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The Top Online Class Resources Every Student Should Know About

Do you have any experience studying online?

Or are you already a student looking for online class resources? It gets complicated when you opt for this to save time and money, but when you reach it and find yourself mostly on your own, you will need strong support and guidance to help you in times of misery.

Many students ask someone to take my online class for me because everything gets over their heads, and they don’t get to understand a topic or subject in the limited time of the session, as online classrooms are not traditional. It tends to get tricky to keep a hold of everything together.

You need online class resources to help you escape the trance, advance your career, save time, and learn to the fullest. In this article, you will learn about the top online class resources every student should know about.

Key Takeaways

  • Students face challenges with online learning, such as navigation difficulties, technical issues, and finding credible resources.
  • Online class resources are crucial for students to enhance their learning, save time, and advance their careers.
  • Platforms like edX, Udacity, Future Learn, Lynda.com, and ALISON offer a variety of free online courses and resources.
  • These resources cover diverse topics and provide flexibility in learning, catering to the needs of different students.

Encountering Challenges that Impact Student’s Online Learning Experience:

A student's life is hectic, and they must encounter several challenges impacting their learning experience while attending their online courses. These are as follows:

  • Students are mostly unfamiliar with the interface for finding the perfect resources according to their courses or topics. Their navigation blocks the interface, so they struggle to locate resources.
  • Many students face technical issues about which they have limited knowledge. They may have internet connectivity problems or incompatible devices that prevent them from accessing online resources.
  • The Internet is vast, and its information is uncountable, so finding the best credible resources that suit your course or subject is complex.
  • Students don’t possess a fortune, and while they need resources, the ones they need often come with a price tag, whether they are books or other educational materials. 
  • Online resources aren’t the traditional instructors that will answer all your queries; students need to find their answers alone, lacking interaction.
  • < UNK> Students who gather study material or resources online tend to have organization issues. They find themselves unable to manage and keep a track record of everything that has been kept on a device.

Top 5 Best Resources for Helping Students in Their Online Classes:

Studying online nowadays has become one of the most opted options for students working as professionals, having odd jobs, or can’t afford traditional schooling; they often search for experts to take my class for me because they cannot manage everything. Multiple online resources offer free courses to everyone on their platform, and these resources should be known to all the students. These are as follows:


In 2012, Harvard University founded edX, which offers multiple free online courses. The platform allows users to set a schedule for the courses; some are for weeks, and others have self-paced options.


Udacity focuses on IT, business, and programming courses that, depending on their nature, could take hours or weeks to complete. These courses are free, and if you are interested in upskilling yourself, this site can help. 

Future Learn:

There are so many exciting courses that you can learn for free, such as Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime. According to students, you can find free content provided by universities and organizations.


The most famous UTS library website, Lynda.com, gives you free access to over 4000 free courses online. When you access the site, you will find a proper list of all available and offered courses. You can take advantage of the multiple options.


With 750 published courses and 8 million learners, ALISON stands tall in the list of best online resources for online classes. They offer multiple diplomas and courses that are available for free without any charges. This site lets you learn business, IT skills, health literacy, and more. 

Wrapping it up:

Finding resources for online classes is a hard nut to crack. Students often need clarification about what to do while surfing through these sites that offer free online education services. Luckily, platforms like the ones mentioned above provide free knowledge and skills to the students without taking their extra time and effort. At the same time, many students who opt for traditional online education tend to find someone to take my class because they need help managing their jobs and other activities with their long and hectic online courses. However, these sites that offer little to no hours and up to weeks of classes are there to resolve the issue. 

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