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Top 20 E-Commerce Development Agencies Of 2024

Undoubtedly, the demand for responsive yet creative eCommerce websites has boomed over the last few years.

Having an online presence has become a must-have for a business as people are getting comfortable with online shopping. Businesses must ++have a solid online presence with a beautiful website that defines their industry and sets them apart from the competition. 

This list is for you if you’re seeking a reliable eCommerce development company to get a fully functional online store. Here are the best eCommerce development agencies with the skills and experience to build an engaging website focused on converting your audience into paying customers.

These agencies are filtered out of thousands of so-called online eCommerce experts. You will view the real industry experts filtered by their portfolio highlights, testimonials, case studies, reviews, cost, and pricing structure. Would you be ready to find your project's eCommerce development team?

This list highlights the top 20 eCommerce development agencies to choose from. You can start your exploring and find the best match for your business.

1. Absolute Web

Absolute Web, a Miami-based eCommerce agency renowned since 1999, specializes in delivering top-tier web engineering services on platforms like Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, and custom solutions. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, they focus on creating websites and complete digital experiences that resonate in today's online-centric world, focusing on improving ecommerce metrics.

At Absolute Web, they believe in the power of exceptional web experiences and cutting-edge user interactions. Their team, composed of digital strategists, experienced web engineers, UI/UX designers, marketing specialists, and project managers, is all driven by the motto “Let’s Make It Happen.” This mantra underpins their commitment to turning your vision into a digital reality that meets and exceeds expectations.

By partnering with Absolute Web, you choose a team passionate about delivering results and ensuring your business stands out in the competitive online marketplace. Contact Absolute Web today to explore how they can propel your business to new heights with their specialized web development and marketing services.

2. Realm

Realm is a top-rated agency run by one of Shopify’s first experts. They have been building successful stores for clients all over the USA for over 13 years. When you work with Realm, you will quickly realize that your success is their #1 goal. Realm will create an online store for you or your business to convert sales, which they do with a fun approach. The team at Realm is known for their excellent aesthetics, an in-depth understating of visitor’s shopping experiences, and having their fingers on the pulse of what truly works.

Realm’s reputation is hard to beat; with happy clients, countless 5-star reviews, and their track record of significantly increasing their client’s sales, it’s no wonder they are such a sought-after agency. Their ability to create pixel-perfect e-commerce websites and their knack for expert strategic advice is why they are featured on this site. They have worked with top brands like Freewaters, zkano, CoolSnowGlobes, Good Earth Soap, Sunrise Flour Mill, Sweet Jasmine’s Pet Shop, FullFlight Racing, and many more. 

Realm offers store setups, development, store migrations, full creativity, branding, theme development, app development, SEO, digital marketing, and every service you need to get your shop up and running. 

3. GetDevDone

GetDevDone is a leading custom development agency that has been providing top-quality web development services for over 17 years. They are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive in today’s fast digital world. 

Their team of experts has delivered hundreds of successful e-commerce projects ready to build engaging, customer-centric online stores for your business. If you’re just getting started and want an eCommerce solution that delivers on time, is budget-friendly, and works to the highest quality standard, the GetDevDone team has everything for you.

Whether you want your store on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, or a completely custom e-commerce solution, their diverse and skilled team of developers is ready to help you. You can contact GetDevDone and get a quote for your e-commerce business. 

4. Flying V Group

Founded in 2015, Flying V Group is one of the best full-service digital marketing agencies specializing in revenue generation, profitability scaling, and expert marketing consulting.

Today, Flying V Group has become one of the biggest independent digital marketing agencies supporting clients' multi-channel marketing goals. Since their humble beginning, they have grown into 20+ employees with headquarters in Los Angeles and a diverse team of experts with multiple locations worldwide. In 2023, Clutch awarded Flying V Group as one of the top Global advertising agencies.

Suppose you’re looking for a renowned eCommerce or B2B development agency with a skilled team with years of experience and a deep understanding of revenue generation. In that case, Flying V Group is your team. Contact them today and see how they can help your business.

5. Uncap

Based in Chicago, Uncap is a professional eCommerce development agency and a certified Shopify Plus Partner. They excel in crafting responsive, seamless, brand-focused, and data-driven eCommerce websites by leveraging modern creative technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences through their service.

Whether you want to Migrate to Shopify or are considering a completely new store upgrade, Uncap has your cover. As a Shopify Plus Partner, they are specialists in delivering robust, powerful, and impactful solutions to eCommerce brands who want rapid growth, customer-centric designs, scalability, or migration from other eCommerce platforms.

Their team of skilled and experienced developers is ready to make your eCommerce idea a real commercial success. Contact Uncap today and see how they can transform your eCommerce store into a success.

6. Friction Studio

Friction Studio is a leading Shopify agency with a professional team of developers, designers, strategists, and Shopify experts.

Brands with the potential to grow and dominate are their primary focus. Friction Studio works with DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) brands in different industries, such as fitness, supplements, beauty, lifestyle, and CBD on Shopify. However, if you don’t fall under these niches, don’t worry – they’re open to exploring new places and working with new businesses. 

Their detail-oriented process allows them to deliver the best results on your storefront. They believe in a systematic and strategic approach in all their services. Their working style may vary from other agencies, but their process-oriented approach remains well-documented, structured, and proven to deliver timely results. Friction Studio is the agency to hire if you want to transform your DTC brand into a leading one.


MOTIF® is an Incubator company started as a full-service strategic branding and advertising agency focused on helping luxury, fashion, and beauty brands grow faster online with their growth-focused strategies, branding, powerful creative social media ideas, and marketing strategies. They have been one of the top-rated Shopify Experts since 2015 and have been recognized by the industry for their exceptional but unique services.

Unlike other eCommerce/DTC marketing and advertising agencies, MOTIF® has its unique approach, planning strategies, and service lines.

MOTIF® utilizes dynamic duos to make your brand stand out and beat your competition regarding creativeness, engagement, and design. Here it goes Brand X Product, Strategy X Design, Data Analyst X Technologist.

Suppose you own a luxury, fashion, or beauty-related eCommerce store and want to scale the brand with better marketing, unique branding, and exceptional customer experience. In that case, MOTIF® is your agency to hire.

8. Prime Apps

Established in 2011, Prime Apps started with the mission to provide top-quality IT services and products to businesses worldwide. Prime Apps has a philosophy that works as a center point for every product they make or service they provide.

They are a globally recognized development agency with 250+ clients and a team of 100+ professional, creative, and experienced people. Prime Apps is your agency to hire if you’re a business owner who prefers direct and transparent communication. They provide complete eCommerce solutions, UX/UI optimization, CRO, product management, Mobile and OTT app development, and Tech support.

9. Lezzat

Lezzat is a full-service Amazon marketing agency based in Reading, UK, and offices in Athens, Greece, providing Amazon A-Z services worldwide. The team at Lezzat specializes in growing Amazon sales for small/medium/large businesses worldwide.

Their team comprises marketing specialists, designers, professional photographers, and consultants ready to help you with the complexities of selling on Amazon. Lezzat is an agency created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, with some of the world’s leading consumer brands and start-ups as our clients.

Their services include Amazon marketing, listing SEO optimization, PPC and DSP ad optimization, and creative content development, including photography, product videos, infographics, and overall store design and optimization.

Suppose you’re a business owner frustrated with the complex selling process of Amazon, and looking for a professional Amazon expert to help you with this. In that case, Lezzat is the agency you should hire.

10. Fyresite

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Fyresite is a professional web and app development agency that goes beyond strategy and action. They build creative design ideas to ensure your business website stands out from the competition and provides a unique customer experience to your visitors.

Their specialization in e-commerce development is focused on creating high-quality custom websites and platforms tailored to your business’s unique requirements. The team at Fyresite focuses on delivering user-friendly, visually appealing, and functional e-commerce solutions. Their web team has decades of experience handling complex integrations, plugin development, UX/UI designing, custom themes, and CRM automation.

Fyrsite has a strong A+ rating on BBB and has won multiple awards, such as Upcity National Excellence Award Winner 2021 and Clutch's Top Firms in Arizona 2021. Shopify Plus Partner since January 2022. If you’re looking for an experienced, industry-renowned development agency for your e-commerce business, Fyrsite is the agency you should hire.

11. WebMeridian

WebMeridian is a professional full-service Magento development agency focused on helping businesses with web development, delivery, and support of eCommerce solutions. Their team is made up of highly skilled, experienced developers and engineers ready to handle all the technical aspects of your project and provide customized solutions per the unique requirements of your business and industry.

They have multiple offices throughout Europe, and their team is fluent in English and German. The team at WebMeridian focuses on developing a smooth workflow by clearly understanding your problems and needs from the start. They are experts in Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, React.js, and many other framework-based solutions – with Magento as their core technology solution.

They've got you all covered from analysis to consulting, concept and architecture, development to testing, maintenance, or support. Please reach out to WebMeridian today and get a quote for your eCommerce business.

12. Operation Technology

Operation Technology is one of the leading e-commerce web design and development agencies helping businesses generate more revenue from their websites by providing them with a tailored website that aligns with the psychology of their customers. 

If you’re looking for an agency to help you build creative, high-converting, and professional e-commerce stores, Operation Technology has the team to make your dream a reality. With years of experience in delivering successful e-commerce projects, their team is ready to replicate that success for your business and make your e-commerce website beat out your competition.

Their skilled and experienced designers are ready to develop your website and fulfill your customers' needs. Contact Operation Technology and see how they can help your business.

13. Ecomm Growth Strategies

Ecomm Growth Strategies is focused on helping businesses with top-notch e-commerce growth strategies and solutions. With over a decade of experience, they have helped hundreds of companies grow their reach (locally and internationally) and increase their revenue. They’re data-driven and provide e-commerce growth services that’ll counter all your obstacles in your e-commerce journey. 

They are official Shopify experts and partners and provide all Shopify development services for businesses of all sizes. From scratch theme building to optimization, marketing to maintenance, migrating websites from other platforms, or improving your stores for speed, they are your Shopify Experts who have all your e-commerce solutions under one roof. 

With over 16 years of experience and a proven track record of helping leading brands go above double-digit growth, Ecomm Growth Strategies is the right agency for your brand to grow and expand online.

14. Team Rhino Marketing Consultants

Team Rhino is a leading Shopify web development agency based in Dubai that provides services in Europe and the GCC region. 

They are officially partnered With Shopify, Omnisend, Meta, and Google and have a team of experts ready to take your brand in front of your ideal audience and bring in a flood of customers. Their unique and convincing designs, customer-centric UX/UI designs, and strategies make them one of the best agencies to hire for e-commerce development and marketing in the region.

Team Rhino has over a decade of experience helping B2B and B2C businesses – so you’re not in the wrong hands. Contact them today and get a growth plan for your e-commerce business.

15. Blue Bee Web, Inc

They understand that a solid online presence is essential in this digital era. A well-thought and well-made brand is the face of a successful business. The team at Blue Bee Web is ready to help you fill the gap between your products and your ideal audience.

It's essential to make your customers trust your brand, and that starts with a robust, creative, and convincing website – which Blue Bee Web is an expert in creating. Blue Bee Web is the solution to boost your online store's growth, from in-depth analytics to perfectly designed websites to the most robust payment gateways and software integrations.

16. VT Labs

VT Labs, founded in 2016 by a father-son duo, is an e-commerce software development company with a visionary approach to building creative and efficient online stores. VT Labs is a certified Shopify Partner and ranks in the top three Shopify development agencies worldwide on Clutch.

The VT Labs team recognizes a market gap and uses its expertise and strategy to fill that – while many agencies focus solely on marketing or design. They have delivered dozens of successful projects, helping clients reach their goals and objectives worldwide with innovative and scalable solutions.

Their team provides full-scale development services, delivering custom eCommerce solutions to help your online store grow and generate more sales online. VT Labs is your option if you’re looking for a professional, globally recognized eCommerce development agency. Get in touch with them and get a quote for your business.

17. Novatize

Novatize started its journey in 2014. At the time, the eCommerce giant bubble was marked by the evolution of traditional commerce and the rise of Amazon. Novatize has helped thousands of businesses seize opportunities and make them thrive and grow in their respective niches. From complex B2B online operations to tailored e-commerce solutions, the skilled team at Novatize  has the skills to make you the next big thing in the world of e-commerce.

Novatize follows a proven process to ensure quality results, faster communication, and on-time delivery for their projects. They have worked with different organizations that strive to create products leading towards building a better world with one sale at a time.

If you’re looking for a reputed e-commerce development expert, Novatize is the agency you should hire. Contact them now and see how they can help your business.

18. Hatimeria

They are based in Kraków, Poland. Hatimeria is a software agency with over a decade of experience in development and coding. They provide all the ecommerce solutions. From Shopify to Magento, Adobe Commerce, Optimizely, and BigCommerce, they help their clients develop their e-commerce stores, build apps, optimize pages, and launch in new markets.

Whatever your requirement or goal is, their team of experts is ready to help you with all your e-commerce needs. They are a team of skilled developers committed to your business growth. With Haimeria, there are no ifs or buts – the job must get done.

The longer your project takes, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the client's satisfaction level, yet they deliver on time and ensure you have a positive experience. Hatimeria is your one-stop solution for everything e-commerce and at your fingertips. Please reach out to them today and get a quote for your business.

19. Stridec

Are you looking for a trusted Shopify expert agency that is a true expert in designing, building, and optimizing your Shopify store to get more traffic, generate more sales, and build loyal customers for your business? Well, your haunt is over. 

Stridec is a top-rated, officially Shopify-partnered agency in Asia ready to unleash the power of Shopify for your business and make your online store excellent, efficient, and more convincing through its proven strategies, designs, and execution.

If you’re a Shopify store owner and want a Shopify agency to help you transform your store, Stridec is the right agency. Their team of Shopify experts have decades of combined experience and unique strategies that make your store different from others and bring in more revenue – thanks to their marketing strategies. Contact Stridec today and get a quote for your e-commerce business.

20. LAD Solutions

Based in Los Angeles, LAD Solutions is a nationally recognized full-service digital agency with years of experience building and growing successful e-commerce stores. As the competition in the e-commerce industry continues to grow, you must ensure your e-commerce store isn’t left behind in the race. With the experts at LAD Solutions, your e-commerce business not only stands out from the crowd but also transforms into a money-maker machine – thanks to their proven strategies, web designs, ideas, and execution.

I specialize in search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, and web design and development. It’s their mission to convert their clients' dreams into reality. If you want a professional ecommerce development agency that understands modern technologies and designs, LAD Solution is the agency to hire.

Social Media Management, Google Penalty Removal, Online Reputation Management, and Small Business Consulting are other services offered.


Choosing the right e-commerce agency is a tough chance for businesses looking for professional assistance for their e-commerce businesses. It’s a tough decision that will significantly impact your eCommerce growth and success.

By partnering with a reliable and professional e-commerce agency, you get access to a team of talented and skilled developers who understand what it takes to succeed in the e-commerce industry. 

From creative web designs to flowless functionality and development, these agencies have the experience and expertise to take your store to the next level of growth and success.

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