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Top Tips For Organic Pinterest Content


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A breakdown of Pinterest’s audience:

  • 459 million monthly users, 88 million of whom are in the US
  • 60% of users are women
  • U.S. Millennials love Pinterest (nearly 80% of U.S. Millennial women are on Pinterest along with  40% of Millennial men)
  • Gen-Z demographics are up on Pinterest 50% year-over-year

The platform also boasts significant intent to purchase:  

  • 85% of pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project
  • 89% of people on Pinterest use the platform for purchase
  • The majority of Pinterest users earn more than $75,000 USD a year
  • Pinners are 3x more likely to click through to learn more about a product or service than they are on any other social media platform.

Pinterest expert Lindsay Shearer says, “It’s really a purchase planning platform. People are saving things, they come back later, and then they buy.”

This discovery mindset works in favor of emerging brands that have less awareness.

97% of Pinterest’s top 1,000 search terms are non-branded, meaning they don’t contain a specific company name. This allows DTC brands to reach Pinterest users before they decide what set of bedding or cookware to buy.

Keywords are key!

📌 Do your research – Analyze keywords and optimize choices to help you rank higher in search results. Type in keywords that match the pin you’re publishing and look at suggested keywords as inspiration for further keywords to add to your pin description. Get specific and avoid general keywords – you’ll get more engagement with lower competition keywords.  

📌 Write search-friendly pin captions – Pinterest is a search engine. Ensure your pins show up in search results by including keywords in your captions.

📌 Make your profile search-friendly –  Your bio should be concise, mission-focused, highlight who you are and what you do. Of course, include strategic keywords as well. Check out Thinx’s bio:

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Tips and tricks to ace your organic Pinterest strategy

📌Add the Pinterest “Save” button to your website – this is the easiest way for your business to be discovered on the platform. If a customer is browsing your website and sees an image of something they like, they can add it to their Pinterest account by hitting the save button.

📌 High-quality imagery – just like Instagram, gorgeous photos are essential for growth on Pinterest. Your images need to be beautiful, well-composed, properly showcase your product, and match your brand aesthetic.

📌 Create a cohesive aesthetic – make sure your fonts and colour palette aligns with your branding. Try making branded pins (like Instagram story templates) for a cohesive look! Check out this example from REI:

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📌 Engaging Pinners – Follow other account boards and start liking, pinning, and commenting on posts that relate to your brand. Similar to Instagram, who you follow on Pinterest matters. Follow profiles similar to yours, and your pins will likely show up in their follower’s suggested pins.

📌 Pin quotes – Pinterest users often search for quotes so take advantage of this! Pin branded-quote graphics and connect them to your website. You can also post branded graphics of testimonials to entice customers.

📌 Claim your Instagram account on Pinterest – this will attribute any pins that originate from your Instagram account so if someone shares an image from your claimed IG account, your profile picture and a new follow button will appear on that pin.

📌 Use a branded hashtag – these hashtags are a small way to build community around your brand. Make sure your hashtag is relevant, on-brand, and contains a keyword your audience is searching for.

📌 Use a mixture of lifestyle and product shots – Pinners a seeking ideas and inspiration. Lifestyle images and product images that contextualize products will perform best. Here’s a loungewear example form Ten Tree:

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📌 Check your links – organic Pinterest content lasts forever! Routinely check your pins to make sure all your links are still working!

If you’re craving more Pinterest content – check out our full conversation with Pinterest expert Lindsay Shearer.

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