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Top Tools For Mobile App Marketing 2023

A person showcasing a smartphone loaded with various icons for marketing purposes.

Developing a mobile app that people want to use is not an easy feat. A lot of work goes into each process, and tons of marketing is needed to get the product in front of the right audience.

With over 4 million mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we witness the explosive growth of mobile app usage and the extensive opportunities in that space. This is why mobile app marketing is critical, and mobile analytics app tools serve as guiding lights in the marketing journey.

How do you choose the right solution to inform marketing decisions and help you reach higher? 

We’ve made a shortlist of the top 4 mobile app analytics tools that you can use to gain insights into your performance and current position in the competition. These rightly recognized solutions should take you closer to the marketing goals you’ve set for your mobile app. 

4 Tools For Mobile App Marketing


Formerly ‘App Annie,’ Data.ai is popular as a mobile app marketing tool because it provides accurate mobile app analytics based on what is needed to make informed decisions for any marketing campaign. This app’s insights are gathered from undeniable irrefutable places such as Pinterest and LinkedIn that produce user engagement metrics. 

App Annie studies data coming from millions of mobile apps. The tool delivers strategic and accurate insights on a customer’s journey, user retention and acquisition, mobile engagement and retention, emerging market segments, etc. 

Features of Data.ai

  • Competitor research: It provides information, like market share, on your closest competitors. 
  • Single-window tracking: You can track data such as downloads, retention, app session duration, etc. 
  • Advertising Insights: You can understand the market segments better to place ads that will lead to conversion.  


Branch.io is one of the most popular instruments for helping app developers create deep links within their apps to directly market specific content on your app to a targeted audience and attract new ones that fit your customer profile. 

First, what are deep links? Deep links are URLs that direct an app user to a specific mobile app section. Assuming your mobile app company already has a beauty store app in the market and you want to increase visitors to the beauty store app through a new discount campaign. Without deep links, users will have to open the app and surf through it before finding the products available for a discount.

Using Branch.io, you can create deep links and URLs that will take your app users directly to a specific landing page on your app. The great thing about deep links and app URLs is that they also work for non-app users. Rather than being directed straight to the specific landing page of the URL, a non-user will be first directed to the page where the app is listed on an AppStore or website. After downloading the app and completing whatever registration processes are there for the app, they’re directed to the landing page the deep link was trying to lead them to from the start. 

Features of Branch.io

  • Deep linking: You can create powerful app URLs to direct app users and prospective users on other marketing channels to specific content on your app. 
  • Cross-platform experience: You can use Branch.io to easily create app onboarding customized to different channels and devices to increase user experience. 
  • Analytics: Branch.io has powerful cross-channel attribution features that give you an in-depth view of customer journeys to inform your analytics. 

Deep linking is one of the essential practices for the future of mobile app marketing because it ensures user retention and acquisition. 


Apptopia is similar to many other analytics tools. However, Apptopia furthers mobile app analytics by providing insight into what your competitors are doing through in-depth performance estimates. 

It exposes users to untapped opportunities for growth in the mobile app market and thus makes this tool an essential addition to any mobile app marketing campaign. 

Generally, Apptopia is excellent for analytics beginners because it is simple and effective. You can use it to learn about app analytics and its effectiveness in a marketing campaign. 

Features of Apptopia

  • Category analysis: You can use Apptopia to analyze your competitors deeper and study the usage of various app categories. 
  • Essentials: You can gather metrics on downloads and other essential metrics and compare the figures with your competitors. 
  • Real-time alerts: With Apptopia, you can find out marketing trends in real time and implement them immediately to remain relevant in the app market. 


Localytics is the analytics part of the bigger Upland platform. Though it is not popular among app developers, Localytics is counted as gold among app marketers because they recognize the importance of concise and extensive analytics. This app can track over 90,000 monthly users and millions of data points. It keeps track of even the smallest analytics and gives you the knowledge you need to predict your users’ next moves. 

Features of Localytics

  • User segmentation: Localytics will gather some analytics of your app users based on their behavior and response to your ads. 
  • Event tracking: You can use Localytics to accurately map out the user journey by tracking major in-app events. 
  • User Tracking: You can track where your users are coming from on iOS and Android. The app also lets you make a comprehensive user profile collection. 

The Bottom Line

A great mobile app analytics tool will give you the necessary insight into user behavior and help you map your marketing strategies to meet their needs. 

When you combine the right mobile app analytics tools with killer strategies, you increase the chances of an improved Go-to Market Strategy that can boost the visibility of your app, leading to growth and revenue effectively.

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