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Top 3 AI Tools For Students And Their Functionality

AI essay generators open up limitless possibilities for students.

They are capable of automating the writing process and generating the ingenious ideas and content you need. In this review, we will look at the top 3 services that are indispensable aids to students today. Of course, innovative technologies won’t replace teachers' knowledge, but they will allow students to get quality and fast help. So, let's get started!

  1. Papertyper – if you need to improve your writing – 4.9/5
  2. ChatGPT – if you need quick examples – 4.7/5
  3. Explain like I’m 5 – if you need to improve your knowledge in a simple way – 4.5/5

Papertyper.net – 4.9/5

This website provides access to useful tools that can automate and improve academic writing. The platform is characterized by its powerful artificial intelligence capabilities. The paper writer platform helps students learn, generate a variety of papers, check the papers for uniqueness and presence of errors, and so on. While using the website, you will get quality writing that is informative and academically correct. You can be sure that your papers will impress your professors and your work will be appreciated. 

The service developers are passionate about providing proficient help to students and making their studying easier. They offered this website as a one-stop place for all the necessary tools for writing. They know from personal experience that students can get stuck in the writing process for long periods. So, they decided to create something useful that would relieve students of this uncomfortable feeling. It is worth noting that these developers have succeeded 100%, as we give the tool a score of 4.9 out of 5. Reviews about the website are highly positive. The site has been on the market for a long time and is characterized by safety, high quality, and security. The paper writer website respects the laws of intellectual property, and all the tools provided by this program are legal. 

The main features 

PaperTyper differs favorably from other websites by several features, namely:

  • AI Essay Writer uses advanced algorithms to generate papers using authoritative sources;
  • Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers offer detailed reports, providing a great opportunity to learn from your own mistakes and improve your work to perfection;
  • The website offers unlimited access to all tools;
  • The site has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use;
  • The tools have customizable options that allow you to adjust the result to your preferences, ensuring that the content you create is completely in line with your style; 
  • Knowledge Base provided on the site allows you to get all the necessary information about the basic principles of creating academic papers. Information is conveniently divided into subcategories. Thanks to this resource, you will be able to speed up the process of creating papers and find quick solutions to improve it. It provides all the relevant information about essay writing, researching, and citing. 

Tools provided 

The service provides students with essential tools such as: 

  1. AI essay generator. It is a universal assistant for any student. This tool will allow you to say goodbye to writing problems and mistakes in your papers. With its help, you can significantly improve the quality of your papers, generate useful material, and write essays. AI Essay Writer will offer you the best ideas for your writing tasks and help you learn everything you need about your topic. There is a free version available on the website to learn whether you want to use this tool. Then, you can use the updated version, which handles the most complex topics perfectly. You will need to pay only $5 for it. It is quite affordable, even for a student on a tight budget. 
  2. Grammar Checker. You can use this tool to quickly check your papers for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Even if you are a professional writer, it is always a good idea to check your work for errors. 
  3. Citation Generator. The tool allows you to format citations quickly according to any style you require. There is no need to learn the intricacies of citation and spend hours perfecting your reference list.
  4. Plagiarism Checker. Easily correct the uniqueness of your academic materials. With the help of this reliable tool, you can find out the exact percentage of uniqueness and detect the slightest traces of plagiarism, allowing you to improve and perfect your papers.

In this way, thanks to this essay writer service, you will be able to get all the tools you need for your academic tasks.

ChatGPT – 4.7/5

For the students, ChatGPT has opened up new possibilities. If we look at this tool in the right way, it can become an opportunity to automate the writing process and gain essential knowledge. Let's take a closer look at some of the key features and functionalities. 

1. Personalized learning. 

It is a good tool for learning different languages, basic programming skills, and more. AI provides simple learning that students can benefit from. One of the platform's distinctive methods of customization is its unique learning style and the personalized recommendations students receive based on their requests. They get quick answers and samples to important questions they may have about the subjects they are studying.

2. Exam Preparation. 

ChatGPT can be your assistant that will prepare you perfectly for your exams. Use it as a tool to create practice questions and get feedback on your answers. The resource will help you identify the areas you should focus on and become a kind of online guide for you to get useful study material.  

Another aspect of this – exam preparation is its ability to provide targeted grammar exercises. These are provided instantly, reducing your study time. Thus, your preparation for tests and exams will be much easier.

3. Writing Help. 

Students are well aware that writing papers or even just doing homework can be a challenging task. It requires a lot of intellectual and time effort. This is where this chat can help, allowing students to easily generate ideas that they can quickly retrieve and use. You can also use the service to check your materials for grammar and spelling. The service provides you with effective methods to improve your writing style and help you create your papers. Still, keep in mind that this chat doesn’t have access to all resources. That is why not all generated information can be considered correct. Remember to double-check it.


To get the content you want:

  1. Write the correct prompt in chat.
  2. If you want to get an essay, enter a topic and write the structure you want to get. You can use this option or refine it.
  3. Add your data to the material and edit the result.


  • Provides easy and interesting learning for students who enjoy a conversational style;
  • Saves time searching for relevant information;
  • Generates lots of ideas for writing content;
  • Provides quick preparation for exams.


  • Information provided must be verified as there may be inaccuracies;
  • Requires careful writing of prompts;
  • there is a fee for a more advanced version.


Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5) is a platform that helps students turn complex questions into simple answers. The resource was created by a team of enthusiasts who are convinced that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, especially students. Accordingly, to achieve this goal, a lightweight and user-friendly AI tool has been created that can easily simplify the process of mastering even the most complex material. 

The service provides users with 24/7 access to a personal AI tutor that can help them with any topic they are interested in. The site has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to simplify even complex topics. 

This website is characterized by several key features, namely: 

  • Optimized artificial intelligence. The program generates difficult-to-understand concepts in simple and understandable language, conveniently organizing complex information into categories;
  • individual levels. The service adapts answers to the user's selected level of intelligence, which makes it especially flexible for students with different levels of knowledge;
  • Wide range of topics. The platform covers a wide range of topics, allowing students to enrich their knowledge in a variety of areas;
  • Humorous tone. The resource operates with humor to provide students with an easy and engaging user experience.

Integration with lessons 

The service can be used in a variety of formats. Students can download the application to their phones and use it on their personal computers to work on lessons, which is convenient for students. This option saves students time because they can access the service from anywhere at any time, which also allows them to learn at their own pace. 

Covers a wide range of subjects

Another important advantage of this service is that it can be used for a wide range of subjects, from the exact sciences to the humanities. This feature makes a universal AI program for students, which will be an ideal assistant for studying any subject. The service is a great compilation of useful learning materials such as articles, videos, and tests so that students can get information in different formats. 

Free Trial

ELI5 offers a free trial period to help you experience all the benefits. This option allows you to test the tool before you sign up for a paid subscription and find out if it meets your needs. You can also explore the functionality of the platform, such as customization options, lesson planning features, and progress monitoring, to decide which options you need to incorporate into your learning plan. 


Developers understand that not all students can afford to pay for this resource. The pricing policy is designed to make the tool affordable for everyone. By choosing this service, you are supporting the development of one of the best AI tools and making it available to a large number of users around the world. 


We have looked at three of the best AI services for students. The highest-rated tool in our ranking is Papertyper. It has a lot of useful features for students, such as an AI essay writer, grammar checker, citation generator, and plagiarism checker. This website is perfect for various study purposes.

Explain Like I'm 5 and ChatGPT also offer perks for students. Chat provides access to a wide range of information and supports communication with artificial intelligence, which can help solve problems and find answers to questions. The first option skillfully explains complex concepts in simple language, helping students better understand the material and improve their knowledge.

Overall, today's AI tools make learning much easier for students and help them cope by automating routine and complex tasks. While Papertyper stands out in this list as a feature-rich website, the other two options offer help that complements and enriches the educational process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI essay generator legal for students?

The developer company adheres to intellectual property laws, and this means that the AI generator is completely legal and safe for users. 

The websites above are safe to use for certain reasons:

  1. They create original content using machine learning algorithms, which eliminates the possibility of copyright infringement.
  2. The generated content can be used as a starting point for your research, as they aren’t copies of other people's work.
  3. Using an AI generator can help students develop writing skills and improve their analytical thinking and ability to structure their thoughts.

Thus, these websites are useful and legitimate help if you only use it as an inspiration for your work.

How to use AI essay generator?

Here are some recommendations on how to use this service: 

  • Use tools with a good reputation. We mentioned the best services above; 
  • Be aware of the limitations of AI. Know that sometimes AI can make mistakes by generating general information. So be sure to check all AI-generated content before using it;
  • Remember that content AI generators can be a great tool for inspiration, but they shouldn’t completely replace human creativity. Therefore, you shouldn’t resort to using AI. 

Don't forget that the best content is created by humans and AI working together.

Is AI essay generator cheap for me?

AI generator is freely available to students and other users. However, free access implies limited functionality, while a paid subscription provides additional features. Still, the free version may be sufficient for the basic needs of students. A paid subscription may be the most suitable option if you need advanced features or extended material. It is important to analyze your needs and budget to determine whether an essay generator will be financially beneficial and user-friendly for you.

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