The Secret Sauce Of Successful Online Stores: Top 5 eCommerce Development Agencies To Watch In 2023

In recent years eCommerce influenced businesses to boost significantly. Thus online shopping experience has gained immense popularity; it is essential to ensure that an eCommerce website is fast, user-friendly, and ranks higher on Google.

Converting an eCommerce store into an unforgettable online shopping experience requires web development expertise. Thus hiring a professional eCommerce website development agency will help build custom-made online solutions promoting your business and gaining new clients worldwide. 

How to Choose an E-commerce Development Company?

With thousands of eCommerce website development agencies available on the market, selecting the right company that shares your retail vision is quite a tricky mission, ensuring a better feel for your products. The choice is yours and requires thoroughly examining some crucial questions. You must consider multiple factors and ensure that a definite eCommerce development agency best fulfills your project’s criteria to succeed in a highly competitive eCommerce market.

Here are a few valuable tips for finding an eCommerce development partner when you turn your idea into a retail business.

Become a market researcher

Google knows everything. Do Google research on eCommerce web development companies, but try not to look for big famous companies. You can instead focus on middle-size development companies with 5+ years of experience. 

Due to market research, you can identify your needs and critical requirements, scope of work, and time.
The next step is to examine their website, which reflects their expertise. Their website should be stunning, responsive, easy to use, and organized so you can access information, navigate and transact effortlessly. Having a top-quality website, a development agency can provide first-class service. 

After checking the website and design, choose 3-5 companies that positively impact your intuition.

It is all about Portfolio

Asking an eCommerce development agency for relevant cases is always a great start for me. They may provide and clarify more details about their previous projects for you to estimate whether it is similar or related to yours. After you view their portfolio, you can rate their skills and expertise. Also, it is essential to understand from the start if the agency is worth your time. Contact an eCommerce development company directly because not all experience can be on their website due to NDA obligations. Ask them honestly what issues the vendor experienced on the project, plus what technical solutions were implemented. The portfolio has to walk you through it, giving you a better sense of the specific scope of projects they have expertise.

Review the CVs of developers.

Launching a winning project requires engaging the right team. When you join a web development agency, the positive result will depend on the developers and designers responsible for the implementation. Could you ask the company to provide you with the CVs of the team members assigned to your project to be aware of their strong and weak points? As an entrepreneur, you can also interview and set expectations for creative input and process improvement.

What does an eCommerce Development Company Do?

ECommerce development is all about designing, creating, QA testing, and maintaining online stores. An eCommerce developer manages all the technical aspects, such as performance, adaptivity, and security, ensuring that the online solution responds to the demands and requirements of the vendor.

Developing an online shop is usually challenging, engaging not only eCommerce web developers but also designers, marketing managers, and QA testers. An experienced eCommerce website development company will ensure your customers' involvement and high-income match current best practices and trends.

E-commerce Development Company Services

Launching an eCommerce online store is just a start in digitizing your retail business. The solution needs to be thoroughly supervised and maintained. Pre- and post-launch maintenance services are essential because any technological downfalls lead to revenue loss without delay. 

To ensure smooth performance, the agency should offer support services, such as managing productivity, evaluating user experience and revenue, and, most importantly, ensuring the security of your eCommerce online store. They also should provide a 24/7 support team for any emergencies. 

Your eCommerce solution might require services like server management or digital marketing support. Every time search for a partner that can suggest more than what is mentioned, ensuring current and future expectations are responded to.

List of Top 5 eCommerce  Development Companies

The highly competitive eCommerce web development market can easily confuse retail entrepreneurs in hiring the right provider. We carefully selected the top 5 eCommerce development companies through extensive research and analysis. So it is easier for you to hire the best agency and create an outstanding online eCommerce solution for your buyers.

IT Delight

IT Delight is a leading web development company in Ukraine that has provided a wide range of eCommerce services since 2012. The team boasts 35+ certified specialists and 60+ developers who work on complex projects, creating cutting-edge solutions. They aim to meet all of the client’s unique needs and requirements.
IT Delight has been focused on eCommerce solutions and Magento/Shopware development. It is an exclusive Shopware Business partner in Ukraine. IT Delight creates custom websites optimized for search engines, secure from hackers, and easy to use.

IT Delight has experience working in B2B and B2C sectors, carrying out projects for healthcare, jewelry, fashion, furniture, and many more industries. The geography of clients includes the USA, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, etc.

Location: Ukraine

E-commerce development services by IT Delight 

  • eCommerce Testing
  • eCommerce Consulting
  • eCommerce Custom Website Design
  • eCommerce Implementation
  • eCommerce Audit and Support
  • B2B Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • eCommerce Marketplace
  • eCommerce Management
  • Dedicated Teams


As an eCommerce services provider, IT Delight helps you build your online presence and maximize the success of your business. It provides you with strategy, support, and tools to succeed online.

  • eCommerce developers with 10+ years of experience.
  • Certified developers onboard
  • Excellent knowledge of B2C and B2B specifics.
  • Full-service web development.
  • Custom software development services.


ScienceSoft is the leader in the software development industry in making great software. With over 30 years of experience in custom software development, the company knows the needs of mid-sized and large companies and builds eCommerce solutions for growth and scalability.

The company specializes in technology, including big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, data science, augmented and virtual reality, and blockchain.

Locations: North America, Europe, Gulf


  • 750+ in-house IT experts
  • 34 years in IT business
  • 3,600 projects completed
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and IEC 62304 compliant processes

List of Services

  • ECommerce Technology Consulting
  • Microservices-based eCommerce development
  • Headless Commerce Development
  • eCommerce Mobile App Development
  • Custom UX and UI design
  • eCommerce audit, support, and evolution


GoMage is a recognized eCommerce development company, PWAs empowerer, and Adobe Solution Partner with a passion for chasing ambitious goals and helping innovation-seeking online merchants worldwide achieve theirs. GoMage has developed GoPWA — GoMage PWA Storefront — a plug-and-play solution built on Magento PWA Studio. It allows businesses to turn their Magento 2 websites into full-fledged progressive web applications while cutting expenses by more than half and accelerating development.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas


  • All-in-one-agency solution
  • Adobe-certified engineers
  • GoMage has been contributing to the Magento ecosystem for eleven years
  • Brand development services include the creation of a visual identity, formulating strategies, and more.

List of Services

  • PWA Development
  • Magento Development
  • Speed Optimization
  • Magento 2 Migrations
  • Magento Consulting
  • Web Design


Vasterra is a client-centric software development company that creates custom digital solutions that bring tangible results. They work in eCommerce, retail, and real estate, helping companies connect with valuable users and customers through reliable software. They also allow enterprise companies to streamline their software projects and integrate digital technology into their business.

Headquarters: London, England


  • Client-centric software development company.
  • Fit for various fields, including eCommerce, healthcare, finance, and real estate.
  • Vasterra helps businesses from all over the world.
  • 24/7 support

List of Services

  • Custom software development. 
  • App development. Cross-platform mobile apps. 
  • They are improving legacy code.
  • ERP, CRM, and LMS development solutions.


Amasty is a leading Magento extension builder focusing on innovation and exceptional customer support. It helps thousands of retailers scale their businesses to the next level, 

For 13+ years, Amasty has been into eCommerce, developing new technical solutions to address digital issues. They have developed 280+ extensions and services for all kinds of retail needs.

Location: an international company based in Nicosia, Cyprus


  • Full-cycle Magento development
  • 14+ years of Magento development experience
  • 280+ Magento extensions developed
  • Fast time-to-market and Amasty Loyalty Program.

List of Services

  • Magento Development Services 
  • Magento Optimization Services 
  • Magento Maintenance Services
  • Magento Integration Services
  • Magento Upgrade Services
  • Shopify Services
  • WooCommerce Services
  • QA Testing Services

Wrapping up

There are many factors to consider when finding an ideal eCommerce development company. However, to ensure a smooth and engaging shopping experience for your users and increase brand recognition and customer satisfaction, you must partner with a trusted eCommerce website development company, which will deliver a high-quality online solution and offer post-development support.

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