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Top Ecommerce Stocks That Might Be A Good Buy Right Now

A woman working on a laptop at a desk in an ecommerce business environment.

From a 2.63 trillion dollar market value in 2021 to 3 trillion + in 2023, eCommerce is more significant now than all cryptocurrency markets! With increasing smartphone use and online technologies, eCommerce is quickly becoming an everyday go-to for shopping or selling something.

In this article, we will outline the current trends for e-commerce and introduce you to investing in fast-growing stocks you can try for your next investment experience. Just consider that with these companies, there are other terrific options, such as Monster Energy or Altria, one of the biggest stock gainers in the sector. Selecting from them is up to individual goals of investing. Still, according to the latest trends from these commerces, they have great potential for development, making them attractive investments. But down below, we will mainly focus on top companies positioning worldwide.

The Key Takeaways About E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce is a vast sector growing annually by about 15%. It is predicted to increase even further in 2023 and beyond. The Covid pandemic made everything e-commerce, from online shopping to Zoom meetings, every business and private sector participant went online. The pandemic made the transition from traditional business to online faster and proved the importance of a well-established online company. 

How can we participate in this opportunity? Investing in fast-growing stocks with the highest potential for success or already profitable and trustworthy. When discussing e-commerce, online shopping, and Amazon are first to mind. Other popular online platforms exist eBay, Shopify, Walmart, best buy, Alibaba,  etc. These e-commerce websites may be considered blue-chip companies and are known for their stability, growth, and trustworthiness. They also generate profits every year and pay dividends. These all make their stocks very attractive for investors and traders alike. These all make their stocks very attractive for investors and traders alike. But not all growth stocks like Amazon promise high returns. It would be best if you still were wary when investing in fast-growing stocks as they are also high-risk.

The recent bear market made prices lower for almost all companies, and it might as well be an excellent time to buy some of these companies' stocks. The safest option is Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Best Buy. Now, how can we not fall victim to current falling prices all around the world? Investors can divide their investment capital into portions and buy small amounts monthly. 

This makes it easier to catch the dip or the lowest price before stock prices increase on the next bull run. You can use yahoo finance to check and monitor all e-commerce stock prices daily. But you will need a trustworthy broker to trade or invest in one of those stocks. Now introduction aside, which are the top stocks to go to?

Some Ecommerce Stocks You Should Consider Investing In

With 320 million customers worldwide, Amazon is a super popular online shopping platform. Everyone knows about Amazon; people, including me, buy millions of products yearly. They have excellent client care and feedback services. You are guaranteed to get your item or refund, making Amazon the most trustworthy online seller. Did you know that Amazon will own 39.5% of e-commerce sales in the US in 2022? This makes it a beautiful stock to buy or trade. It has excellent liquidity too.

EBay – is one of the oldest and most well-established platforms where anyone can sell or buy almost anything. It is trendy to purchase used hardware like PCs and laptops. Many people sell their old stuff on eBay. So it is a stylish and very robust business with no threat of going bankrupt or becoming insolvent soon. From what we have seen during these years, eBay will continue to perform in the years to come.

Shopify – a Canadian multinational corporation, is a complete online platform for starting and growing a business. Millions of merchants are registered and using the Shopify platform. For 2022 it has 1.75m+ active users worldwide. You can build and manage your online store on Shopify, and they have all the tools necessary. They provide paid plans for doing so. With over 2 million users, buying Shopify's stocks seems a good idea and the default platform for most direct-to-consumer brands.

Alibaba – this Chinese giant is also well-known worldwide. Chinese factories are presented on Alibaba providing thousands of products. Alibaba is a wholesaling platform which means they sell more than one item. Depending on the product, a MOQ (minimum order quantity) may be from 1 to 100+. They also provide flexible discounts for clients who buy more than a certain number of products. Clients can check sellers' trustworthiness by verification status. Because thousands of Chinese factories and businesses sell all kinds of goods on Alibaba, it's an excellent stock to buy and hold.

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