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Top Five Loyalty Program Examples From BigCommerce


BigCommerce helps businesses succeed in a digital world. Thanks to their incredible built-in sales features and innovative design, BigCommerce has become one of the five biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. 

There are around 48,785 live websites that use BigCommerce, and that number is increasing every day. And so do many LoyaltyLion customers

In this blog, we’ll look at five inspirational rewards programs on BigCommerce stores. Each program has unique features that help them to add power to their marketing strategies and secure customer loyalty:

  • Closet London
  • Bath & Unwind
  • Until Gone
  • The Mountain
  • Modernist Pantry

Keep reading to learn how these brands build longer-lasting customer relationships and boost their revenue with their on-brand loyalty programs. 

Closet London

Established in 1996, Closet London is a contemporary womenswear brand inspired by confident and feminine women. With a market penetration of 46.6%, the fashion industry is the biggest ecommerce sector. Barriers to entry are lowering.  As customers have more choice, their brand loyalty decreases – only this year 75% of shoppers have changed brands

To prevent their existing customers leaving, Closet London needed to give them reasons to stay loyal. This was vital to their success towards building longer-lasting relationships and improving repeat purchase rates.

79% of customers feel that they are loyal to brands if they can unlock exclusive benefits. With this in mind, Closet London’s team implemented a tiered loyalty program structure where customers need to repeat purchases to accumulate points to access more rewards.

Customers who become members of their Closet Club can progress across four levels; “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Platinum”. 

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Each tier enables customers to earn more points and unlock further discounts. For instance, a Bronze member can earn three points per pound spent while a Platinum member can earn seven points per pound spent.

Customers who have collected at least 250 points can start redeeming percentage discount rewards. As members in the top tier can collect more points per purchase, they’re also able to obtain percentage discount rewards more often. This encourages members to spend more and engage with the brand.

So what we love most about their program is that the structure of the Closet Club rewards engagement and incentivizes further commitment to the brand. 

Bath & Unwind

Online retailer, Bath & Unwind provides handpicked, iconic beauty brands to customers around the world. The beauty industry is booming as 31% of online shoppers buy beauty and cosmetics products every few months.

However, currently, Amazon is considered the major destination for online beauty and cosmetics shopping. To compete with Amazon, Bath & Unwind and secure ongoing revenue, Bath & Unwind’s team needed to focus on building longer-term relationships that would translate into repeat purchases.

So it was time to build a loyalty program. Bath & Unwind created an Integrated Loyalty Page to ensure that customers would engage with their program, understand how it works and learn about the benefits of joining. Within this loyalty destination, customers can see all components of the program and the ways to earn more points. 


To increase the program’s visibility, the Bath & Unwind team included a link to the page within their main navigation header. Once the customer has created an account, they can see their current points balance on the main navigation header, which provides continuous motivation to earn more points.

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When customers can see how many points they will earn if they purchase a product, they are more likely to buy that product. Knowing this, Bath & Unwind opted to display how many points a product is worth on each product page using LoyaltyLion’s Simple Components feature.


We love how Bath & Unwind incorporated various loyalty elements into their site to increase engagement and secure customer loyalty.

Thanks to this approach, Bath & Unwind’s team increased the spending of their redeeming loyalty program members by 65%.

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Until Gone is a tailored-to-fit-you shopping experience. They understand the value of a personalized ecommerce experience. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Until Gone uses their loyalty program to capitalize on this prevalent customer expectation. 

Here’s what we love about their loyalty program:

When a shopper lands on the site, they see a pop-up notification explaining that they can earn points via each purchase. This encourages customers to sign up to the program. Once a customer signs up, they can then see their current points balance on the main navigation header. As a result, customers are always encouraged to spend more to gain more points.

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When customers click on their current points balance on the main navigation header, they can see the ways to earn more points. This method encourages further program engagement. Their page is easy to navigate and provides the shopper with clear reasons to stay and make purchases. 

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Loyalty program emails perform 14 times better than regular marketing emails because they’re personalized, relevant and resonate with your customers on a personal level. With this in mind, Until Gone added power to their email marketing strategy by using their loyalty program. They first send out welcome emails, points statements and reward available reminders to encourage them to return to the site more often.

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The Mountain

The Mountain defines themselves as a company that became an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer the moment the very first t-shirt ran through the screen back in the early 90s.  

Mountain Rewards is on our list because of the way they integrate a strong element personalization across their website. They implemented their unique brand colors and theme to their loyalty program. Now they have an on-brand loyalty program that can be accessed through the whole customer journey.

Using LoyaltyLion’s Integrated Loyalty Page functionality, they provide their customers with an on-brand loyalty page where customers can learn more about the benefits of their program and engage with their brand. The design of their loyalty page reflects their brand identity and is playful in a way that encourages meaningful connections with the customer. 

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Modernist Pantry

Founded by food lovers, Modernist Pantry transforms ordinary meals into memorable and magical experiences. To enhance their brand community still further, they implemented a loyalty program.

Then, they saw the potential for more growth and greater engagement. Food & Drink is the most searched Instagram topic at 39% search volume in 2020. It was immediately clear that there was a huge opportunity for Modernist Pantry to integrate their loyalty program with their existing social media strategy and find ways to keep their new members engaged. 

So, with their loyalty program they offer 100 points to their members if they follow them on Instagram or Facebook, opening a continuous line of communication with the customers. By following Modernist Pantry on both social media channels, a customer can instantly earn 200 points. 

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Today Modernist Pantry has more than 10.7k followers on Instagram who are engaging with the brand on a daily basis. It is a great way for companies to build a thriving community, kickstart conversations and direct people towards your website. 

The Rise of BigCommerce

We are happy to power BigCommerce stores and witness their growth and success. As you can see, investing in loyalty generates engagement and drives revenue growth. 

You can see our existing features here, or you can book time with one of the team to talk through our BigCommerce examples in more detail.

Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.
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