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Top 7 E-commerce App Development Agencies

Choosing the right eCommerce app development agency is a critical decision that can make or break your online business in today's highly competitive digital landscape, where mobile commerce sales are projected to reach a staggering $7.08 trillion by 2027

Are you considering taking your business online?

Today, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for any successful business. 

But where do you start? 

That's where an e-commerce app development company comes to your rescue! 

They can help you craft a tailored, high-performing e-commerce platform that aligns perfectly with your business goals, enhances your online presence, and optimizes the customer experience.

But how do you choose the right technology partner for your needs? 

Join us as we explore the top e-commerce app development companies and learn how to make the best choice for your business's future.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right eCommerce app development agency is crucial for the success of your online business in today's competitive digital landscape.
  • An experienced eCommerce app development team can handle diverse challenges, navigate tricky situations, and provide proven solutions to keep your project progressing smoothly.
  • Experienced teams possess extensive knowledge of the eCommerce industry, understanding customer needs and what works best, which is pivotal in achieving success.
  • Security is a top priority when selecting an eCommerce app development company to build your online store, as it protects your business and customers' sensitive information.
  • The article provides a list of the top 7 eCommerce app development agencies, including Wegile, which is recognized as a leader in eCommerce development by various rating platforms.

Top 7 E-commerce App Development Agencies

#1. Wegile

Wegile is a top e-commerce app development company recognized by Clutch, Upwork, and numerous other rating platforms as a leader in e-commerce development. It aims to help businesses elevate their online game by crafting customized eCommerce apps that meet their clients’ expectations. With a proud team of over 250 eCommerce experts skilled in offering high-quality services, Wegile takes care of everything, from Idea to Planning, Design, Development, Release, and Project Management, all under one roof!

Wegile has developed high-end eCommerce apps like Charged Up, Kooli Mooli, and Hair Bar NYC, among many others. Their eCommerce apps are packed with complex features, including user profiling, highlighting new arrivals & and sale products, cart management, in-app purchases, push notifications, order tracking, and many more.

Their work has been recognized in developing another exceptional eCommerce platform, Helix, which is a top reward management-based eCommerce platform used by major banks of the world, including HSBC and ATB, for reward point redemption, allowing users to exchange points for various products like gadgets, travel tickets, and appliances.

Wegile is a top pick for creating e-commerce apps, and here's why:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Wegile has a highly skilled team of developers who are experienced in making custom web and mobile apps for online stores. With their extensive experience in e-commerce app development, they ensure high-quality solutions cater to each business's needs.
  2. Proven Track Record: Wegile has a history of delivering innovative e-commerce solutions, consistently boosting user engagement and maintaining customer loyalty.
  3. Agile Development Methodology: Wegile is committed to agile practices, ensuring excellent communication with all stakeholders and maintaining thorough documentation throughout the development process. This ensures projects are delivered on time without compromising quality.
  4. Business Know-How: With over a decade of expertise in digital solutions, Wegile is well-equipped to help e-commerce businesses of any size expand and thrive.

#2. Soft Suave

Soft Suave is a leading mobile app and eCommerce web development company based in the USA, with offices in India and Australia. They specialize in creating custom web and mobile apps that are efficient and functional. With expertise in mobile and web app development, cloud computing, and product engineering, Soft Suave excels in providing tailored solutions specifically designed to meet your business needs. 

#3. DexDel InfoTech Private Limited

DexDel is among the top eCommerce mobile app development companies renowned for crafting exceptional apps for various businesses. Recognized as one of the best choices by DesignRush, DexDel boasts a proven track record of success, consistently delivering innovative solutions that enhance user engagement and drive sales. Their expertise in developing high-quality, user-centric applications makes them a preferred partner for companies looking to elevate their digital presence.

#4. Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce, based in New York City, is a specialized eCommerce development agency that provides custom eCommerce solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Boasting a team of knowledgeable eCommerce experts proficient in developing eCommerce platforms, Elogic Commerce offers a range of high-quality services, including custom development, platform migration, website design, and integration. This allows them to meet the diverse needs of their clients, ensuring robust and scalable eCommerce solutions that drive business growth.

#5. Bridge Global Inc.

Bridge Global Inc., a top-tier custom eCommerce development company, has been delivering innovative software solutions for years. Their dedicated development teams are adept at understanding and meeting the vision and expectations of clients worldwide. With core operations in the Netherlands, Bridge Global is renowned for its professional approach and high-quality services, consistently ensuring that each project aligns perfectly with client needs and global standards.

#6. WDI – A Mobile App Development

WDI offers a comprehensive range of tech services, including web design, website development, analytics, digital marketing, and e-commerce mobile app development. With a talented team, they’re efficient in turning their clients' ideas into reality, creating advanced websites and innovative mobile apps using the latest technologies. WDI is known for its reliable, affordable, and fast services, making it a go-to provider for businesses looking to enhance their digital presence efficiently.

#7. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT company offering exceptional eCommerce app development services. They specialize in creating customized, scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. BR Softech is known for its high-quality digital solutions worldwide, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to deliver robust, user-centric applications.

How to Choose the Best E-commerce App Development Agency?

Selecting the right team to develop your eCommerce app involves more than just the initial creation; it’s about choosing a partner who will provide ongoing support to ensure smooth operation even after the launch. In this discussion, we'll explore why robust support is crucial and how it contributes to keeping your eCommerce app functioning effectively.

#1. Portfolio with Past work

When picking a team to create your online store app, it's important to see what they've done before. Why is it important?

Looking at their past work helps you understand what they're good at. By seeing their previous projects, you can tell if their apps are visually appealing and user-friendly. This approach is essential for determining whether a development team can create the specific type of app you envision for your online store.

#2. Experience and Expertise

When picking an eCommerce app team, experience and expertise matter. Here's why:

#1. Facing Challenges: 

A team with extensive experience is typically well-equipped to handle the diverse challenges arising during the development process. Their familiarity with a range of issues means they can swiftly navigate tricky situations, applying proven solutions to keep your project progressing smoothly.

#2. Understanding Your Needs: 

A team with extensive experience brings invaluable benefits to your project. Having encountered a wide array of challenges, such dedicated professionals are adept at quickly identifying and resolving complex issues, ensuring your project remains on track.

#3. Proven Success: 

A track record of successful projects is a strong indicator of a team’s capabilities. Reviewing their portfolio and client testimonials provides insights into their expertise and the quality of their work. 

#4. Staying Up-to-Date:

In the fast-evolving tech landscape, staying current with the latest trends and tools is crucial. An experienced team stays up-to-date with the latest technology, ensuring your app incorporates modern features and functionalities.

#5. Insider Knowledge:
Experienced teams possess extensive knowledge of the eCommerce industry. They understand what customers want and what works best in the industry. Their informed advice can be pivotal in navigating the complexities of the eCommerce world and achieving success.

In short, choosing an eCommerce app team with lots of experience and expertise is a smart move. 

#3. Security Measures

When choosing who will build your online store app, security is super important. Here's why:

In today's digital age, cyber threats are more prevalent and sophisticated, making robust security measures indispensable. Your app will handle sensitive data such as customer names, addresses, and payment details. 

Without strong security, this data can get stolen or accessed by hackers, which could seriously harm your business.

Choosing a development team that prioritizes security is essential. A competent team will implement industry-standard security practices to safeguard your app. These measures include:

  • Data Encryption: Encrypting data ensures that sensitive information remains secure and unreadable to unauthorized users.
  • Strong Authentication Mechanisms: Implementing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication helps prevent unauthorized access.
  • Regular Security Audits: Continuous testing and monitoring for vulnerabilities help address potential security issues promptly.

#4. Support And Maintеnancе

When you're picking a team to build your eCommerce app, it's important to think about what happens once they’ve built it.

You'll need to ensure that your app is functioning well. Whether it's fixing bugs, making updates, or dealing with technical issues, having reliable support means your app stays up and running without interruptions.

Today, everything is getting faster, and long downtime will affect your business.  

That's why it's important to have a support team that fixes problems quickly so your app stays available and works well. Security is also a big worry. Hackers are always trying to break into apps and steal information. Regular updates help keep your app safe and protect your customers' data from getting stolen.

#5. Technology stack

While picking a team to build your online store app, it's important to know what technology they'll use. 

The technology utilized by your development team critically impacts your app's performance and scalability. Opting for the latest and most flexible technologies ensures that your app can accommodate the increasing number of users and manage more data efficiently without compromising on speed or user experience.

The technology employed should also integrate seamlessly with other systems and services. This interoperability enables your app to connect with various tools and databases, enhancing its utility for both your business operations and customer experience.


Selecting the right ecommerce app development company is crucial to the success of your online business. To make an informed decision, it is important to consider various factors such as the company's previous work, experience, security measures, support, cost, and technology expertise. By doing so, you can choose a reliable e-commerce partner like Wegile, who can help you develop an app that meets your expectations and impresses your customers. Wegile meets all the criteria that we have discussed, making them an excellent choice for your ecommerce needs. However, it is important to take your time, conduct thorough research, and choose a company that can set your business on the path to success.

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