and exercise, she started writing and attracting a loyal crop of readers.

“The blog was a little way to share healthy recipes and workouts with some of my personal training clients.” – Gina Harney

blogger influencers

Image via Fitnessista

As a wife, mother, and fitness instructor, Gina builds workout assessments (“What is Your Fitness Personality?”) and fitness roadmaps. Her blogs are transparent and motivating for those determined to live an active lifestyle.

“On this blog, I like to share some daily happenings, as well as quick, effective workouts and healthy recipes.” – Gina Harney

Why we love Gina

blogger influencers

Image via Instagram

Gina is especially relevant today with her home workout routine suggestions and guides. Because more people are struggling to maintain their fitness schedule at a time when they might be nervous to go to a gym, Gina’s readership has grown to include people looking for home-based strength training, aerobics, yoga, and more.

8. Lifestyle Blogger: Amber Clark, Barefoot Blonde

Amber Clark helps her followers from several angles – fashion, health/wellness, travel, and parenting. In each of these industries, she journals about her creative approaches to life and reviews her favorite brands.

“This is my online diary where I document all things from lifestyle, beauty, travel to fashion.” – Amber Clark

Amber has three young children and blogs about her life as a mom and spouse. Her posts are conversational, informative, and mixed with beautiful photography.

“After almost 10 years, Barefoot Blonde has now grown into a place where I document my journey as a twenty-something mom and woman trying to understand this crazy thing we call life.” – Amber Clark

blogger influencers

Image via Barefoot Blonde

Why we love Amber

blogger influencers

Image via Instagram

Amber is one of the most endearing lifestyle blog influencers today. She is an avid endorser of her favorite products and loves to showcase those brands in her posts/blogs. Amber also loves to collaborate with other influencers.

9. DIY Blogger: Chelsea Foy, Lovely Indeed

Chelsea Foy is a contributor for The Spruce Crafts and author of DIY blog, Lovely Indeed. She is bubbly, always smiling, and always creating.

“I make a home for myself and my husband, I make cute babies, I make music, I make things with my hands, I make connections in my community (online and IRL), I make people feel empowered to create loveliness in their everyday.” – Chelsea Foy

Chelsea builds and renovates all kinds of projects, both inside and out. Her blogs show readers how to transform a room, organize closets, restore furniture, and even build patios.

Image via Lovely Indeed

blogger influencers

Image via Lovely Indeed

blogger influencers

Why we love Chelsea

blogger influencers

Image via Lovely Indeed

Chelsea’s “Home Inspiration” blogs are accessible to the average reader, including novice DIY-ers. But she clearly possesses a keen eye for style and project ideas for even the most experienced DIY readers. Her blogs often employ the “listicle” model and make frequent product recommendations that enhance the do-it-yourself lifestyle.

10. Food & Recipe Blogger: Alexandra (Ali) Stafford, Alexandra’s Kitchen

Ali Stafford is the mastermind of Alexandra’s Kitchen, a collection of recipes and musings from an enthusiastic cook.

“In 2006 on a whim, I started Alexandra’s Kitchen, a place for mostly simple, always seasonal recipes.” – Alexandra Stafford

In 2017, Ali’s recipe collection became a published cookbook, Bread Toast Crumbs. She attended cooking school after completing her undergraduate degree, and she contributed to Food52 before becoming famous for Alexandra’s Kitchen.

“I don’t follow any specific diet — Whole30, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Atkins, gluten-free, low-carb, keto, etc. I believe in balance and moderation. I believe in eating humanely raised meats. I believe in eating seasonally, and supporting local, sustainable agriculture within your means.” – Alexandra Stafford

top blogger influencers alexandra's kitchen

Image via Alexandra Cooks

Why we love Ali

best blogger influencers alexandra's kitchen

Image via Instagram

Ali is both prolific in her written content and uses amazing photography. Her recipes are simple across a wide selection of diets, ethnicities, and courses. Lastly, her blog is well-organized with a user-friendly index that allows readers to search recipe keywords on her blog.

In Conclusion

This list of influencers illustrates how active they are in their prospective industry and can provide some great inspiration. Blogger followers are serious about their lifestyles, and partnering with these influencers can have an amazing impact on your bottom line and help you expand your audience.

This article originally appeared in the Grin.co blog and has been published here with permission.

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