Level Up Your iGaming Platform: Top SEO Techniques For Increased Visibility And Growth

Internet gaming (iGaming) is one of the top profitable spheres that never stop growing, its revenue in 2022 made 23.56 billion U.S. dollars, and the numbers are expected to triple over the next four years.

While pandemic changes influenced the majority of businesses and later had to face the consequences, iGaming just kept growing, attracting more and more people worldwide. Such promising perspectives for development attract more and more businesses into the iGaming niche. As a result, numerous platforms are trying to compete for top places in the search.

Because iGaming is one of the most money-making businesses to start, the level of competition is fierce. The strategy for the development differs from the conventional SEOs, creating a specific iGaming link building SEO to ensure the platform’s top rankings and authority level. 

With iGaming SEO strategies designed specifically for your gaming platform, you will gain more visibility and organic traffic, hence, more conversion rates. As long as the iGaming promotion is quite fragile, it may be recommended to have link-building agencies do the job so as not to lose time in learning the SEO environment. Let’s look into the basic rules of iGaming SEO strategies. 

What are the iGaming SEO strategies?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an umbrella term for the complex of actions to make the online gaming platform visible among the players, thus, increasing the organic traffic. The higher the traffic, the more chances there are to be recognized as a reputable website by the search engine and increase the level of authority. 

iGaming SEO strategies can be divided into four main categories. They serve the same purpose. However, the complexity of implementation is different. 

Technical iGaming SEO

The technical side of the iGaming platform is the foundation of SEO techniques, as its issues will deteriorate the users’ experience, preventing them from using the platform again. The typical tech SEO concerns are:

  • Increasing page speed 
  • Working on website errors
  • Mobile-friendly view of the platforms, since more than half of the users prefer their smartphones as a gaming tool. 
  • Creating a site map
  • Constant update of the content. 

Local iGaming SEO

The local SEO is conducted when there is a physical storefront. Local SEO influences the local level of recognition. It includes putting your name, phone number, and address on every website page and ensuring that it is accurately mentioned in all the guides, business listings, and social media profiles. 

The style of the online and offline equivalent must be alike, with a high level of service and responsiveness. If the visitor of a physical location isn’t satisfied with the functionality of the place, the negative online reviews will also be detrimental to the iGaming platform equivalent. 

On-page iGaming SEO

On-page or ‘in-house’ SEO is the easiest to perform. It includes everything on the website – page titles, headers, titles, content – the majority of visible elements, and those catching users’ attention and helping them navigate the website more accessible. 

  • Title tags – a standard title should be under 60 characters and include the primary and secondary keywords and your brand’s name. 
  • The meta description summarizes what the reader will see on the platform; it encourages them to follow the link. 
  • Internal links will keep the readers engaged and prove the relevance of your information to the search engine. 
  • Content – should include the keywords in the first few sentences and a variety of key phrases throughout the text. The quality of the content shouldn’t be lower than perfect, as it makes a clear statement of the quality of your brand. 
  • URL structure – avoid many numbers and dates; dashes should separate the page titles. 

Off-page iGamingSEO

Off-the-page SEO is the equivalent of word-of-mouth references in physical (real) life. It uses other websites and social media pages to tell the world (users) and search engines (its algorithms) that you exist and your website is worth visiting. Off-page SEO boosts the SERP ranking, improves the reputation of your iGaming brand, and drives more organic traffic and, thus, more visitors. A

 The primary tactics include:

  • Backlinking – inserting your links to high-quality websites and vice versa. 
  • Online reviews – customer reviews on specialized websites are a treasure trove for game seekers. Typically, they will read the reviews about the platform they are about to join. Having a team of workers who track the review and resolve the issues is essential, as it settles the level of trust for the platform. 
  • Branding – be consistent in your image, style, and performance. When setting high standards, keep to them. 

Mastering all the categories takes time. However, there is no other way to improve the ranking. Among all the strategies of iGaming SEO, the most significant influence has proven to have the link-building process, as that’s the best way to spread the brand’s name in the global community of gamers. 

Link building is a tried-and-tested strategy that online businesses use to promote their enterprise. It involves the creation of links to your platform. As a rule, it is processed through social media, guest posting, or link barter. Backlinks are the links that direct the visitors of the hosting website back to yours. 

Backling is iGaming SEO

Guest posts

Writing a guest post for inserting the backlink is an efficient strategy that any seo link-building agency often uses. It helps to manifest the online presence of the iGaming platform and build brand recognition among the players.

Implementing this technique involves writing informative texts (articles or blog posts) related to your niche (gaming, betting) and inserting a link that directs to the chosen pages on your platform. 

The text must be clear and concise, avoiding too much water, stating necessary details, and keeping up with rules. 

When your guest post is published on relevant websites with high authority, the visitors follow the links shared in the article. Your platform has increased traffic, automatically reaching a higher position in the search list. 

Niche edits

Niche edits iGaming backlinking are a relatively new yet effective method to introduce to the promotion strategy. Instead of writing a whole new post every time you want to get a backlink, you scan the relevant websites and offer them to insert the link into existing articles.

This is a faster option for promotion, as you skip the writing-checking-approving part and get straight to the point. Besides, it offers more link juice, as the articles used have already been indexed and verified. Thus, you will have better audience outreach in shorter terms. 


Barter offers a relatively high authority scale exchange of backlinks between websites. If you are just a pioneer in the sphere, it will not be the easiest option to implement unless you hire a link-building agency with a reliable network for cooperation. 


iGaming is a popular business niche for development. However, its popularity creates cutthroat competition for audience outreach and search rankings. To improve website visibility, link-building agencies implement SEO strategies like igaming links, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies, etc.

iGaming SEO is a real challenge and requires proper diligence. However, the high return on investment is worth every effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my approach to link building for iGaming help me get more clients?

Link building is a proven strategy that drives traffic to the platform, makes it visible among competitors, and helps score higher search ratings. 

Can iGaming benefit from guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a valuable option for attracting visitors and establishing your brand. Yet, it’s essential to cooperate with tried-and-trusted websites and blogs with high authority scores. 

What is SEO in IGaming?

SEO in iGaming is a complex of measures that are performed permanently to improve the popularity of your gaming platform. It includes ‘in-house’ changes and cooperation with relevant websites to establish high authority. 

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